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Bullet Points…

Life is not a powerpoint presentation where everything
is captured and simplified into bullet points.

Children caught in bullet points of achievements
die tragic deaths in lettered words of administration.

© 2018 Jacqueline

(John Moore/Getty Images)

6 thoughts on “Bullet Points…

  1. I called my Congressman Hakeem Jeffries today.
    Congressman Jeffries has visited one of the Detention Centers where the children are being held.
    I will keep calling until the children are reunited with their families.
    This is a repeat of what happened during slavery and the Holocaust when children were torn from their families.

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  2. What was the outcome of your call to Congressman Hakeem Jefferies today? I think it’s awesome that you will keep calling until the children are reunited with their families. I think we all should join in. Where do we start?

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  3. I didn’t really understand what you were trying to say till I read the comments. Separating children is definitely wrong but why can’t the parents claim their children and take them back to their original home countries? So many people live in foreign countries so why can’t American children live with their parents overseas?

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