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Sometimes, our approach to everything is a case of mind over matter especially when it comes to weather issues that we have no control over.

To an extent it might be true that peoples moods are highly affected by the weather, maybe there might even be a scientific explanation for this.

However, I maintain that since we have absolutely no control over sultry summer heats or bitter winter chills, we can only exercise control over how we choose to react to either situation.

Each season has it’s beauty, even the harsh seasons like Winter which comes with a lot of challenges, dampness and grayness.

Nonetheless, if we choose to look at things with the attitude of acceptance and positivity, it will also elevate our mind and change our altitude, that we will begin to actively seek ways to make that period pass more pleasurably.

There is no point in wasting a good couple of months sitting in the doldrums of misery, for a situation that cannot be changed. It is a case of Lord give me the grace to accept and endure the things that I cannot change.

When we moved to Dubai in July, the heat was second to none.

It sweltered so badly that one would have surely suffered from heatstroke from being out in such fiery heat.

We simply adjusted and found ways of keeping out of the heat, living and hydrating.

Now the temperature has cooled sufficiently and the weather is absolutely divine.

I intend to wring out every moment of it to the best of my ability whilst it last because, who knows what Madam Winter has to offer next time around.

My little ditty might make you catch a cold but will put a smile on your face.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikochafunny winter

The Daily Post prompt Climate Control

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

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36 thoughts on “Make The Most Of It!…

  1. How I long for those days when intemperate weather was only a bother and not a matter of life and death. Since I have cryoglobulinemia the temperature rules my life. This time of year, I can seldom go outdoors and in summer, I have to avoid air conditioned buildings. If my body temp drops below 98.6 my blood begins to jell and clot, which causes a lot of pain and could kill me. It also, comes with vasculitis that is very painful. But…what you’ve written is still true for me too. Attitude is everything. It doesn’t help me to mope about it. I try to make good use of my time and as much as possible, do for others so that I don’t become too centered on my self. God is good even when life kind of stinks and because He is in my life, I am good too.(with just a touch of cabin fever) lol!

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    • Oh wow, that sounds like a lot to handle Pam. I am quite sorry about this challenge. I know how I don’t like to be cooped in for too long myself and know that it can’t be an easy feat. I am so glad about your positive outlook about it. Bless you my dear lady and take good care of yourself 🙂

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  2. Well, weather certainly influences my writing mood. Right now we are experiencing the darkness of late autumn (no sun and no snow with few hours of light). It’s a season that challenges even the most enthusiastic:-)

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  3. The quote you posted is definitely food for thought…never looked at it that way but it’s true! We warm our homes to the temperatures we try to escape in the Summer….hmmm, strange behavior nonetheless…now that it’s been pointed out!

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  4. I live in Metro Detroit where it’s overcast from October to May. 😦 That’s really the only thing that bothers me, the constant dreary sky. I focus on indoor things that bring me joy, there are plenty of other things to turn my attention to.

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    • I like that positive attitude Kathleen. What can’t be helped must be endured and finding other things indoors that keeps one happy is the way to go if the great outdoors is not cutting it. I do appreciate your comments and visit. Bless you and kind regards.


  5. I try not to let the weather affect me but I have to admit that the winter cold makes me irritable because I love the outdoors and am just plain miserable when I’m freezing. No matter how much I bundle up I can’t be content in the cold. However, I don’t have a problem with heat. I actually enjoy it cause I can still sit in the shade on a hot and humid day and be happy cause I’m not shivering. lol

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    • I personally don’t like the cold weather, but I have just let to ignore the frost-bitten Mrs Winter and her antics. I prefer the warmer seasons, but, hey, I have to survive it one way or the other. Thank you for your comments and visiting. Do have a great day today 🙂

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  7. Just have to learn ways to adjust with layers or icepacks whichever extreme it is. Artritis and nerve damage likes neither then trhow in a sinus and I just aint gettin no writin done! But with some hot drink and a warm wrap i am enjoyin visitin your writin today, excuse all my errors that is just me today 😀 Enjoy!

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