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Yes, There Are Boundaries…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Too Soon?.”

Can anything be funny, or are some things off limits?

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A well developed sense of humor is something I think I possess.

I am a Christian but not a dour faced sanctimonious one!

I love good jokes any day and will even laugh at myself with ease.

There is no need sweating all the stuff (hard and small) because life is already hard enough and rather too short!

However, there are jokes that I will not be shining my teeth at ever at all!

I find such funnies to be insensitive and in very bad taste!

Things to do with Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Terrorism of any sort, Rape, Murder are an absolute NO! NO! for me.

I am aware that some comedians thrive on such tripe and I do question at times if they are perpetrators of such acts themselves!

I am very doubtful that victims and survivors of certain obscene act would be laughing it off. Bad jokes

If that is the case, we won’t hear of women who often fall to pieces and commit suicide after acts of sexual molestation.

If it was so funny, we won’t have so many issues of troubled children who were abused till they lost their sense of self and are left battling with hangovers of such issues.

If it were hilarious, we wouldn’t have so many dysfunctional families due to domestic violence.

If it were rib-cracking, our jails will not be spilling over with perpetrators of nefarious crimes.

Indeed, there is a limit to a joke and a fine line should be drawn on such jokes that are in poor taste!

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


29 thoughts on “Yes, There Are Boundaries…

  1. I completely agree with those topics you named not being funny, at least for me. By the way I normally tend to write( when I´m writing short stories) I tend to write in a comedic way. It just comes out naturally. So I went to “my old friend google and typed ” how to write funny “, well in comes the suggestions from guys that have made in in Hollywood to some degree in comedy and the first suggestion to my question was ” Write what you think is funny to you.” I almost felt over when I saw that as the first suggestion, for crying out loud, I actually laugh out loud at the eccentricities and how I shame my own characters and I have to google a dude from Hollywood to tell me, write what I myself find funny. That is funny in itself for a small writing scene. Is it just me that finds my own writing amusing…..

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    1. I can relate…sometimes I find myself the only one laughing at certain things. My sense of humor is certainly not the same as everyone else’s. Plus, I think and laugh about the same incident for weeks on end. I’m rather goofy IRL

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    2. Charly, thank you for your support. Chances are, once your jokes are in good taste, people will enjoy them 🙂 Probably, once in a while when you put up a post, add a poll to it, that way you see what your readers cling to more. Enjoy your day:)


      1. I don´t know if my jokes or writing comedy is in good taste, maybe for some they find it funny and others don´t. Each person has it´s own preferences and I respect that. Although I couldn´t add a poll to it, if you write comedy it comes from within, you can´t start secondguessing every two words thinking if you are going to offend someone. You are always going to offend someone, just life. Can´t please everyone, nor I want to really.

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      2. I guess that’s true, but like every other skill even comedians have to hone and shape their skills and there must be a way that they do it. Naturally, there is never going to be a time that you will please everyone. Not possible!


      3. That´s for sure, that when I write short stories that tend to be comical as well as having other traits in them, but the comical thing is normally that the characters have some outrageous mishapsone after another, and that is a skill that you do have to hone, like everything in life. Practice practice and…….practice!


    1. I honestly cannot understand how people can sit by an condone certain distasteful behaviour. I once saw a very derogatory shot of a lady that was being harassed by some men making the rounds on FB and it saddened me to read the comments that came with it. It was disgusting!


  2. You are ever so right. I love funny. The “funny” I love generally has to have a bit of brain to write and to enjoy. I like surprise, not shock. I love puns and word play – even knock, knock jokes. This is a subject for a blog so I’ll just get off right here. Have a phun day with lots of phunnee jokes in it!

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