An absolutely wonderful read. Are you Joan?

Sweet aroma

calms the child

For months, Joan’s house had been demanding more in upkeep than she could afford.  The walls seemed to move in on her each day.  She was tired of the old carpet.  She looked at everything about it with a jaundiced eye. Everything about it was getting on her nerves.  Joan had prayed, nagged, and finagled all the ways she knew to get the new house.  It was sooo dreamy and had 600 more square feet than they one she now lived in.

She would have a difficult time paying the extra monthly payment for the new house, but she knew God was a prayer answer-er!  So she diligently prayed that something would happen to make the new place possible.  She kept her faith in the Lord knowing he could make it happen.  She prayed effectually and fervently just like the Bible said to do.

Two years later Joan was still…

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It’s a long journey of discovery. Enjoy being and finding you.

Sweet aroma

A life spent being fearful of showing your soul is a life not worth living.”
― Shannon L. Alder

A few days ago athling at A Writer’s Life presented the quote above by ― Shannon L. Alder.   I asked her at that time if she would mind if I pass it on in this Writer’s Quote Challenge.  —–

How much of your soul do you reveal in posts for your blogs?  I think many bloggers blog because it give opportunity to vent about themselves in a way that is at least semi-anonymous.  

There seems to be so many people who are trying to “discover” themselves.  From my vantage point in age, I say, “Relax, you will not will not be your full self until the day you die.”  Every day adds a new layer to the person you are.  Even if it is the most boring horrible day of…

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Meet Beautiful Lady Carly Sygrove

Meet Carly and Do Say Hello.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

I remember the first time I read Carly’s post on her sudden loss of hearing, what caught my attention was not just her detailed writing, but her positive, humourous approach and outlook. I must say that I was intrigued. Many people when befallen with any form of hardship tend to drown themselves in the waters of woe is me, instead of seeking how to turn their situation into an experience that empowers them and inspires others.

I can’t begin to lay claims on the imagination of how such an experience would be, but through Carly’s words, I try to understand her World.

I enjoy interacting with her and I leave her corner with a lesson or the other.

Carly, Blogger, Interview

A little bit about me…

Hello. My name is Carly. I am 34 years old and I am currently living in Madrid, Spain. I am originally from a small, seaside town in…

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