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One shot, Two shots…

firearm, revolver, bullets, gun, shooting

one shot,

two shots,

three shots

… twenty more 

target is down,

and he’s stone cold dead.


A life is lost,

a son is gone,

a brother is taken,

a husband is no more,

a father is killed,

a friend is dead

the list goes on…


To them,

he’s just another

disposable black man.

His phone,

a weapon

that struck fear

in their hearts.

How is it that a black man can be killed in his own backyard where even his phone is mistaken as a weapon. He’s riddled with enough bullets to take a small army, yet serial killers get taken peacefully, living at the expense of taxpayers and they get to have their day in court?


4 thoughts on “One shot, Two shots…

  1. Heartbroken with you Jaqueline. When I was less than 5 I saw three police beat a Puerto Rican brother to death in my housing project. I say brother because we’re all family in this world. I’ve only just processed the memory. Why must we still endure this injustice? Why?


  2. I am stunned. Truly, my jaw actually fell when I heard. God made us all equal – what has happened? I am at a loss for more words. I can only pray for those feeling the loss and for the violence to stop.


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