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LUST at first SIGHT..


Thrumming heart beats, with butterflies in stomach pits,

Entangled in the first kiss,

It’s simply sweet bliss,

Hurtling off to the bed sheets,

A hurry to meet,

It’s a tangle of feet.

The ardour cools off and off goes the heat,

They sigh and ponder, where is the love beat?

Off to search for the next hit,

Becomes a habit,

To satisfy the hungry lust,

Seems to be a must,

Failing to realize

That lust

Is just




38 thoughts on “LUST at first SIGHT..

  1. So true…I think lust is the product of fantasy that can never be satisfied in reality. The man or woman of our dreams simply, doesn’t exist but so many, get lost in chasing that fantasy and never find the joy of a love th

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  2. I may be the only one on here, but I could see a rap on this πŸ˜€ to get the point across to some youngun ya know πŸ˜‰ anywho……that thought hit me as I was reading off one of my poem to the mr (who does Not read my blog, hmmm) and i realized my poem with rhyme was almost rap sorta,kinda, ok thanks for listening…..(cymbal crash) πŸ˜€

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      1. that is funny you should say that…..we were discussing my crazy writing and he said it could be a song we have teased for years …….just need one great hit πŸ˜€

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