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The early morning Sun breaches the sky, cutting the blanket of last night as it heralds a new day.

Taking a walk at 6 a.m this morning and at 39 degrees I know that before 7.30 am The Sun will be blazing with such blinding intensity that will hit the upper 40’s before it’s mid-day.

As we simmer and stew in the heat, I am comforted with the thought that this season of infernal heat is just for a season of several months and that as each night comes, we’ll breathe in respite in the cooler darkness.

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Now, she has been shorn of all her leaf, her bare branches stand bare like a dry ghoulish skeleton stripped of its fat.

A few months ago, she stood rich and burgeoning with greenery but cycling through life, this is the lean time, soon she will experience the new birth of more leafs.

Bare Tree, Photograph, Dry Season, Sparse, Life cycle

We are they going? I have no idea, but they are certainly on their way.

Migratory, Transient, Nomads, Camels


Everything in life is in a transient state




Jewels of Dew Drops

Catching glinting jewels of early morning dew drops

that would disappear just as the sun rises

brings a smile and

a reminder that everything in life is transient.

That those simple things are extraordinary things,

like a tiny dew drop

being a microcosm of an entire ocean.



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