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50 Shades Of Little Things That Make My Heart Glad.

As the days go by, my mind grows more attuned to the simple, little, beautiful sources of my pleasure and I would like to share them with you. These things don’t cost much if they cost anything at all.

Maybe because I’ve had to live life on a shoe string budget for quite some time – due to cutting back on full-time work to take care of my children – yes, some sacrifices are worth it at the end.Happiness, Contentment, Little Things, Joy, Life, Beautiful Things, 50 Shades

I must tell you that it’s tough, tough, tough, not having a steady income, but I’ve also learnt to literally become a minimalist and my sense of deep appreciation for the small things have deepened beyond measure.

I digress. Now to the 50 shades of things that make my heart glad. They are in no particular order.

  1. The cuddle and warmth of a new baby.
  2. The wonderful smell of a new book.
  3. The outlay of books in the library or bookstore.
  4. Office supplies and notepads.
  5. The frisky frolic of a happy puppy, baby animals excluding snakes and other creepy crawlies.
  6. Good music and Saturday mornings.
  7. A well-stocked pantry.
  8. An early morning walks when the air is crisp and fresh.
  9. The sounds of birds chirping. I try to decipher their conversation, unfortunately, I don’t speak chirp.
  10. Watching the sun rise and set.
  11. The tinkling laughter of a child.
  12. The quiet hum of my home in the wee hours of the morning.
  13. A scalp massage from the fingers of a dear one.
  14. Foot rub after a hard day.
  15. A pretty bud and fresh flowers.
  16. The rich smell of coffee and coffee shops. I think I’ll end up owning one 😉
  17. The sound of Beethoven that my husband plays when he’s shaving *don’t ask me why.
  18. An ice cream on a cone on a hot day.
  19. My bare feet planted on the cool floor under my work table.
  20. Singing loudly to myself – though I can barely carry a tune.
  21. The sound of rain.
  22. Smiles. When I make someone smile.
  23. Gazing up at the stars.
  24. Seeing happy people
  25. The smell of freshly cut grass.
  26. Watching my children dance.
  27. Dancing – I love dancing.
  28. Listening to my fave songs on repeat.
  29. Morning mist on untouched plants.
  30. Warm heartfelt hugs, forehead kisses, and deep conversations.
  31. Getting lost in the pages of a book.
  32. Sleeping on my bed or just lying in and lazing there.
  33. Quiet moments to myself.
  34. A nice soak in a warm bubble bath.
  35. Christmas time
  36. Sweets: chocolate, cheesecake, chocolate cake, hot chocolate. I am an unrepentant chocoholic.
  37. Finishing a crossword puzzle
  38. Things that make me laugh.
  39. Tea time with a pretty tea set – sounds silly but it just makes me sigh in contentment.
  40. Pretty candles and meditation.
  41. Cooking and watching others eat it with appreciation. Sharing food with others is filling.
  42. An unexpected gift.
  43. Seeing an elderly couple holding hands 🙂
  44. Freshly washed bed sheets.
  45. Looking at old photos and reminiscing.
  46. Finding bargains
  47. Making friends
  48. Picnics at the park – I can’t wait for the weather to get cooler.
  49. A clean house and family time.
  50. Finishing things on time.

As I wrote this list, I realized I had many more things that I could include, like the warm cup of corn and mushroom soup (homemade) that I’m enjoying right now. I will share the recipe with you in another post.

So tell me, what are your shades of pleasure?


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Shaping The Mind – My Thinking Corner

When our mind is calm, our path looks clearer.

Mind, Inspiration, Thoughts, Shaping The Mind, Quotes, Life Lessons

In truth, when we make joy, prayer, giving thanks and kindness a way of life, we are able to handle life’s troubles with more courage, grace and inner peace that surpasses understanding. We are able to share and uplift those around us from a cup of fruitfulness.

This is not just from the mere standpoint of being a Christain and being in touch with yourself spiritually. Just as the powers of one’s body can be made stronger through gymnastics, exercises and healthy eating, the powers of the mind grow in strength and vigour from the training that it receives.

I can’t count how many times that my mind has strayed to things that don’t edify nor enrich my life, but I’ve also learnt to train it to identify triggers and tell it to stop. It may take time, but it’s possible.

In order to train our minds, we don’t need to wait till we can afford to pay gym subscriptions or for perfect conditions before we can start to practice. The power to transform our circumstance whether good or bad is within our grasp. Start today.


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Declutter Your Life – From Your House to Your Friends

Decluttering your life doesn’t just mean tidying up your home. It can also involve getting more organized, and perhaps removing things from your life that take up too much of your time. By decluttering your life, you can clear your mind and your diary, so you have more time and energy to enjoy things. There’s a lot you can do to achieve your goals, from clearing out some of your stuff to reassessing some of your friendships. You should look at all areas of your life critically to work out what needs to change. Perhaps you might even consider becoming a minimalist to make everything more simple.

