Sage and Vine – Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge


fruits of the vine

mature with age,

and so does sage.

wisdom, she lost,

buried in the deep cups

of the grapevine.

© Jacqueline 2019


Thank you Ronovan, I enjoyed this prompt.

Sage &  Vine



The Hanging Dirhams – Wordless Wednesday

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Monday Mix

Inevitably, at many points in time, we experience the vagaries of life that draw us back. The most important factor to bear in mind ‘is to never forget to pick yourself up and to keep inching forward always.’ Jacqueline

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Making Money From Your Blogging Space

When it comes to blogging there are so many ways to do it. As a daily journal, talking about what you do and who you are. Using it as a space to explore ideas and share your life. Some start a blog with the sole purpose of making big money. You can always combine the two. And it’s not that difficult to turn your online space into a little money maker. Most blogs start because the writer has a niche that they are interested in. It might be parenting, it could be healthy eating, it could be business. Whatever it is, you can use that to generate income.

If you already have a blog, then you are well on your way. If not check out some online guides to starting your own WordPress website. In a matter of minutes, you can have a beautiful site and start writing content.

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Once you have a blog set up, or perhaps just taking a look through the one you already write, you can think about the direction you’d like to take it. You can create content specifically for your audience. Become a valuable resource for people to return to over and over. Hook up product links to an affiliate link network so you can generate an income every time someone purchases something you have recommended.

Reputable affiliate marketing platforms are Amazon, Share-A-Sale, and Clickbank. Take a look and see what products they offer that you can either create content based around or weave into content you had already planned. If you use affiliate links be sure that you are disclosing as such to your readers.

Reach out to brands and mention the pieces that you are working on and see if they would like to be involved and either pay for a link mention or gift you some products to be included.

Your mailing list will be one of your biggest money makers. In each mailout talk about products you are loving so that people can click through, and view the products and perhaps even buy them too.

The more you write in your chosen niche, the more trust you will build with your readers. The more they trust you, the more likely they are to make purchases of the products that you recommend.

Brands, PR firms and SEO companies will likely approach you to ask about having their products or links featured without you needing to chase them first. You can set your own prices and work as you see fit for your own space. Adding in Google Adsense will also give you a running income from visitors who wouldn’t need to buy, but just the impressions will count.

OFten blogs can be used as supporting materials when applying for online part times jobs too. It will give recruiters an idea of your tone and writing ability, as well as how you manage your social media, growth and work ethic.

Your blog can be the portal to all of your online money making, and it will all come from something that you loved to do.

This is a collaborative post.

Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku – Grass and Dove

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Soft cooing sounds of comfort
the dove reminds,
the land is richly green

I felt a bit rusty writing this haiku. It’s been many months of no practice but after several attempts, I managed to cobble something that I like.

Thank you for an interesting prompt Ronovan. Grass & Dove


My state of being towards my blogging and writing has felt like a butterfly caught in a glass jar, but I guess it can’t be classified as anything other than ‘inertia.’ I have searched for the appropriate words, but they elude me. Every day, making a post has been on my mind and most times, I’ve opened my blog, stared at it, not knowing what to say, I simply close it.

Butterflies In A Jar

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A bazillion thoughts, yet none coherent enough to stay attentive. I wanted to say hello and ask how you are doing? I wanted to say Merry Christmas. I wanted to say Happy New Year.  I wanted to share all my news – unfiltered – with you – and I will.

I need to get reinspired and reinvigorated. Life has had me on a rollercoaster of vicious challenges that sometimes, I feel as if my breath is being slowly cut off, but I will not dwell on such things at this moment. It sure feels good to type again, however, let me pause my typing and go visiting.

What Do Your Customers Want? Let’s Find Out Together

When you are running a business, it is important to realize that your customers have needs that go far beyond just ordering a service from you. They need more than this, but if you don’t know what these are, you aren’t going to be able to fulfil them. If you haven’t been looking hard enough, you will never know what you have to do to give your customers the best possible experience when they visit your company. So, let’s look at what your customers want together, and we will help you to figure out how to implement these features in your business.

Something New

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If you are offering your customers the same old thing, they are not going to be interested in what you are trying to sell them. Instead, you need to be offering your clients something new and exciting for them to get their teeth into. So, if you are a company that provides a service, spice it up a little. Make it known that you are offering something that other companies in your industry aren’t. You need to attract these customers to your business, and you are not going to do that unless you stand out.

You might think that altering your service to something new is going to be a big risk, and you could be right. But, sometimes you have to take risks. Customers like it when you dare to be different, so this is what you need to do.


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An open line of communication between you and the client is essential. We know that dealing with customer complaints and negative reviews isn’t exactly fun, but it has to be done if you want to keep them happy. If someone posts a negative review, make sure that you are responding to it so that they know you care. Try to find the best solution for both parties involved so that you can make your customer happy, and avoid any further issues.

The same goes for your customer service line. Many companies will have consumers on hold for hours waiting to speak to someone about the issues that they are experiencing. Don’t let your company be one of these. Obviously, it is not possible to handle all calls at the same time, and when there is a particularly large volume of people with concerns, it can be hard to manage. But, you need to be able to do this because this is what your clients want from you.

Great Value

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You need to be offering great value for your goods or services. If you don’t, your customers are going to flock away from your business faster than you can say goodbye. This is because they want a fair price for what you are offering and if you cannot provide that, then they will find somewhere that can. You need to be keeping your prices competitive with other companies on the market so as not to have this problem. If that means lowering your prices, this is what you are going to have to do. We know that sometimes this can be difficult as there is a reason your prices are set the way they are, however, if you want to stay competitive which is what customers like, you are going to have to grit your teeth and bear it.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your customers are going to stay loyal to you if your prices are higher than everyone else’s. This might be the case if they are only slightly higher, but if you are miles ahead in terms of the money you are asking for your service, you are going to be falling behind on the market.


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The final thing that we are going to discuss is security. Your customers want to know that you are offering them the highest levels of security when it comes to your business. If you aren’t, they are less likely to trust you and your company. So, you need to use a service that keeps the data and privacy of your customers safe. You could use something like Netverify to do this. Netverify offers plenty of benefits to customers, and that is why it’s a great tool to use for your company. Using something like this will show your customers that you care about what they want, by proving that you care about the safety of their information.

So, hopefully after reading this article you know more about what your customers want and how to do this. If you take this advice and implement these things into your business, your levels of customer satisfaction are going to soar.

This is a collaborative post.