I question my world. When did hate ever answer anything?

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Just a Thought

If all parents claim to be great and the best parents, just where do their children learn all the ugly attitudes?

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This recent video below left this thought on my mind. As a parent, I know that children may still end up doing what they want and exhibiting certain individual traits that would probably drive their parents crazy, I however strongly believe that nurture greatly shapes a child.

This lady is shaping her son to grow up as a racist. Apparently, his health is the least of her priorities since she chose racism over that.

Just Who Are We Fooling? Just a thought.

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We write we talk, we meet and we tweet
we call each other ugly names in moments of madness
we select a handful to make scapegoats out of the terrorist gangs
and impose bans and policies that are simply laughable

BECAUSE after all is said and tweets of hashtags and empty moments of silence

We go ahead and sign billions of dollars for arms and ammunitions – with those who breed terrorists with great delight – only to propagate more wars.

Just who are we fooling?

OUR leaders are responsible for these reproachable acts of terrorism. They are all owned by these billion dollars manufacturing plants for armament.

They vicariously feed terrorism through their greed to line their own pockets with filthy riches and at the expense of innocent citizens.

These terrorists get their arms for their dastardly acts from somewhere, it’s a vicious ugly cycle.

I am tired of having my thoughts bombarded each week by one form of terrorist attack or the other.

Until we start holding our leaders truly accountable and stop worshipping parties and their money, we will never get it right. Peace is not the absence of war, but the good sense not to propagate it.

Who is your leader in bed with?

Today, my thoughts are with London. Peace.

Just A Thought

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Today, we live in a culture where we horde Instagram followers, Twitter followers, YouTube Followers, Facebook likers, etc. It does seem as if the perception of our real lives being anything less than perfect has become a daunting notion for most.

The glossy instagrammizing and Facebookification of our lives can create a dangerous facade of success that harms those who fall prey to such peripheral endorsements.

Someone I know well has been telling fibs on Facebook about their lives. Hmm! :/

Two little thoughts…

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One Thought: I guess if I am asked whether I am on Twitter I will nod my response with vigour, but for the life of me, sometimes, I am as obtuse as ever on what goes on there.

I like, retweet, follow and whatever else.  I also like seeing the little hearts. However, I can’t begin to imagine why I need to buy other people to follow me as per some of the ridiculous offers that I receive. Follow me to where please if I may ask?

My silliness can get into overdrive as I have a visual picture of a long line of tweety birds matching behind me with their lips pursed in a tweety whistle while I blow my follow me pipe.
…and the other thought:  I see a lot of books with reviews claiming award winning this and award winning that. Are these badges given for free?

Recently, I tried reading a badly written – whatever award it won – book, thankfully it was online otherwise my peeve would have made me fling it out of the window.

It was not a bad storyline, but the poor grammatical construction and typos nearly gave me a headache and bad eyesight.

Over to you. What’s you little thought for the day?


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Why Are Humans So Careless?

I walk by these waters often enough to catch occasional sights that cause me to pause in my steps and wonder at the human attitude.

The surface of the water has a film of dark oil residue that glistens and I presume it comes from boats and I am certain that it’s not the best for marine life – then again, what do I know.

The second photo is a can of empty 7-up perched by the water. The slightest blow of breeze will certainly cause the can to tip over and into the water.

The third photo which was taken on a different day is about those who I describe in my mind as the ‘unseen one’s.’ These men go about in their boats taking out the trash that people carelessly toss into the water. I’ve seen the horrifying amount of rubbish that they pull out of the water and can’t help but wonder what the situation would be like if these unseen ones’ were not there in the background clearing filth?

The sad part is that there are visible trash collectors every few meters along the track, yet humans are far too inconsiderate to dispose of their trash in the right manner.

The interesting thing is, if you ask the next man if he cares about the environment and marine life, he would say ‘of course, I do,’ but he can’t be bothered to walk a few meters to dispose of his garbage appropriately.

It bothers me. What about you?

I am not a tree hugger, but an ordinary person who loves nature. Forget the first part of this sentence. Yes, I’m a tree hugger.



She Surprised Him…non-fiction

He scoffed in disdain
underestimating her abilities
but she surprised him
when she set her clipped wings
and flew…

One should never underestimate the strength of a determined woman, for it might take forever but she’ll walk far.

This prompt reminds me of a couple I knew back home.

The man married his wife as a teenager who was barely out of the schoolroom and he tended to treat her in utter disregard, calling her an empty brain who knew nothing quite openly.

It seems to me that he forgot that he was the one who married an empty brain. In essence, he also knew nothing; for two became one.

I gravitate towards people easily, so I got on with the lady even though she was older.

Severally she cried to me about her dreams and how her studies were truncated once her mother died. She got married off at 16 years since their father couldn’t take care of them.

From our interactions, I knew this lady has potentials to amount to more than a foot-mat if she was given the opportunity. and I took it upon myself to help her as much as I could. I encouraged her not to give up on her dreams.

She started taking lessons from her children’s private tutor and without her husband knowing, she enrolled for her General Certificate of Education along with one of her daughters.

I felt such utter pride and joy the day the result was released and my dear friend who was deemed an empty brain according to her husband had made all credits in the five subjects that she registered for.

Unfortunately, she’s solely dependent on her husband who is an ogre and he refused to take responsibility for funding her continued education.

The last time I inquired after her, I heard that she’s petty trading and still hoped that one day, she would get back to school.

For her, I do hope that one day, someday will come.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Underestimate, The Daily Post Prompt

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