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Darling Baby Pinks of May

I saw the lovely pink blossoms and simply couldn’t resist capturing them with my lens. Aren’t they pretty 🙂

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Handfuls of Spring…Thankful reflections

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Spring follows Winter seamlessly as it has done over the ages and time passes by so quickly, sometimes in a blur that we tend to take the itty-bitty parts of our lives for granted.

In Spring the heat of the sun gathers in momentum over here, that by Summer time it’s literally steaming and baking at such a degree that the heat wallops you in the face and every hidden part that it can get. I consider myself a child of the Sun, I love warmth, but not the unbelievable scorching sun of the Middle East that makes you feel as if you are dough brought out to rise and bake in the torrid desert heat.

As I drive around pursuing the days business, I see dots of umbrella’s waving down the streets sheltering the heads of their owners and I know untold pleasure and gratitude over having the comfort of my car and the air conditioner that keeps me from perspiring and swimming in my own sweat.

 I am thankful for the gift of being their mother as I listen to my children chatter and squabble over what radio channel to listen to as we drive home from school and I wonder how we take such comfort for granted.

Sometimes, my heart knows untold joy for things that I can’t explain and I wish I could freeze frame those moments so that I may look at the beautiful, divine colours that these moments make.

Spring is such a beautiful season, so does every other season that we are given hold its own beauty. We are only given a handful of Springs in our lifetime and one thought that stays with me as I write this is, may we thankfully plant in the Spring of opportunity of our lives so that we do have a great harvest in the Fall.

Peace be with you. What are you grateful for today?


If you wish to participate in a gratitude challenge, there are several gratitude/thankful platforms in the blogosphere that you can tune into and get your ithankful going on. I can’t express in words the enormity of Joy and fulfillment that comes from having a heart of gratitude. Please check out Maria’s blog, Colline’s blog and Bernadette’s for thankful/gratitude challenges.

Rononvan's Weekly Haiku Challenge

Ever Fresh…Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge.

Love, Elderly couple, Spring

She is no longer a Spring chicken
he loves her all the same
her beauty ever fresh in his eyes’


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Spring & Fresh – Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge

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Colourful Silliness…

I love vivid and vibrant things
I love those shiny bling’s
All things bright and beautiful
Just like colourful Spring.

I love things in calmness
I love their simple quietness
It brings out certain righteousness
Painting your heart colourful in gladness

I love life in splashes
They make beautiful sashes
Just like the King’s gaudy ring
Now, that’s one big, fat bling

I love the calm of white
It also looks as bright
Though it may not be as colourful
It’s equally just as wonderful

Now this is just silly rhyme
I just feel like passing time
It’s Friday night Tra la, la
Oh! A good night for oh la, la!

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha
Colourful, The Daily Post Prompt

Echos Of My Neighbourhood · Travel

Noise and A Peek In The Men’s Beauty World…Echoes of my neighbourhood.

On Thursday’s, I share pictures about ‘Echos of my Neighbourhood.

I would like to invite you to participate. The challenge is quite simple.

Every Thursday, share a photo of bits and pieces of wherever you are at any point in time. It could be houses, backgrounds of your neighbourhood, activities and so forth and you can tag it Echos of my Neighbourhood, add my link to your post so that I will get the ping from your post.

Every other Thursday, I will publish a post with the links of all those who participated the previous week.

This is just a fun way of getting to see more of the World around us through your eyes since we cannot all be at those places, we could at least, see them through you.

The beauty of Burj at night as we drive by.

This week’s echoes is a mix of several faces and places. From shopping for groceries to going with my bloke and the boys to get a haircut where yours truly spent some time being more observant than usual to the business of manly grooming.

I saw men threading their eyebrows to make it look less bushy. Lot’s of scalp shaving with a scary blade, massaging, barbing, shampooing and rubbing of scalps. Interesting outing I must say 😉

With the children on Spring break, a bit more leisure time so taking them to the cinema and some skating play time  was involved.

Thanks to Kat, I got the idea to include a video of real echoes of my neighbourhood, which I will do from time to time. This was fun to do. We drove and I stuck the camera up to catch a one minute video.

Please watch and let me know what you think.

Thank you 🙂

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Last Week Echoes gave us some peeks of different neighbourhoods, hop on let’s go see and we will be glad to see some of yours :-)

Dr Meg Sorick’s A warm welcome to Meg. Meg shows us beautiful photos of her world and her good looking bloke. Please go over and say hello. She also offers visitors a tall glass of something good to drink 😉

Mind and life matters A warm welcome to Rashmi. I am loving our neighbours in echoes and Rashmi shows us beautiful snippets of so much love in her photos and the cutest tortoise ever.

Spring Lady Lee’s photos bursts in colours and interesting garden friends to keep artful.

Peregrine – Falcons of Norwich Kim shows us a poetic glimpse of the fastest flying raptor bird in the World.

