ReBel Against The Label – REdefine You.

Break free and redefine yourself. Indoctrination and self-limiting labels stop us from reaching our greatest potentials because our focus is on that label and categories assigned to us, leading to a limiting singular self-definition.

To break free from these set parameters most times means rebelling against societal norms.  It means taking the higher road on your journey to self-discovery and success.

If you are in search of ways to be the best you that are meant to be, to increase your productivity, live the life of your dreams, reach for your greatness and abundance, this is a space that you can visit anytime to get realistic, step by step tools on how to gain control of your life and to achieve your aspirations.

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This quote screams loud and clear to me. I am DEFIANT of all LABELS. I get to DEFINE myself.

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This is my week and since it is Women’s History Month, I bring you a quote from one of the most progressive women of the 1970’s, Billie Jean King.

Don’t let anyone define you. You define yourself.

Billie Jean King


There once was a boy

named Bobby.

Who said women champs

were folly.

Along came a girl

named Billie.

Who said Bobby was silly.

Billie hit such a volley,

she left Bobby kneeling,

looking up at his

glass ceiling.

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The One and Only Beautiful Gem Called Tanya Cliff.

A beautiful and fascinating lady writer whom I admire greatly. It is said that one’s words are a mirror into their soul and Tanya’s one amazing writer who’s words reach you on another level.

A Bit About Me

Tanya Cliff, Writer, Interview

My pen is a mighty tool. I’ve been using it all my life to tell stories and explore this world in all its natural wonder and human diversity. I write everything from the diminutive, but powerful, haiku to the full-bodied epic adventure. Of all my writing endeavors in the past few years, I’m most proud of the successful use of some of my work a juvenile detention center in SE Wisconsin to foster creative expression and encourage these children to develop their unique talents.

My passion for human rights manifests in a strong voice of advocacy for the persecuted and poor and an ongoing family effort that supports a range of humanitarian efforts. Watch where you step on my blog. I shatter a lot of glass of past hypocrisies with my pointed quill.

I love working with the camera and use my photography to illustrate the pieces I share on my blog, with a special emphasis on nature shots and work with a macro lens. The credit for all the photos of me goes to my talented 13-year-old daughter, who shares my enthusiasm for a good capture.

I’m a classically trained flutist with a rich and eclectic taste in music, performing everything from Mozart to jazz improvisation.  My favorite playing hours, however, find me behind the piano keys.

I am a graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

A Bit About My Blog


The Prodigal 

I started my blog just over a year ago as a platform to support the fantasy novel I had just published and to grow my writing skills. On my blog, I write everything from the diminutive haiku to free verse poetry to short stories. I have even begun sharing stop-motion videos that I produce. My work often serves as a platform for social commentary and critique and a voice of support for those who have nothing. My passion for nature finds frequent expression through words and photos on my blog. I love my interactions with bloggers all over the world and take great inspiration from their friendships and encouragements.

Blogging Challenges

I recently retooled my blog to include new projects that I have and directions I’m exploring. This involved clearing a lot of old writing off my blog and completely redoing my home pages – a major facelift.



My first-in-series epic, fantasy novel, Tales from the Valdaren – The Prodigal Son, was published just over a year ago and maintains a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. The second novel is in development.

I just published, A Haiku for Ricky Baker, a book of poetry including Haiku, Tanka and free verse poems telling the stories of neglected and at-risk children. All proceeds from that book go to fund art and writing programs for children in juvenile detention. I also hope to use this book to introduce Haiku and Tanka to these children as a method of developing strong writing and reading skills.

The second book of poetry and short stories, The Politically Empty Glass, will be released shortly. This book explores the hypocritical application of “liberty” in the United States through a combination of Haiku, Tanka, free verse poems and satirical short stories. It is a work that has come about, in part, due to the encouragements of my blogging friends.

I am also delving into screenplay work, using the development of stop-motions videos as an initial platform. I love the challenge of telling a story through this medium.


Haiku for Ricky Baker



Little thoughts give birth to big things.

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This week is my turn.  I hope you enjoy the quote.



Women in pink hats

Looked a little bats.

The powerful called them wrong.

The wise called them strong.

And unassisted

They persisted.

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Impenetrable I am totally loving Susie’s perspective and words of wisdom shared here. Please read.

Bleeding Hearts, In my opinion, this is a great first attempt at a short story. All the ingredients of a good read are nicely blended in. What do you think?

Shereena Badu Visit Shereena’s blog and do leave your footprints. I enjoyed reading Mirror, mirror. 

A surprising and disturbing discovery What’s your thought about this? Do you know a bit about Avian habits?

If only I had a dad The title alone tells you how poignant this book is. Ricky Amitin’s interview shares glimpses of the author and his journey.

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ADD SPARK TO ROUTINE, writer’s quote challenge

What spark are you adding to your routine? Writers’ Quote Challenge.

Sweet aroma

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” Helen Keller

For this week’s Writers Quote Challenge, please share with us a “small task” which you feel you have accomplished in a “great and noble” way.

How “great and noble” are you when it comes to frying eggs, changing tires, picking up toys, teaching manners to your children, making the grocery list, making the bed, playing Candy Land, combing your mother’s hair?  Okay, you are on your own.  What does this quote mean to you?

My Submission:

For many years I have taught adult Sunday School classes, generally to people who are my peers.  It seemed dull to me to teach the same thing we had “learned” many times before.  After all what could I say that had not already been said.  So…

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Dear Husband Of Mine… personal

To think that I wrote this last year. I still feel the same 😉

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Sometimes, I keep quiet
Searching for the words
To say that I love you.

Sometimes, my heart combusts
With the fullness
Of knowing you.

Sometimes, I doubt if word’s
Can really say
What I feel for you.

These times,
I utter words of thanks
To God who brought you to me.

Sometimes, I love you
Seems to be so small
A word for what you mean to me.

You mean the World
And so much beyond
My husband. You are a good man.

This time
I can’t keep quiet
But shout it from the rooftops.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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