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Rivers Of Blood…

Image result for images of Nigeria flag crying


Rivers of pain

swim deep in her eyes

each droplet of tear

a raw testimony of anguish

that words fail to capture.


Rivers of blood

flow down her tributaries

for every slain soul

a Country torn with genocide

bloodletting too much to comprehend


Mountains of prayers

offered up

Chineke, Kabiyesi, Jehovah

forgive us

Mercy we seek, solace we plead.



My home Country Nigeria groans in pain under poor leadership. When evil men occupy spaces where they shouldn’t, strife and anarchy reign supreme. The sufferings and gnashing of teeth of Nigerian indigenes keeps multiplying by the day due to the recycling of avaricious, deeply corrupt, mean-spirited and small-minded old politicians. I pray for the revival of my Nation. I pray for a revolution and restoration.





4 thoughts on “Rivers Of Blood…

  1. Jacqueline so heartbreaking, pleased you are away from this. Nonetheless it is a shameful regime which brings war against tribes. Senseless murder and greed. Have they learned nothing from the invading Europeans, their ways were wrong and no need to repeat them. Then did this go one well before the invading ones. Tribe against tribe. It has to stop.

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  2. Intense and mournful piece of poetry, Jacqueline, I hope this is something that will improve in Nigeria and similar countries.


I love it when you decorate my heart with your words..

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