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…And I Slept Off…


Whatever is it about being out in nature that makes me doze off on my mat after a brief while is a great thing. Does  this happen to you?

Going to the park with the children is pure bliss for me and whilst they frolic, I read and simply doze off to the divine sound of birds chirping, doves cooing, sounds of children’s chatter and laughter…and I wake up feeling renewed, refreshed and full of pleasure and gratitude.

I’m already missing this. The infernal heat of the UAE is slowly creeping up on us. By March, the Sun will turn on its rays in full blast. Anyways, let me get every last dose of natures bounty before it presses the pause button.

I even record the sounds – I have one as long as 20 minutes – to enjoy in the forthcoming months of dryness and heat.

What’s your pleasure?


19 thoughts on “…And I Slept Off…

  1. I’m looking forward to Spring and Summer here in New York. Ready to enjoy the warm weather because winters here are cold, freezing and icy. Ugh! Yuck!! After a while you get cabin fever so being outside is the best remedy. There are many green spaces in New York that folks can enjoy.

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  2. I lay down for a brief rest in the hammock today and woke up two hours later. Heavenly. Hot, hot day with breezes blowing in from the beach and all around and under me, since the hammock was of open-weave cotton net. Sounds of wave, children, bands in the beach cafes down the beach, people passing..Best nap in ages.

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  3. We were in dubai for a quick holiday from 11 to 20 the feb. We havent been on hols since 2012. It was the first time we went in feb otherwise we have gone in jume, july or sept. I dont think i could take the heat of june and july any more. It was a last min quick holiday because mum health became a bit stable, my boss said after march i cant go anywhere for a while because of a project. I wanted to reach out to you to say we where coming, but i decided not to because i really did know how mummy would be. Our days were very slow and easy, because even the heat cant make mummy little body work faster.

    I think it has been over 10 years since our last visit, i dont recognise dubai, it is crazy all the tall building and fly overs. I never knew it could get cold in dubai or super windy. Luckily it didnt rain while we where there.

    Mum always says heat is harder than cold. Currently in the uk we r having the coldest feb ever and it really is tooooo much.. that why our quick visit.

    I fall a sleep anywhere these days, on a crowded tube, on the beach, and if we went to a park i am sure i would fall a sleep there.

    Nice video..

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  4. The rain is about falling on us here, gradually knocking on our doors, except for our road networks, the raining season is always a delight. I love taking a walk with the boys just when the sun is about going down, but it’s been a while since I did that…the little man needs almost every second attention. lol.

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