Closet, Arranged, Clothes, Declutter, Suits, Tidy


Get Rid of Clothes You Haven’t Worn In a Year

Decluttering the emotional side of your life can be tricky, so most people probably want to start with something straightforward. If you think you have too much stuff, clearing out your wardrobe is a great task, to begin with. It can be hard to let go of some of your clothes and accessories, but you can soon learn to be strict with yourself. Even if you find yourself struggling to let go of something beautiful, think about whether you’ve actually worn it recently. You might have bought it because you loved it, but if you never wear it, there’s no point keeping it just in case the perfect occasion to wear it suddenly arises.

Sell the Books You’ve Never Read or Won’t Read Again

Another simple thing to clear out is your collection of books. Many people have shelves full of books, and maybe a few piles and boxes on top of that too. If you love books, letting go of any of them can be difficult. However, it’s almost guaranteed that you have some books you’ve never read and aren’t likely to. There will also be some you read and didn’t like, and some you thought we passable but that you probably won’t read again. If you want to make some money from your books, you can hurry over to www.buybackexpress.com/sell-books/ to find out how much you might get for them. Unless you have any valuable copies, selling all your books in one go is often the best way to do it.

Digitize Music and Movies

As technology has improved over the years, we’ve gone through lots of different formats for music and movies. From VHS and vinyl records to Netflix and Spotify, we just don’t consume entertainment in the way we used to. If you have a pile of DVDs or CDs that you no longer use, it could be time for them to go. If you want to keep all your music and movies, though, it’s easy enough to digitize them. Once you have them in a digital format, you can get rid of the physical copies by selling or donating them.

Remove Non-functional Items from Your Life

A good way to clear out your home is to think about whether the things you own have a function. If you want to go for a minimalist approach, everything you own should do something practical. Of course, you might not want to get rid of everything that doesn’t have a specific function. Some things are just sentimental items that you keep because they evoke fond memories. However, it’s a good measure to use if you want to remove non-sentimental items. In addition to thinking about an object’s function, you can consider whether you already have something that does the same thing.

To-Do Check List, Declutter, Efficiency, Organised

Stop Wasting Time on Pointless Chores

Decluttering your life should involve freeing up your time too. There are only so many hours in the day, and you don’t want to waste them doing pointless things. Think about some of the chores you do and whether you do them just because “it’s what you do” or if they serve a purpose. For example, making the bed might make your bed look nicer, but what practical purpose does it have, when you’re only going to mess it up again in the evening? Is there really any point in raking leaves from your lawn? Some chores are necessary, but others not so much.

Organize Your Workspace

Both at home and at work, your desk or any other space you work at can get particularly cluttered. You might think that you know where everything is, but a cluttered space can make your work disorganized. It’s hard to think when there’s too much stuff surrounding you, and you could waste precious time trying to find the things you need. If you declutter and get organized, you might be able to work much more efficiently. Start by clearing everything from the top of your desk and from any drawers too. Sort through it all and find a place for everything, throwing out anything you no longer need. You might have some papers you can digitize, instead of keeping them hidden away somewhere.

Get Rid of “Friends” Who Are Too Negative

Another way to take control of your life is to reassess some of your relationships. It’s important to have friends and family around you, but not all relationships are worth saving. Sometimes, you don’t actually get anything positive out of being friends with someone. Even relationships with family members should end in some circumstances. If there’s anyone in your life that only ever seems to be a drain on you, perhaps it’s time to move on. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t help someone who is going through a tough time and might need you more than you need them for a while. But if you’re always the one giving or being put down, it could be a waste of your energy. Think of what you get out of each of your friendships.

Saying No, No, It's Okay To Say No, Declutter


Learn to Say “No”

Managing your time can be difficult, and it’s often harder if you commit yourself to too many things. People who do this can have trouble saying no, so they end up spending their time doing things they don’t really want to do. If this sounds like you, it’s time to learn how to turn people down firmly but politely. It’s important to remember that you’re not obligated to help people, even if sometimes it feels like you are. And you don’t even have to agree to go out with a friend or visit a family member if you don’t want to. Don’t worry too much about being rude. It’s easy to politely turn down a request with “Sorry, I’m busy,” or “Maybe next time,” or perhaps even “I’m not interested, thanks.”

Give Your Life More Structure

If there seems to be too much going on in your life or you always feel disorganized, a bit more structure could help you. Developing a routine can be a good idea to help you be more productive while reducing the amount of chaos it feels like you have in your life. If you want to get on top of everything, making a list of all your commitments and obligations can help you get started. You can then plan out your time, and perhaps think about whether you might be able to drop some of your commitments. Create a weekly calendar or diary to follow and display it somewhere you can easily see it.

