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You Must Be Of Good Courage…

Walking by faith

Let me tell you something.

You may have heard this a countless times before.

Even so, I still cannot resist telling you just one more time.

Let not your heart fail you; nor your mind deny your strength,

For within you lies courage; just reach deep and it will show forth.

Let me tell you that the measure of your courage;

Is not determined by whether you reach the goal or not;

It is determined by your decision to get back on your feet;

No matter how many times your trials failed!

No one said that it will be easy!

But if you have the courage to remain steadfast;

But if you have the courage to pursue you dreams;

You will give your life its richest rewards;

You will give your life its greatest adventures;

The brightest adventures do not lie on the peaks of mountains!

The brightest adventures lie first within you..

You must be of good courage!

And rise again….even when you have fallen flat on your face!

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha



25 thoughts on “You Must Be Of Good Courage…

  1. Good Sunday to you. Thank you for the reminder, at times when the world falls down around you, it’s so easy to just give up, stay down because it’s so comfortable down there.

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    1. Same to you Etta. Honestly, it can get so comfortable down there, that the longer we remain in that state, the harder it becomes to rise. Thank you for visiting today and do have a lovely week ahead πŸ™‚


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