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When I Return…

Earth, Sea, Nature, Beautiful, Sunrise, Water, Poetry, Life

When I am done here, I will go
and I will return as everything

The Earth and it’s beautiful, rugged terrain;
majestic mountains, and the quiet hills
valleys, plateaus, forests and the vast desert

I shall be the wind that you feel, but can’t touch
I shall be the gentle and the torrential rain

I will be the air, the billowing clouds that float by
the waters of all corners of the earth
even the puddle that you step in

I will be the eagle that soars the skies
and the dove that coos and the watching owl

I shall be the Whale and the dolphin
the plankton, the seaweed
and the beautiful pearl in the oyster’s shell

I will be the dewdrops gathered on the verdant green
and the pretty, vivid flower blooms

The swift cheetah and the gentle lamb
A kitten and a dog and the rabbit running from the Fox
and yes, I shall be the fox

The pretty blushing maid in her red shoes,
glossy lips and corn rows
casting flirty looks under thick lashes

The handsome dark stranger with mysterious eyes
and the cleft in his chin

The vivacious lady with the laughing eyes
with a loud throaty chuckle
and her big black purse

The friendly, robust neighbour down the corner
who always offers cakes and pies

The mother with a baby suckling at the breast
the suckling child at the mother’s breast
each gurgling in joy at the other

The pebble stones and the grain of sand under your feet
The music that rouses you to dance and stirs your soul

You will see me in the stars, in the skies and in the face of everything,
‘Cos when I am done here, I will go and
I shall return as everything.

© 2017

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

image credit- Pexels

Living Nature

The colour green surrounds us everywhere we look, from the beautiful rich shrubs to my kitchen towel.

It’s a lively colour that speaks of freshness, life, nature, fertility, harmony, new beginnings, and healing.

It is also associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy…take your pick from the list and go green.

Nature, Green

The weather is lovely, the lush green surroundings invite inhabits to while away some time in the neighbourhood park.

Green, Nature, Life, Happy

Here’s my son running around the green grassy field. I remember the softness of the carpet grass ‘cos I went barefoot and the fresh smell of mown grass is in a world of its own.

Room decor, Nature, Life, Green

Little potted plants in corners of the house spruce it up in a lovely, simple way.

Stark and Beautiful…

My main attraction was the young tree that had nothing much to show in the name of leaves caught in-between two richer siblings and I wanted to pay her starkness some attention because I found her beautiful nonetheless.

I simply love the juxtaposition with the building which wasn’t the initial plan.

Nature, Photography, Landscape, Beautiful, Juxtaposition

Building a Nest…

‘Petit à petit, l’oiseau fait son nid.’ Bit by bit the bird makes its’ nest. 

I thought that I would only watch such stuff on National Geographic.

It was my utmost pleasure to spy as intrusively as possible on the little birdie constructing its’ nest.

It’s amazing how dexterous these little ones are.

Now, I regret not making a video.

Against all odds – The Daily Post

bird-in-a-nest, resilience

The Portrait of A Fly

Mundane Monday Challenge is created to find beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple. Find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

Fly, photograph, beauty in mundane things

It kept flitting around me in a pesky manner.

My initial desire to swat it was overtaken by the desire to take its photo.

After a patient wait on the fly, it finally perched on the shadowy wall. Luckily my camera was within reach and I took a quick shot.

After the photo shoots, I didn’t mind its peskiness as much.