Create New Organizational Habits

If you want to make your life less cluttered, just having one big organizing session isn’t going to fix everything. You need to get into better habits if you want everything to stay organized. For example, once you have organized your desk, you should set some rules for what you’re going to do with any important papers from now on. If you’re going to go through your mail, make sure you have enough time to do it and then you know what you’re going to do with different types of letter.

Change Your Approach to Material Items

Once you’ve cleared your home, so there’s less clutter, you need to avoid cluttering it up again. One of the best things you can do is change how you think about material items and each purchase that you make. Before you buy anything, you should ask yourself if you really need it. Much of the time, the answer is that it’s not a necessary purchase, and you might not even end up using it. Rein in your impulse buys and put a bit more consideration into all your purchases.

Keep Up Your Good Habits

Now that you have reassessed your life and home and formed good habits, make sure you don’t fall back to your old tricks. Keep up your new routines and follow the habits you’ve created to keep your life on track. Every now and then, perform another reassessment of what you have in your home, your commitments, and your relationships. Even if you have been paying close attention, you could still find you need to declutter your life again.

Decluttering your life is about more than tidying up. Get organized and stop wasting your time on things that aren’t worth it.

Keeping Your Mojo Throughout All Parenting Difficulties You Might Face

No one said raising children was easy. However, when your child looks at you and tells you they love you throughout your life, you know instinctually that raising children is worth it. However, that’s not to say the positive benefits of being a parent aren’t earned. They’re earned more than any life achievement could be. Climbing Mount Everest can look like a lounging nature trail walk compared to raising a human being to the best of your ability, and hoping they turn out sensibly, wise and happy.



Part of being a great parent is keeping your ‘mojo’ levels up to the point where you can happily steer them through all the difficulties that occur through life. Mojo can be defined as your energy levels, your ability to be open, engaged and magnetic, the ability to go to sleep well and not have to worry too much about your day to day responsibilities because you’re confident you can complete them.

To someone lacking mojo, this can sound too good to be true, and impossible to keep up all the time. That’s true, there’s no way anyone can be happy all of the time, but they can certainly keep a good attitude most of the time.

Here’s how:

Make Time For Recreation

Recreation and taking a break, with or without your children is a big step on the road to sustaining your mojo. You have to keep updated with your social links, make time for silly entertainment, and allow yourself to be an utter goofball around your kids. It’s these moments that make all the ‘admin’ of life worth living, so be sure to keep them numerous.

Release The Burdens On Your Mind

Over time, unfulfilled obligations or life stresses take their toll on your mind, and a low-level feeling of despair can gestate within you because of this. Be sure to try alternative methods around these issues.

For example, if you’re getting divorced, you might like to try divorce by meditation to cool the entire emotionally-charged process. If you have difficulties with your children’s behavior at school, you might like to try and get to the source and root of the issue by visiting child behavioral therapists, as opposed to scolding them and hoping that works. Parenthood is never easy, but it’s twice as difficult with a heavy mind.

Eat Healthily

Eating a healthy diet is an absolute must when fulfilling a job so demanding as being a parent. Your children can take all energetic reserves out of you by the end of the day, and if you’re not giving your body all of the nutrients it deserves, you’re likely to crash sooner rather than later. Be sure to stay on top of healthy eating habits, and you’ll find an extra reserve of energy you never knew you could access.

Parenthood is the hardest job among jobs. Even trained and battle-hardened soldiers will shudder at the thought of raising another human being successful. If you’re doing a relatively good job, well done you! You deserve to be remembered as an incredible parent. Just be sure to stay on top of your health, mentally, physically and spiritually. In doing so, you’ll become an even better figurehead of the family. Good luck!

Roller-coaster and intermissions – #SoCS

Parenting is by far the hardest job that I have ever done in my life. It’s interesting, challenging, full of ups and downs and sadly there’s no one size fit all manual that intercedes to help you wade through this amazing experience.
Sure there are helpful materials out there that one could read for sensible tips and advice, however, the truth is that no two children are the same and their interbehavioural attitudes differ and keep changing as they grow more independent.

This interdependent relationship that involves every human emotion and part of me that I can think of, is one relationship that I can’t even imagine what my life would be without it because our lives are completely intertwined. Sometimes as a parent I am completely overcome with fierce love and pride for my family and at other times I am as mad as ever but learning to handle these things has thought me more than any book will ever teach me. I had no idea before walking into wife-dom and motherhood that I had such deep well of internal patience.

Now, as I write this, in between thinking interesting thoughts of what I want to write, thoughts of what’s for lunch, dinner, tomorrow, a reminder to add toilet duck to the shopping list and to call the school to find out why I have to pay extra for inter-house sports rudely interrupt my train of thinking. My days are continuous roller-coasters with intermissions here and there, but that’s just life.


#SoCS – Inter

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