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Today’s featured blogs are:

Pranabaxom I enjoy reading Pranabaxom’s written words. An excerpt of the about page reads ‘I open my mind to the world.  Like the weather, sometimes my poems are cloudy, sometimes stormy.  I always like to see sunshine streaming through the leaves of trees, so I hope I can share some of this sunshine with my readers.’ Go check it out.

I am: I could like this poem so many times over. It speaks to you and gives you joy. Do check it out.

Lightheaded:  let me introduce you to Nancy Thorton whose journey of creating a new life after retiring has become an exciting one at 8,200 feet. In her words: ‘I’ve made a life for myself with words. from the first poem I penned in second grade about puppies to selling some of the  world’s most comfortable shoes.  through all those years I had teachers, editors, account people, clients even clients’ wives telling me how to make my copy better. and on occasion they were right.’

Tell Me:  ‘Blindfolded, Sarn could see nothing except the perpetual green glow of his eyes since their light was also trapped inside that light-tight fabric strip.

Yesterday, my son had a surprise for me and they made me cover my eyes and walk while he held my hand. I liked the idea of the surprise but didn’t quite trust that I wouldn’t hit my head before getting there.

Now, I can imagine how Sarn must have felt and in his own case, his life was endangered. Melinda keeps weaving a thick, suspenseful plot.

‘Do you want more eyes on your words?’
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