Let’s Create A Fine Chain By Sharing The Links…

Get more eye balls on those words of yours. Join the loop and share your link.

a cooking pot and twisted tales


β€˜Welcome to all my new follows and friends and Welcome to the click-a-link club.β€˜

I appreciate the choice you made in deciding to follow my blog, which I consider as a present.

If you notice, as much as I am a very individually minded person, I am also a very community minded and conscious person. In simple terms, I like people.

In here, I try to have a warm atmosphere that is welcoming for all and I cook in large quantities, because I never know who is coming to tea or dinner.

So, do make yourself comfortable and feel free to say hey anytime.

Are you comfortable now? Good. Now put up your feet on that plump purple cushy foot-rest in the corner and let’s have a quick chat while you get your feet massaged.

My bit of experience of blogging has shown me how grueling it…

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1,420 thoughts on “Let’s Create A Fine Chain By Sharing The Links…

  1. Since my accident in mid-March my entire life has changed. The case is now in the hands of lawyers and I am not permitted to discuss the case but I sustained an injury to my already damaged left eye. The physical pain was horrible but the emotional pain is even worse. In order to cope I began creating more collages and branched out into Abstract acrylic painting. Here are a few of my artworks. Painting is my therapy. It speaks for me when I really can’t speak for myself. Art, photography and writing are the only voices now left to me.





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  2. More Artwork. An accident can and will change your life. It will change how you view yourself and the world. It will make you wonder about your place in the world. Or even if you have a place. Anywhere??? My life is now a series of ???? Marks that don’t have any answer. April is a Rainy month in New York and it was also raining in my soul. Still is. In April Spirit had me to cut off all my hair. My remaining hair that is. I’ve been losing my hair for a while so why not cut it. In Bible days people cut their hair and put on sackcloth and ashes. I’m in mourning. for the Life that once was. And for an unknown hazy foggy misty future.




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