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America, you are pathetic!

weapon, gun violence, mass shooting, America, Poetry

Please save your thoughts and prayers
for they no longer count

These empty thoughts and prayers
only exacerbates the mind

Please keep the gun barrels rolling
for they are worth more than children’s lives

Lives you proclaim to value in the womb
yet assaulted for the price of ridiculous guns


Can you hear the silent cries of little children
hidden in cupboards, under desks and mortified in fear

There’s so much blood flowing freely
leaving stains that no one can ever mop up

Yet you stand on your podiums
and proclaim non-existent freedom and rights

where are the rights of these young ones
who can never go home anymore?




11 thoughts on “America, you are pathetic!

  1. You are absolutely right but we know that nothing will ever change in America. The NRA has the politicians in their back pocket. In America money and profit means more than lives even the lives of children. Remember Sandy Hook school in Connecticut where all those little kids were murdered, the Black parishioners killed during Bible Study in South Carolina and the other people killed last year also in church. There were several children murdered including the Pastor’s daughter and a pregnant woman. Every state has different gun control laws. New York where I live has strict gun control laws but it’s easy to go down south especially in the Bible Belt, go to your local Walmart or a gun show and buy guns. No background check. This is a problem that could be fixed but never will. I believe #45 aka Agent Orange is a Member of the NRA. Our lives have no value in the USA. You never know what day will be your last. Actually there is a Mass Murder every day in America however only the double digit ones are featured on TV and in the news.

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  2. America and its politicians are pathetic. Until a strong third party rises, to tip the scales of balance, things will continue this way, no matter how many have to die senselessly.

    Since guns are a right assured to all Americans, I can see the arguement of protecting this right, but assault weapons? Is there truly a need for assault weapons? Still don’t know of one hunter who needs one to kill a duck.

    Sorry for the rant. America is pathetic.

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