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Plot slithers through the dark night

thick, restless curling fingers of treacherous webs

woven by desperate  men

who prefer to imbibe the witches brew of hatred

instead of drinking deep from cups of peace.





Penning My Word’s…

Quote, Inspiration,  Poetry,  My Words, Breaking Boundaries

With my pen
my words pierced

With my pen
my words blotted

With my pen
my words drew

With my pen
my words unlocked

With my pen
my words wove

With my pen
my words instilled

With my pen
my words shattered

With my pen
my words defeated

With my pen
my words changed

With my pen
my words transformed


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Get OUT of My Bed! You’re Such A Poor Lover!

Poetry, Depression, Peace, Harmony, Life, Balance


Depression wants to sleep with me tonight
but I ain’t having none of that!

I told him that I don’t cheat on Peace
‘cos he brings me Joy, Harmony, Balance
and lots of untold goodies.

I told him that he’s such a poor lover
who leaves me all wound up,
empty and downcast.

That our tumultuous relationship
has me faking orgasmic satisfaction
and that has simply been a lie.

I kicked him out into the cold night
and wedged the door tight with a chair under the lock.

He sulked and begged and cajoled to be let back in
he even promised to be more gentle in his loving
but I ain’t having none of that.

I have listened to his sleek lies in the past
when he used me and put up his feet by the fireplace
having a good smoke while I cried my eye’s raw and my heart bled.

I told him that he’s a Baboon
and he’s not going to get more handsome soon.

His spots are embedded in his thick skin and
can’t be washed off with soap.

I quickly called Peace on speed dial though it was late,
even the birds had gone to roost
but I had to so as not to cave into Depressions whiny voice.

Knowing Peace, he’s such a good guy
he answered once he saw my repeated calls.

He called his companions
Joy, Harmony, Love, Hope, Faith, Music, Laughter…
and they all came along.

They played and danced in my living room all night long whilst
I had a goodnight’s rest in the desired arms of Peace.

©  Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha