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she laughs
at the naivety
and the smallness
of their minds

they think that
vampires only walk
and feed
in the dark

in broad daylight
these beautiful monsters
blend seamlessly
into the crowd

© 2018 Jacqueline

We shouldn’t be shocked when government administrations do things that are reprehensible even in the name of God. When the handwriting is on the wall and we choose to close our eyes to the signs, we simply unleash wickedness in high places. When you vote, vote with your conscience. Search your heart for the truth.


3 thoughts on “Naive…

  1. Not everyone has the same version or idea of truth. For the majority here in America truth means getting rid of People of Color. Racism, bigotry and discrimination are alive and well in America and things are only going to get worse.

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  2. The American Nazi party supported by the Bible Belt evangelicals and fundamentalists are alive and well. Their agenda to destroy Black and Brown peoples and Non Christians is moving forward.
    I see it on my job. That’s part of the reason I’m taking early retirement. It’s a No win situation so like many other talented and gifted people of color I’m shaking the dust off my feet and leaving.

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