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Together, We Are…Little Lessons From Ants

Lessons from ants, working together, benefits of working together, cooperation, teamwork, nature

Taking a brisk work yesterday morning, I came across a little drama on my path and paused to observe a colony of ant work briskly together to move the dead beetle which must have seemed mammoth-sized in their eyes.

Lessons from ants, working together, benefits of working together, cooperation, teamwork, nature

Several lessons came to my mind from this display of unity:

a. Increased performance: You can’t move that mammoth in your life single-handedly. most times, you need to work in unison with others to achieve major goals.

b. Increased productivity: Working together has assured this colony of good food in their belly for many days to come – I suppose.

c. Knowing more about yourself: collaborating with others helps you to identify your strengths and weak areas and to build on them.

d. Skills development: I could imagine the head of the ant colony giving out instructions as the leader and the others cooperating to get their hustle done – wish I had ears to understand ant whispers 😉

d. Team building and mutual support: no member of the ant team is left hungry. Your journey need not be a solitary one.

As I ruminated on these few points, it buttressed in my mind the fact that every successful person out there enjoyed the support of others. In other for one or a team to excel,  individual members must learn to work well together. They have to be able to put thoughts of their own personal accomplishments aside to work for the benefit of the team which invariably benefits all.

Are there other lessons you can decipher from this act of togetherness?


7 thoughts on “Together, We Are…Little Lessons From Ants

  1. Recently I was rushing to finish a cake order and was really behind with things. I did something I don’t think I have ever done before. I texted my young next door neighbor who had helped me with the previous cake (some details that required a steady hand which I don’t have anymore). I asked if she wasn’t doing anything could she come help me for a few minutes. With her help we got it all done and the client was overjoyed. We took our neighbor and her finance to dinner for helping and got to know them better over good food. So I could add “a sense of community” to the list. This was a great post!

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  2. proverbs 6:6 encourages us to learn from the ants. Team work teaches you how to work hard ,smart and fast. You don’t want to be the one pulling your team members down. Thanks for sharing. Very inspiring.


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