Crossing the Brooklyn bridge I am not sure you’ve seen this detailed shots of the Brooklyn bridge. Well, I haven’t. Thank you Jazzy Tower.

A flowering evening pretty pictures that goes with sweet meats too 🙂

Cubicles of Individuality I totally enjoyed looking at this and I bet you would. Maybe you can tell which category you  belong in.

How sweet life is Ralph  When you go to Bus Terminal located at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, keep your eyes open, there’s a lot to see.


Thank you to all Echoes’ contributors. I am learning a whole lot from this challenge as well as having fun with it.

It would lovely to have you join us. Regards

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Picnic in the parlour…Friday Fiction In Five Sentences



Angela looks out of the window in delight at the fair weather, the Sun’s rays wink from beneath the clouds.

Ah! Finally, a beautiful day to frolic, riding bicycles and having a picnic in the park.

It’s a good day today, she hums to herself, rousing the boys from their computer games to assemble the items for an outdoor foray.

The rumble of Thunder, gives pause to her delight and true to type, the fickle weather has changed it’s mind.

We shall just have to have this picnic in the living room she mutters in deflation.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Image credit: Pixabay.com

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Make The Most Of It!…


Sometimes, our approach to everything is a case of mind over matter especially when it comes to weather issues that we have no control over.

To an extent it might be true that peoples moods are highly affected by the weather, maybe there might even be a scientific explanation for this.

However, I maintain that since we have absolutely no control over sultry summer heats or bitter winter chills, we can only exercise control over how we choose to react to either situation.

Each season has it’s beauty, even the harsh seasons like Winter which comes with a lot of challenges, dampness and grayness.

Nonetheless, if we choose to look at things with the attitude of acceptance and positivity, it will also elevate our mind and change our altitude, that we will begin to actively seek ways to make that period pass more pleasurably.

There is no point in wasting a good couple of months sitting in the doldrums of misery, for a situation that cannot be changed. It is a case of Lord give me the grace to accept and endure the things that I cannot change.

When we moved to Dubai in July, the heat was second to none.

It sweltered so badly that one would have surely suffered from heatstroke from being out in such fiery heat.

We simply adjusted and found ways of keeping out of the heat, living and hydrating.

Now the temperature has cooled sufficiently and the weather is absolutely divine.

I intend to wring out every moment of it to the best of my ability whilst it last because, who knows what Madam Winter has to offer next time around.

My little ditty might make you catch a cold but will put a smile on your face.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikochafunny winter

The Daily Post prompt Climate Control

The idea that the weather and people’s moods are connected is quite old. Do you agree? If yes, how does the weather affect your mood?

Image credit: Pinterest/funny2014.com


Spring Burst…

With all the troublesome things jumping and nipping at your heels and begging for attention,

When was the last time you unveiled your inner mind to the splendor of nature that surrounds you wherever you are?

Achieving such feat of inner peace may seem far fetched with the constant deluge of horrendous happenings occurring at such rapid pace.

Its almost impossible to keep up and it seems to have our heads spinning in an unending tizzy.

Today has been one of those days. Between the constant alert of anticipated flash flood in neighboring counties and watching the mangled bits and pieces of the derailed Amtrak train; the faces of loss, pain and grief; I had to pause to ask myself..

If this were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am doing now?

What matters most in my life?

Am I holding on to somethings that I should let go of right now?

What am I doing about those things that matter most in my life?

Thus continued the nagging questions in my mind, with no immediate answers at hand.

I mute the television, I take a peek out of the window, I lace up my dirty sneakers and I walk to my favorite park.

The weather is mild and airy. The Earth still wet from the sprinkles of rain shower, which clung to plant leaves and flower petals like a lover reluctant to let go.

Taking those springy steps and inhaling deeply of the fresh earthy smell which is given off by the rain, I try to reconnect with the inner me. I think its a time just to be.

The park maintenance staff are quite engaged, replanting, mowing the grass, pruning and trimming the overgrown shrubbery.

The beautiful arrays of blooming flowers are indeed a good sight to cheer up a dampened spirit.

The fragrant mixed blend of fresh cut shrubs, of flowers and turned wet soil assailed my nostrils in a very pleasant manner.

I chat randomly with one of the workers, asking some questions about the plants. He was very willing to part with his knowledge at a little cost of a simple hello.

I decided there and then to try my hands at gardening. Who knows? I might turn out to have green fingers. Besides, I hear that there is something refreshing about nurturing a plant and seeing it grow.

I see the cautious old lady and her little dog. She offered a smile as we cross each other on the second turn across the park.

I take note of the much older gentleman who slowly sprints past me; I must be as slow as a slug,

I watch the squirrels darting back and forth in careless abandon,

I observe firsthand a bird fighting a poor squiggly earthworm to the finish,

I listen briefly as I pass a young mother pushing her little ones in a double buggy, she was humming a tune,

A sliver of sun breaks through the clouds, as I make my way back to the house,

Its a good day, I said to myself.

I am just happy to be.