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Positivity From Adversity

In the toughest of times, it can be difficult to draw upon positivity and inspiration. But, with a change of perspective, these issues can become a well-spring of not only creativity but also happiness!

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Happiness in adversity! Source.

The first change of perspective is:

Plan Accordingly!

Once you fall upon hard times, it can be easy to become lost in a mire of misery and simply think it is inescapable. This isn’t true! If you’re experiencing money troubles, then working alongside a financial planner can help pull you back into the black, and get you back on your feet. Helpful resources exist for advice on how to choose a financial planner – this will not only help you in the short-term but can set you on your way for future success.

Planning doesn’t just apply to monetary issues though. It may be that the adversity you face is the disability of a loved one, maybe even your own child. This can seem overwhelmingly bleak, but if you plan thoroughly you can not only guarantee your own security but secure your loved one’s future and quality of life. Investing in a special needs trust is a neat and secure way of guaranteeing them a stable life, be they young or old, and will free you mentally to enjoy the best of times with them. Life isn’t all about finances, but securing them financially can safeguard future treatments, allowing you to nurture them with love with a reduced weight upon your shoulders.

This leads to the second shift in perspective:

Creatively Document Your Struggles and Successes!

Change can be a good thing! Change can help shift your perspectives and bring you back in touch with the things that really matter. Disabled people aren’t here to inspire us, but still, we can draw inspiration from the experiences of anyone who experiences and overcomes difficult times. If you yourself have difficulties you can channel them into creative outlets such as poetry, or even running an inspirational blog! People all over the world channel difficulty into uplifting stories of how they overcome setback after setback, and you too could join them!

Alongside a properly thought-out and implemented plan for recovery, documenting your journey can bring light in moments of darkness, and can itself become that which best drags you back into the good times! Studies exist as to the value of adversity in the creative mind, and this shows that – even if you’ve gotten into a dark spot of writer’s block (or the equivalent for your pursuit!) – you can haul yourself out with a fresh new perspective to boot.

You can channel yourself into a new hobby, with the little successes you win yourself pursuing those hobbies helping build towards overall wins in your wider life! Perhaps you’ll even take up cooking? Cooking yourself hearty meals can do absolute wonders for your state of mind, and as you get more confident in your abilities you’ll soon be making all sorts of fantastic meals! You’ll have gained yourself new skills, brought some positivity into your life and can even save yourself a little money – all whilst bringing you closer to your loved ones! After all, everyone loves a packed family table and a home-cooked meal! (Of course, you can always channel your efforts elsewhere – hand-knitted gifts go down a treat!)

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A hearty meal does wonders for the frazzled mind. Source.

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Midnight Motivations and Musings # 32…


A simple example of how difficult it is to keep our mind focused, is my last week spilling into this week, which has been one roller-coaster of health, stress and all sorts of challenges that I don’t want to inundate you with.

I found negative thoughts and horrendous words creeping into my mind and trying to take an upper hand.

It’s that part of human nature that dislikes discomfort that tries to lash out and grumble or muck about with so much negativity.

Remember the Israelite’s and their journey in the wilderness? A classic example of how grumbling can delay our blessings, that’s if we get it at all again.

I have found that negativity takes root faster than positive thoughts, as such, we must have to consciously pull ourselves out of the funky way of thinking into the way we ought to think.

Even if it’s difficult, occupy yourself with routine and the repetitive mantras from your box of positive thinking.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Was I Truly Guilty Or Is It My Mind?…


There are moments in life that I look back on and wished that it could have turned out differently and this is one of those guilty moments: a letter to the young man that died.

However, with the realization that the past is where it belongs, one can only strive to a brighter present.

I have managed to get above and beyond these feelings by first and foremost, conscientiously working hard at forgiving myself for something that was beyond of my control.

At times, no amount of penance can get rid of the burden of sadness that weighs down on my mind when I ponder on some of the guilt-ridden episodes in my life but the amazing thing is that I have found that the more I reach up and look up to the sky, the less burdened I become.

Through Grace and Mercy which are not of my own will, but by succumbing to faith, hope, prayers, I can actually say, that I have the peace of The Lord which surpasses even my own understanding and that the haunting has ceased.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

”My Grace is sufficient for you; for my Power is made perfect in weakness: 2 Cor: 12:9.”


The Daily Post prompt The Guilt That Haunts Me.

Share a time when you were overcome with guilt. What were the circumstances? How did you overcome you guilt?

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You Must Be Of Good Courage…

Walking by faith

Let me tell you something.

You may have heard this a countless times before.

Even so, I still cannot resist telling you just one more time.

Let not your heart fail you; nor your mind deny your strength,

For within you lies courage; just reach deep and it will show forth.

Let me tell you that the measure of your courage;

Is not determined by whether you reach the goal or not;

It is determined by your decision to get back on your feet;

No matter how many times your trials failed!

No one said that it will be easy!

But if you have the courage to remain steadfast;

But if you have the courage to pursue you dreams;

You will give your life its richest rewards;

You will give your life its greatest adventures;

The brightest adventures do not lie on the peaks of mountains!

The brightest adventures lie first within you..

You must be of good courage!

And rise again….even when you have fallen flat on your face!

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


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God gave me something..

loveofgodHe gave us eyes, that we might behold the splendor of his creativity; That we might see each other beyond the peripheries of physical vision. Sometimes we look, but we do not really see.

He gave us mouth that we may praise him; That we may give voice to the thoughts of our hearts; That we may speak words that bring life, succor, strength; That we may speak words that edify.

He gave us ears that we may listen and understand; That we may hear and filter through the turbulence of life; That we may hear his voice whisper in our hearts, through the sights and sounds of the beauty that surrounds us.

He gave us heart that we may feel; That we may have a depth of emotions that understands, that loves, that empathizes, that endures. A heart that can be faithful, courageous and kind. May our hearts not harden that we lose every sense of love, of joy, of peace, of empathy and reason.gods-love never runs out

He gave us brain that we may reason with wisdom and understanding; That we may use the abundance of talents to his glory;That we may gain and disseminate productive knowledge.

He gave us hands that they be busy and not idle; That they are productive and profitable; That they are helping hands to raise up, to mold and not to push down.

He gave us legs that we may walk tall in Faith, Grace, Hope and Dignity; That we may stand tall in the face of adversity; That we may flee from dangers and issues that lead to destruction.

He gave us a fully functional body, in his image and likeness and for His Glory.

Today, I stand tall and proclaim that I am/You are/We are masterpieces of the ultimate craftsman; and nobody can tell me differently.

God gave me everything….

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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