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Yeah! It’s fun time this time🙂

We cycle out of another month in a couple of days and the way time zooms by sometimes make me feel like a hamster running around in circles in pursuit of time🙂

Anywhoo, I hope your weekend is going great. You are most welcome to my monthly meet & mingle, shake a leg & jingle, connect & interact with other awesome folks in here.

If this is your first-time visit, the rules of play are outlined below, if you are an old-timer, you know the drill.

Grab some refreshments and favours which nicely arranged down the page. Feel free to indulge, these are zero calories😉

Just some little party rules:

  1. You must mix and mingle with others. Don’t be a wallflower. Go say hello to someone and you can participate in the Tag a poem, a thought or quote below.
  2. Let us know where you are blogging from.
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Thank you for coming to my party and supporting my blog. You rock.

A Little Joke

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A Little Riddle


Mr. Pencil – A click a day.



Running around to purchase the last minute school items for the children, Mr Pencil captured below reminds me of how many pencils I have to purchase in a given term because the children somehow manage to misplace them often enough.

It makes sense to buy bulk purchase school supplies so that I don’t go out of my mind at the odd moment requests of ‘mommy I can’t find my pencil or pen, eraser or sharpener.’

Below are few tips that can help to ease into a new school year.

  1. Do a health check for your child/children
  2. Stock up on back to school supplies.
  3. Stock up on lunch/snack items.
  4. Ease back into a bedtime routine and invest in an alarm clock if necessary.
  5. Have a pep talk to motivate them and gauge their emotions.
  6. If they are joining a new school, anticipate the challenges that come with change and give them as much assurance as possible.
  7. Set new school year priorities for them.
  8. Plan for an engaging after-school activity for them.
  9. Pray for your children.

So are you ready yet?

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Out of the silent breath

Terra’s Giants…



Terra wandered off course,
not as the Lord had directed
and she got lost.

She turned to retrace her steps
but alas her misadventure had taken her
to the land of the giants.

The giants of shame, anger, worry,
lies, abuse, terror, and accusation
were the henchmen of the kingdom.

She felt like a mini-sized doll
in the face of these monsters
who dominated her darkness

Her miniature features
delicate and fragile in comparison
to their humungous appendages.

Accusation bared his teeth
like he would gobble her up
in just one snarky bite.

Then she remembered brave David
and how small he was, yet emboldened
he knocked down Goliath.

Terra picked up a twig
it became her mantle
and she quickly scribbled on the dusty, rugged earth.

Each syllable she wrote
infused her with strength
and boldness returned to her weak limbs.

Her light blow of breath
raised a whirlwind of dust
and specks flew into the giant’s eyes’.

Blinded by the sandstorm
they stumbled and fell
with a bellow of surprise

Terra made haste to return
picking her way through the narrow path
until she came back to light.

“Come now, let us settle the matter, says the Lord. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” Isaiah 1:18

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Miniature – The Daily Post

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To be a boy – Friday Fiction In Five Sentences.


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Anu’s perfectly arranged facial features gave nothing away, but her eyes bore a glazed faraway look in them as she watched the young boys play cricket.

She envied her son’s their sex and freedom. Their shouts and laughter took her back to the day’s of her childhood; days when she had played with her brothers, free of responsibilities and tiring worry; she had wanted to be a boy.

She recalled days of poking in the dirt to dig out little worms and nights of staring up at the star-studded skies in amazement that stoked her imagination and her inquisitive mind had wanted to know so much, but mother and nan always told her that aspirations of exploration were not for pretty little girls.

They said that pretty little girls grew up to be beautiful, proper, hardworking, obedient and selfless wives to boys from a nice family; pretty little girls bore strong sons to continue the man’s lineage and her questions about love were rebuffed; they said that love would come with the package.

At Seventeen years she had married her family’s handpicked choice of a nice boy from a nice family, bore strong sons and the boring obligation of sexual intimacy, but even after thirteen years of waiting, the kindling spark of love had failed to come with the package; mother and nan had lied to her, Anu still wanted to be an exploring boy and she plotted.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Out of the silent breath

Featured Posts 117 – Share your post links.




Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Five minute Friday lift: a beautiful, real and uplifting post for a Friday morning.

Why did he: what a dark and disturbing read.

X-men: is it possible that you are a mutant? An interesting perception.

Notably sound: I enjoyed this post from Roo. As we age, the younger generation tends to think that the older parent are no longer as sound as ever. I like Roos’ practical approach of proving them wrong😉

Sunday Scenery: Lovely photos and mementos of travel.

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‘We create a cohesive community when we come together. 

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I hear the reverberations of the magic that’s hidden within.

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Fresh Bread – A click a day.



The aroma of fresh, soft baked bread makes your mouth water and arouses an irresistible craving inside you. Coupled with a generous slapping of Kerrygold salted butter and you’ve got me.

