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Pots of Unrest…

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I am always puzzled
at how some folks
delight in stirring pots of unrest
in the lives of others,
yet, they want to go home
and expect to have peace in their lives. 

In my place, we say that
he who brings in an insect-infested log
has invited lizards for a feast.

The Western world
has benefitted immensely,
from destabilising and destroying Nations.
For Centuries they did and still do this,
but they complain about a handful of immigrants
fleeing the unrest caused by them.




19 thoughts on “Pots of Unrest…

  1. Guilty as charged Jacqueline though there are many of us who don’t agree with the destabilisation and who have no quarrel with refugees.
    In fairness though it hasn’t always just been the Western world.as the Arab world occupied much of Spain at one time as well as Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. The Mongols under Hulagu a grandson of Genghis Khan invaded the Middle East and took Damascus, Baghdad and Aleppo and even invaded Egypt. Japanese troops have invaded China, the Mongol hordes also invaded China. No wonder I’m always rabbiting on that it’s time for us all to live in peace and stop making the arms manufacturers rich.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. Well stated Jackie.
    I do think that we immigrants also have a responsibility to be a bridge between the place we call home and the home we have left for the future to be better. Lessons of history normally leaves a bitter taste.

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  3. I’m living with an immigrant (my husband of 64 years) who came to this country legally. It wasn’t fun, cheap, nor quick, but he cared enough to do it that way. And he has even less patience than I with those who don’t “pay that price.” I always wonder about why people lock their doors in the city and yet think borders should be wide open. I see I am the only one on this side among your readers. I hope I am welcome to voice my opinion. 😀


  4. There is great change happening in this World and it is happening now. If change makes one squirm in discomfort, then good! People need to step outside of our comfort zone into another’s shoes, anyone can be a refugee. Natural disasters also make people homeless… look at the massive forest fires, land slides, floods, Volcanoes erupt, earthquakes happen, it can happen over night, poof, all gone! We are all immigrants if we research into our family tree. Unless you are North American Indigenous by blood, then you are an Immigrant. Peace. 🇨🇦🇺🇸


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