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Dear Madam Winter….

Snow goddess

Dear Madam Winter,

An appeal to your Bitter, Blustery Highness,
As your Icicled fingers of Frigid coldness,
Begins to drift in and it gets drafty,
Could we appeal to your Foggy, Frostbitten senses?
Could your Frozen Flurries and Freezing Rain be few?
We spend tons on Flus, Flannels and the Fireplace too!
Heating our Hearths to halt Hypothermia!
Expensive jackets, gloves, leggings, woolly mittens, caps, scarves and socks,
Long-Johns, Overcoats, Parkas and the entire shindig, cost a huge packet too!
White Christmas, Snowman and Ice skating is nice we know,
But Ma’am, we could do without your,
Foggy Overcast which forebodes Ice-storms and Hails!
We could survive without your Slippery Black Ice too!
We Turn Blue from the Huge Heaps of Knee-deep Snow on our doorsteps,
Where we are forced to Seek Cozy Comfort, to Bundle, to Hibernate and indulge in,
Copious cups of hot chocolate and Warm Soup,
Until your Dreary Frozen Highness,
Thaws from the Fingers of the Warming Sun!
Please, Your Frostbitten Excellency,
Do not get gusty and nip at my Chimney in annoyance,
I simply utter a shivery request!
Thank you, Your Chilliness.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In fulfillment of Writing 201 Poetry Day 9: Cold, Concrete Poetry, Epistrophe/Anaphora

Image courtesy: Pinterest


71 thoughts on “Dear Madam Winter….

  1. I’ve been reading these nice “cold” poems with a question in mind. How did she do that! Same for you. How do you think up these things? And, when you think them up, how do you do it? Those questions are not really for you to answer, but they are to let you know I certainly admire your creativity and ability. Nice work.

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      1. For now you have escaped the cold in Dubai ? I’d say that’s lucky but I am better at withstanding the cold in Canada than extreme heat. Anyway, you have a good day too!

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  2. Yes, I’m shivering, too! Well-done, Jacqueline! I loved these lines:
    “Please, Your Frostbitten Excellency,
    Do not get gusty and nip at my Chimney in annoyance,
    I simply utter a shivery request!
    Thank you, Your Chilliness.”

    So full of gentle humor and sweetness!

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  3. It is a scene from a fairytale or animation and Your Royal Chilliness is king. There is a case of the extra cold and you are writing to him to ask leniency. You were advised to sell to him to him, how cold it is, so he could think and do think Your Royal Highness would think because heck you appealed to my senses…Sorry I got carried away.

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  4. Oh that is deliciously good. Especially since I am no longer being held hostage by an upcoming exorbitant winter fuel bill!


  5. Those gifs were so enticing to my son. He he he! So christmassy and charming! And wow just wow the words pouring out of your mind. You might just make me love winter even though I really don’t like it when it gets so cold.

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