Where I live, there’s a deli downstairs and they always torture my nostrils (in a good way) with that tummy grumbling smell that floats through. I try to be strong and resist yanking some part of the loaf before breakfast time. Today, a photo will suffice🙂

How do you like your bread?


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KHDA – The sublime working environment – Echoes Of My Neighbourhood.


On Thursdays, I share pictures about ‘Echos of my Neighbourhood.

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple and you can find out more about it through this link.

On Monday I had cause to visit the office of The KHDA – Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai and I will use the adjective ‘sublime’ to describe my experience.

In all my working years and having ventured around a bit, in recent times I will adjudge this place as one of the best office environments that I’ve been in. The open plan office is cheerful and welcoming. Polite, friendly and efficient staff attend to you as briskly as possible. Everyone sits in an open area in one corner or the other. No closed cubicle offices that assign importance to anyone.

Birds flitted about and tweeted all over the place, visitors could play a tune on the grand piano and admire the resident Parrot. Free coffee, juice, fruits, tea and different flavours of ice-cream were on offer at the in-house cafe which is manned by smart baristas’ who quickly attended to your request.

Needless to say, I went away feeling calm, happy and refreshed and I plan to have a reason for a repeat visit sometime soon🙂

Kirstwrites takes us to Liverpool and her photos remind me of an awesome, previous visit to the charming city. We’ll join Roo for a walkabout and have a chat with the neighbours. Our last pit-stop is at Lady Lee’s as she introduces us to the healthy Hindustan Organic Garden.

Please do take a peek and share some of your echoes with us if you please.


P.S. Our monthly Meet and Greet/Blog Party comes up this weekend Sat 27th/Sun 28th August. Hope to see you there.

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The Buddha In The Garden – A click a day



I made a brief stop yesterday to buy Aloe Vera plant at this garden that I discovered and lo presto my wandering feet came across him as he sat in peaceful repose. Of course, I couldn’t resist a click and several more for the road🙂

Have you taken a photo today? What’s it all about?


P.S. Our monthly Meet and Greet/Blog Party comes up this weekend Sat 27th/Sun 28th August. Hope to see you there.

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Your Strength – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge.



You never know much strength you have, until you have put yourself to the task.  Jacqueline

Your strength lies often in your brain
and not just in the brawn,
your strength lies often in your wisdom
and not just in the intellect,
your strength lies often in your diligence
and not just in an attempt,
your strength lies in your tolerance
and never in bigotry;
your strength lies with others
and never just on your own.

I would describe myself as a self-driven and purpose minded person, but sometimes I fall short of my own expectations and possibly the expectation of others as well.

However, I’ve learnt with time that when I partner with others, like my family, colleagues, and friends like you, I achieve far more than I even imagined.

Starting my blog was delayed for years because I felt that I didn’t have enough of what it takes to maintain a blog, but here I am today, plugging away everyday without looking back.

Now I don’t even have enough time in the day to attend to my writing needs due to all other responsibilities that have my name written on them. Nevertheless, I take a moment at a time and apply my best and continue the act of balancing the rest.

I enjoy the prompts for WQWWC. They give me the opportunity to reflect and possibly make my own quote around the topic at hand. You can always join in.


Strength – WQWWC

P.S. Our monthly Meet and Greet/Blog Party comes up this weekend Sat 27th/Sun 28th August. Hope to see you there.

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Waking with music…


“We thank thee each morning for a new-born day,” an old classic tune by Jim Reeves woke my brain up this morning and has been on redial all day in my head in the background of everything else that’s going on around me.

Do you find yourself stuck at times with a particular tune that follows you through the day, humming in the background of your mind?

This old song was a daily staple in my family home when my dad was alive. He would wake up early and start playing it followed by a medley of other music and I believe so much that this helped to set a happy mood and tone of the day as the household rose to this sound of music.

My thanks for today stems from having beautiful childhood memories that make me smile and warm my heart when I remember them.

It makes me know that even when a loved one is no longer here in the physical realm, that I have been blessed to have shared some time here on Earth with them and hold close the candle that they lit in my life.

Along with our thankfulness to God, our state of appreciation for our loved one’s should be expressed to them while we still have them with us. There’s never a better day to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I appreciate you’ than the day that you have.

Let me share the beautiful Jim Reeves song We thank thee with you.

There are several gratitude/thankful platforms in the blogosphere that you can tune into and get your ithankful going on. I can’t express in words the enormity of Joy and fulfilment that comes from having a heart of gratitude. Please check out Maria’s blog, Colline’s blog and Bernadette’s for thankful/gratitude challenges

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. Our monthly Meet and Greet/Blog Party comes up this weekend Sat 27th/Sun 28th August. Hope to see you there.

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