How Do You Heal A Heartsick Heart?…….HELP me!


I know all that I want to say;

There are drafts, lots of them;

The words are not lacking at all;

The ideas are bounteous and overflowing;

Yet I have no words to say anything;

Because I am heartsick!

How do you heal a sick heart?

How do I get my happy again?

I know the words in my treasured Bible;

I know that they comfort me;

I ask for a silver lining in this dark cloud;

But I see nothing; not yet at least;

Is it under my bed?

Maybe I should take a look!

Is it in a bottle?

I have no head for such!

Is it in prayers?

A heavy heart, all I do is sigh!

In the pages of a book?

My drifting mind goes here and there!

Where is it?

But still my heart sickens within me;

I feel empty like a hollow drum;

And I hate to feel this way;

Or to have a pity party;

It is said that time heals;

I think time just covers the sores;

Of oozing wounds;

But the scar tissues are left behind;

To remind us of the battles behind;

I try all the positive pick me ups;

I do hate to be in the doldrums;

I stuff myself with sugary bites;

Hoping to find some delight;

Yet nothing seems to work!

At least I can try to write the pain away!

How do you heal a heartsick heart?

Does anyone know?

Because this struggle is real!

I am human not machine;

I feel things like every other like me;

Despite the upbeat state of mind;

That I choose to maintain;

Sometimes, the pain is so real

It consumes your entire being;

You cannot seem to think of anything else;

The laughter is forced;

The companionship is wanted and not wanted;

The placation placates and annoys;

Your feelings are all twisted and upside down;

Sometimes, I wish that it is easy to stop feeling;

To become an Island and create a buffer around your heart;

That way you loose no one and you feel nothing;

But that would be a sad waste wouldn’t it?

The struggle is real!

Some may think it is a show of weakness;

To wail and to seek for help;

But I know that I don’t have all the answers;

Neither do I care for toughies who know it all!

Tell me; how do you heal a heartsick heart?

P.S. When the grim reaper deals a blow; Someone must be left grappling with the wicked show!

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

70 thoughts on “How Do You Heal A Heartsick Heart?…….HELP me!

  1. (((hugs))) It’s not weakness…your words are beautiful, raw and real. So many have a heartsick heart…so many need to know they are not alone. You struggle but still manage to share…I don’t believe you have a heartsick heart…I believe you have an inner fire that wants and needs to be set loose. There are people waiting for you. You’re brave to share your need and others will see that and follow suit. Keep writing! xo

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  2. Wish I could sit with you now and “be with” til forever (sigh) and since I am not…instead I’ll have a little talk with One I know who’s heart broke to be with you and bring some Gilead balm, hes my tear catcher, too. *)

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    • ((Hugs)) knowing that you are there and your supportive words go a very long way. That is what these relationships does for me. Surrounds me with beautiful people who have large hearts filled with generous thoughts. I do appreciate your words. They are soothing.

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  3. I do not have the answer,neither do i know it all(sighs) but I know someone who knows it all,when you cry dear one,makes him cry too.Cause he feels what you ‘re feeling-The burden bearer is always with you,darling! Remember “this”too shall pass,and you will be able to comfort someone else feeling heartsick. loving thoughts from my heart to yours,Sis. πŸ™‚

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  4. Jacqueline, I hope the healing will follow the heart sickness soon. As you say the scars are there but I hope as the worst past you can find something that helps soothe the way. Seeking help seems to be a very under rated strength to me! I hope you seek it and find it!

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  5. Oh my goodness, this gave me goosebumps. I feel your pain and wish I could hug you so tight and pass on the comfort that i have found after a long long time of suffering. I’m not going to be a know it all toughie either. Because no one person knows anything about another souls suffering. I do know this though…. You are already on the road to healing your sick heart, because you are seeking a way. You can only seek when you know you can heal. Your heart knows and will guide you. Look out for syncronisities in your life, they will lead you to your better place. Don’t rush though, and don’t be hard on your self. Feel the pain, acknowledge it and write write write. You have a whole community here full of support and admiration.

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  6. I badly want to hug you now, Jacq. 😦 But you are BRAVE! Because you have shared this to us. You may be sick but you can still such a very well written piece. πŸ™‚ Stand up my dear. You can do it. Claim healing. πŸ™‚ You have a lot of supporters/friends in us!

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  7. Thanks for sharing your poem, power, and praise. God gives and God takes away. I so needed to read the words in this post and in the comments. When there is true emotion it will feel as if a person is drowning. I don’t feel so alone this morning. Thank-You for sharing your heart sickness. It resounds knowing I am not the only one on Earth feeling such heartfelt pains.

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    • Dear Tracey, thank you for visiting and your comments. My blog is mine but primarily to serve as a source in uplifting those who chance to come across it. Yes indeed, the Lord gives and takes at his time and who am I to question. May you find healing and peace as well as I and do take care of yourself. Regards.


  8. At times like this, I think getting a kitten or puppy will help. Or even a goldfish– something to name, love and care for. When the pain is raw, though, just getting up and getting dressed and ready for the day is a challenge, I know, and I’m sorry you’re sad.

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  9. I’m sorry to hear your heart hurts. You were still able to beautifully write about the pain we feel in life struggles. Think of me as that friend who sits by your side not having to talk, just being there, although I wish I could in person. I pray you feel back to yourself soon.

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  10. Your heart ache has been in my thoughts as I consider my own pain.
    I can share what we ultimately did to soothe our aching heart. It still is not healed and will forever walk with a limp. So between the two of us, we grappled around and found a way to massage our pain.
    My husband bought 2 long stem roses; we drove to the beach/shore. En route, I found a CD that was created with by a long time pastor’s wife from my youth. She had met my grandmother during the visits and at our wedding. It’s strictly piano, I put it in the player in silence as the music started I recalled watching her hands landing the keys, resonating my heart. As I recognized the song, it was β€œin His Time.” My soul wrestled with the words that I knew went to the song.
    Once at the beach, we walked to the pier, in silence and lightly tossed the roses into the salty sea.
    That was five years ago, we now have a place to visit memory and toast her with our tears.
    If I could only download to your page, the memories and years so that you could love her deeply as I did. When my dear grandmother died; she was 100 years young, she had it set so that she was buried within 7 days. I was livid. Financial resources and time precluded my husband and me from flying across country to attend her memorial and burial. Researchers say that the memorials are for the survivors.

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