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Satisfaction Guaranteed…

Before I dabbled into photography, I never knew that I would find such delight standing behind the lens instead of in front of them. It almost feels like a meditative prayer capturing images. It simply feeds my eye’s and my soul. Jacqueline

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Life is teaching me that I don’t need expensive treats to find deep satisfaction. Satisfaction comes from the cheap little thrills of life like a beautiful day, the happy laughter of a child, a pretty flower, a meaningful conversation, a well-deserved cup of brew, a good read etc.

There were times that it was hard to feel satisfaction. Times when raw pain made me wonder if the bleakness would ever lift off, but through writing, I find unquantifiable satisfaction.

It, therefore, goes as no surprise to say that seeing my books in print gives me pure pleasure.

My Latest Literary Accomplishment

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Daily Post – Satisfaction

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27 thoughts on “Satisfaction Guaranteed…

      1. I was actually anti photography so my “conversion” on that topic fascinates me. In the last year though I’ve learned that one of my father’s hobbies was photography, and my nephew and his wife are both professional photographers. I’ve had next to no contact with my family since 1973 so to find out that we have this in common was major.

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  1. It’s true, nature and animals bring me the greatest peace and pleasure. What a thrill it must be to see your books “children” in print. You are very accomplished Jackie and worthy of feeling such pride!! xo. ☺

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      1. Oh you’re so welcome, my pleasure. Well when you think about it, you did give birth to them, so it’s completely understandable to feel that way. I know I do even about the smallest thing I might write. So to write a book that’s like completing the whole 9 months and then a sweet, bundle of joy is produced. xo 🙂

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  2. right on congrats for getting to this point of publishing ..werkin on it myself awesome 🙂 will save this link an pick up a copy after the 3rd 🙂 smiles across da miles 🙂

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