Lovely and Wonderful…

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What word do you find yourself using frequently? I think I use these two words ‘lovely and wonderful‘ ever so often, especially when complimenting others or their work. Most times, I endeavour to read what someone wrote, to connect with the post before making a constructive comment that relates to it.

I must say that I hesitate in using unnecessary superlatives which sometimes almost comes across as superfluous and fake. I do indulge when I come across something that genuinely deserves the superlatives. Sometimes, when my thoughts are all over the place, I fail to truly connect with a piece writing and as such, I hesitate to make a comment; and a like suffices at such times.

However, it is interesting to say that I have observed some readers making asinine comments that has nothing to do with the post and I can’t help but wonder at the following:

  • Is it that they are unable to read and comprehend?
  • Is it that they simply choose to be obtuse?
  • Is it that they are simply in such a rush but want the writer to feel their presence through their like and odd comments?
  • Do they think that they writer is so simpleminded that any silly comment would be pleasing to them?

As we always seem pressed for time and people’s attention span shrinks to the size of an ant, with social media interaction becoming more fast-paced, it does appear like the art of reading is equally suffering a blow and genuine readers dwindle daily.

I could think many things pertaining the readers thought pattern and may never arrive at the right answer, but I most certainly do hope that I haven’t fallen into that category of asinine comment makers and that I never lose the joy derived from reading and truly appreciating the art of the writer.


Talking to you…

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Is it strange to be at this point in life where the desire to succeed somehow in life has quadrupled; maybe because you know that you no longer have the time to shilly-shally and fritter away your days like when you were in your teens and twenties, yet at the same time, you equally feel lethargic and seem to have lost the gusto to keep pushing if that makes sense?

I have lived in many hoods, but to be honest, adulthood is raz and can run you raggedy. Some days I feel on top of things and feel a certain level of being at peace with myself, but most of the time, especially recently, I feel deeply pressured, almost as if I am asphyxiating from the burden of financial responsibilities that has become a chokehold on me and mine, and a sense of helplessness does overwhelm me now and then.

I am in a hurry to change things, yet the more I rush, the slower my steps become. The pandemic took a heavy financial toll on us and things are yet to let up. It bothers me using this space to share my woes, still, I feel that I am among friends who have seen life, it’s good and ugly sides and who understand what true struggles mean. I always endeavour to stay chirpy and see the bright side of life despite all the dark clouds that tends to shroud things and make situations look bleak more times than I care to count.

Something that I know for sure is that loads of us are going through stuff that they are either proud, embarrassed, ashamed or too afraid to share for fear of being trolled and judged by others, but one thing I have learned in this life is not to make someone else’s thought take such a center stage in my life that it will cause me to lose sleep. At present, my wellbeing and seeking reprieve is far too important to me than being scared and ashamed to share the fact that I am struggling more than I can express in words.

Out of sense of self-preservation, I wish not to demean myself but if after reading this and you can buy me a cup of coffee using the Paypal button or link at the top and bottom or my page and it will be most appreciated. Every penny goes a long way. God bless.


Hello There…

It’s been such a long time on this page…

That I feel like a stranger…

It’s not that I have lost my love for words…

Just that the travails of life…

Have been bludgeoning me…

That there are many, many days…

I feel beaten out of words…

and mentally drained…

trying to balance the art of living…

Each day I say to myself…

Just hang in there…

This too shall pass


Pay It Forward Thursday- July 12, 2018

Let’s Pay It Forward and Share Your Fave Post of This Week.

Go Dog Go Café

Pay It Forward 7-4-2018

The baristas at Go Dog Go Cafe are big fans of Pay It Forward Thursdays. We think it is a great opportunity to give a shout-out to another writer who has wowed us or creatively inspired us.  However, Pay It Forward Thursday has not been getting a lot of love lately, which we think is a shame. Dear reader, you are losing out on some great writing! We’ve decided to shake things up a little and the baristas will be reblogging our Pay It Forward picks for the week directly onto GDG Cafe so you don’t miss out on our favorites.

We like this idea so much that we will also reblog the posts you think were the best thing you read this week if you drop a link below. You are invited to post one link to one specific post (600 words or less please!) from someone…

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All Challenge Hosts

Cee's Photo Challenges

Since WordPress’s Event page is now out of date and I you can’t add any new challenges to it, I have come up with an idea.

Hosts, if you send me information of your challenge, I will host a page on my blog for all challenges.  You can link back to my page so other members can find your challenges or other like it.

Click here to see link where I am setting this up.

Here is the information I would like:

  • Challenge Name
  • Host Name
  • Host Blog (URL)
  • Type of Challenge (Photography, Writing, General or come up with your own Type)
  • Short description of challenge (one or two sentences)
  • Day challenge is published and frequency (example Thursday, Weekly)
  • There are a few challenges that run monthly or yearly, please make note of that also.
  • If you have a badge, please attach that as well.

Email me through my contact…

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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 14

I am stronger each day, I can do this. The next few months will be a period of beautiful transformation and good things are going to happen.

I love This Quote From Yesterday:

Mandibelle16: Actually, the best gift you could’ve given her, was a lifetime of adventures .” – Lewis Carroll ‘Alice in Wonderland.’

P.S. If you wish to join this positive affirmation challenge running for 90 days, please add your quote to the comments and each day, I’ll share everyone’s quote with their links.

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Just A Thought…

Last year I wrote this and my thoughts haven’t changed much. Apart from the “Me Too” movement, I’m yet to see better strides taken in the direction of ‘women empowerment and safety.’ I’m not advocating for the emasculation of men, but I know that there are many more rivers to cross and we must keep walking not just talking.

a cooking pot and twisted tales

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So the World celebrated The International Women’s Day yesterday – which is a good thing, don’t get me wrong – but, what happens today?

Do we go back to the shadows where women are beaten, downtrodden, objectified, maligned et cetera, et cetera?

Yesterday, this thought played in my mind all day.

The thought played in my mind that right as we speak, there’s a woman somewhere being raped, pummelled into the ground from manly fists, railroaded into sexual slavery and all unsavoury thoughts you can think of.

I am tired of societies false platitudes and putting band-aids on sore wounds.

We as a people must continue to raise strong women. Women who rise above adversity to say no. Women who call bullshit what it is.  Women who know themselves and love themselves. Women who would make a difference to their progeny and generations to come…

This is not about 1…

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