The Dying Cries of Men…

History, Wars, Conflict, Cannons, Dying Men

My son, sit beside me and hear my tales

though my eyes are rheumy with age

it is said that age brings sage.

I hear the echoes of booming cannons

we fought these wars

we won by blood

yet victory rings hollow

‘cos I still hear with sorrow

the dying cries of men

who went before their tomorrow.




You Don’t Smell Good…

Quit Judging, Quotes

I have no patience
for those who spend
a better part of their time
judging and labelling others.

You’ve never worn
the other man’s shoes,
how exactly do you know
how undersized and pinching they are?

Quit being obtuse
You don’t smell like roses yourself.
If we look hard enough, I bet
there’s are loads of manure in your garden.

Tend to your own garden
called your life.
Concentrate on being the best you
that you can be.

Concentrate on being a supportive anchor
for someone who might be adrift,
but leave your judgment at the doorstep
otherwise, you’ll wear out your welcome.

Remember that not all who wander
have truly lost their path,
they are simply in search of a beacon
to help them find their way back.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Hickey Down Her Spine…

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She moans her desire into his mouth
curling into his body in an ageless dance
his love bites plant a necklace of passion
around her neck and down her back
faster and faster pleasure spins her…

Eyes wide awake, she’s all alone
the windows shut and the door untouched
yet she could swear that he was there
her tingling lips full to the seams
his musky scent hung in the air of her dreams

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha