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Satisfaction Guaranteed…

Before I dabbled into photography, I never knew that I would find such delight standing behind the lens instead of in front of them. It almost feels like a meditative prayer capturing images. It simply feeds my eye’s and my soul. Jacqueline

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Life is teaching me that I don’t need expensive treats to find deep satisfaction. Satisfaction comes from the cheap little thrills of life like a beautiful day, the happy laughter of a child, a pretty flower, a meaningful conversation, a well-deserved cup of brew, a good read etc.

There were times that it was hard to feel satisfaction. Times when raw pain made me wonder if the bleakness would ever lift off, but through writing, I find unquantifiable satisfaction.

It, therefore, goes as no surprise to say that seeing my books in print gives me pure pleasure.

My Latest Literary Accomplishment

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Daily Post – Satisfaction

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The Daily Post

Wispy clouds of perfection…


May we not strive for perfection,
for we shall break our backs

In pursuit of such elusive dreams,
we simply break our hearts

for perfection can never be caught,
no matter how hard it is sought

for like fine wisps of cloud,
they melt or move beyond our sights

leaving yawns of dissatisfaction behind,
or sending us on endless quests in our mind.

May we strive for greater purpose,
for contentment is awesome

for satisfaction is a comfortable bed to lay on,
with peace a priceless joy to know.


© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Below is my first just published Poetry Book ‚ÄúOut of the silent breath‚ÄĚ which is available on¬†Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.


I absolutely love this book of poems. My favorites are “Love Rations” (for those who love to give the silent treatment) and “Beggars Supper” (which definitely pulls at the heart strings). Two thumbs up!!

Out of the silent breath

Midnight motivation and musings

Midnight Motivations and Musings # 82


How do you feel when you stay on course with those thing’s that you set out to do?

Naturally we feel a wholesome satisfaction, elation and motivated.

Good results inspire us to keep striving for repeats while negative results drag us down.

We are imperfect and sometimes we fall short in focusing on those things that are best for us, but the important thing is not to let our focus deplete to such an extent that we have to start anew each time.

Discipline builds and becomes part of one’s¬†character.

©Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Below is my first just published Poetry Book ‚ÄúOut of the silent breath‚ÄĚ which is available on¬†Amazon and Smashwords.

When you buy my book, you support me in an invaluable manner.

Out of the silent breath

Never leave me lonely on these shores

Where no one knows me

Where I stare at strange forms

Trying to find you somewhere there in their midst.

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A Song Of The Taste Buds… Stream of consciousness Saturday

Food. Yes. It is one thing that we all partake of throughout our lives. It evokes a whole lot of good feelings and memories in most of us.

It is used to celebrate virtually every form of congregation known to man and as a former food business owner, it is a very profitable business, but also a slave master that requires so much work to produce a piece of delicacy that is consumed in a bite.

As though¬†Linda¬†is aware of my last night’s secrets of eating a little more helping from the buffet, with the prompt word ‘Food,’ I might as well confess and write the thoughts that I had when my eyes beheld the arrays of edible brilliance.

The Song Of My Taste BudsSoCS badge 2015

The flowing fountain of chocolate

The decadent slices of creme brulee, creamy cakes and buttery cups of cream caramel

The offerings of fish dishes, pan-fried, battered, deep-fried baked or barbecued,

They all seemed, fluffy and delicious, asking for a taste.

Rice in such designs, from vegetable, to plain, to white, to curry, it’s all nice

The sauteed meats and the not so laughing cow

Giant shrimps and huge prawns with beady eyes,

The crabs claws looks set to give the fingers a pinch

The steam rising from the chaffing dishes,

Disseminating the flavourful aroma of dishes a plenty

Mashed potatoes to go with black pepper sauce

Artichokes, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Lettuce and so much more

Pot roast, meatloaf, clam chowders oh my

All the drool inducing platters

An orchestra to ravenous appetite

The soft music plays on as we rotate round the food circle

A bite, a sip of drink and laughter

The elation on the faces of the consumers, says it all

The conviviality in the air

Our senses all dancing to the beat of our stomach

And the siren call of the food platter.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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How Complete Do You Feel?…

1447768353272[1]As the days go by, I have truly realized that contentment and peace are not items that can be borrowed, purchased or stolen.

No amount of prosperity or material gains can put something in a soul that is derelict or lacking and no other human is responsible for my happiness but myself.

One can aim to attain the satisfaction of living a complete life from within themselves and not from without.

Personally, I don’t tie the state of my well-being to anything that lacks intrinsic value outside myself and God.

It is a continuous pursuit for me and I strive to achieve this state of being by:

  • Trying to understand myself and what truly makes me happy.
  • Staying in tune with my responsibility.
  • Seeking enabling ways to free my mind and de-stress.
  • Finding positive things to do.
  • Strengthening my health and finances.
  • Extending kindness to others.
  • Pursuing my passion and interests.
  • Maintaining good relationships.

Keeping my life simple and trying not to worry as much about things that are not within my power to change but doing my absolute best to change those that are within my line of sight and control.

With all these things on a balanced scale, I feel excited and alive, knowing that each day, I give life my best shot because tomorrow is not guaranteed anyone.

I cannot afford to extend the promise of living and feeling as complete as I can in expectation of  events which are merely temporal and may never arise.

Traveling to see new places, buying the little niceties that I can afford to buy are just toppings on a life to be savoured.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to NaBloPoMo prompt Tuesday, November 17

What is one place you need to see to feel like your life is complete?

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LUST at first SIGHT..


Thrumming heart beats, with butterflies in stomach pits,

Entangled in the first kiss,

It’s simply sweet bliss,

Hurtling off to the bed sheets,

A hurry to meet,

It’s a tangle of feet.

The ardour cools off and off goes the heat,

They sigh and ponder, where is the love beat?

Off to search for the next hit,

Becomes a habit,

To satisfy the hungry lust,

Seems to be a must,

Failing to realize

That lust

Is just




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Passion in Hope…

all is not lost

A new day and renewed hope.

Hope, that little voice that says maybe,

Even when everything says maybe not.

Work with hopeful passion and you will gain momentum.

Work only for money, you gain tedium and you wear thin.

As you step into another new week,

Search out for the silver linings even in the dark clouds,

The hope that burgeons in your heart,

is your beacon that points you to your prosperity.

Remember that prosperity has a different meaning,

From one person to the other,

Prosperity is not only dependent on how much you made,

But equally measured by the satisfaction that you gained.

Be at peace.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha