Madame Cecily…The resident in my head.

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I don’t think I’m very mad,
I just rehearse by talking to myself
and all the other voices
that have taken up residence
inside my head.
I make friends with them.

My latest resident is a mystery,
her name is ‘Madame Cecily.’
She loves dressing in deep rich colours
and laughs a little too loudly.
She’s full of wit and fiery independence,
her purse is full of surprises.

She’s not one for tepid tea
but stiff copious cups of warm brew.
Her caustic tongue makes grown men cry
yet her bosom has put many to rest.
She’s not one to suffer fools
but her humour brings tears to the eyes.

She ran Miss Flighty into a corner
and flirts endlessly with Beau,
told Lady Dampers a few home truths,
and Lord Lugard, she called a bombastic fool.
She told me that I was too eager to please
I certainly wasn’t too pleased with her.

With a twinkle in her mischievous, knowing eyes,
and full lips curved in a naughty smile,
now she sashays down a passage in my head,
humming a ditty and saying unequivocally,
‘Loosen up my dear. Live loud and well darling’
‘Cos life is too short and just a dream.’

© 2018 Jacqueline


To My Recent Follows…

Welcome, Bloggers, Networking, WordPress, Blog, Community, Appreciation

I would like to appreciate all my recent follows of the past few weeks. Forgive my tardiness for failing to do this earlier and for not stopping by to visit and say hello.

I am not that ill-mannered and can only offer the excuse of the deluge of emails, blog posts and duties that besiege me each day. That’s one hazard of blogging and running two blogs, but I am loving it nonetheless.

Now, a proper thank you to you and you and you. In this space, my vision is to keep things positive and warm, to engage and inspire others whenever possible and to build an interactive positive-minded community that hopefully transcends the online blogging community into our various lives.

This community is such a supportive one and in my own little way, I seek ways to create more cohesion in our midst and appreciate those around me. Asides from my regular posts, I have a series ‘featured posts’ where I share weekly posts of others and ‘author zone’ where I spotlight the published work of others.

I also offer guest posts, bloggers interview and partnership opportunities, as well as a recurrent monthly blog party for the purpose of networking and growing. I’ll also mention that I offer a few services that might interest you and you can always shoot me an email through the contact page.

Once again, you are welcome to my house in bloglandia. I look forward to furthering interactions with you and extending an early invitation to the month’s end blog party coming up on Sat/Sun 29/30th of July.

My regards,




2 Years! Time Sure Flies When You Are Having Fun…

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Woah! It’s two years since I started my blogging journey. I was only reminded last night when WordPress sent me a note that my site’s subscription is due for renewal.

Hmm! I had no idea when I started this affair with blogging that I would fall deeply in love with it and stick to it with such tenacity.

I honestly can’t begin to say in specifics how much this affair has made me grow. When I started, I had no iota of an idea what I was getting into – I still remember saying to myself, if the water gets too hot in here, I’ll simply climb out of the tub.

I am enjoying the choppy waters of the blogosphere and I am grateful with all my heart that I answered this call. It infuses me with such satisfaction, most especially friends that I’ve made in this space.

It’s been a wonderful experience and I thank all of you who have been here with me. You are all raising me up to be better than I was yesterday and today.

I truly wish I could have face time with a lot of people that I’ve met here. We would hug like old friends, sit, laugh, share a cocktail and many stories.

I’ll be hosting my monthly blog party this weekend, join me and celebrate.




I Have Lot’s of Space. Will You Partner with Me?

Strategic Partners, Support

A lot of times, we need support from others to get where we need to be and this leads to a mutually benefiting partnership.

Would you consider being my strategic partner?

I am sourcing for blog partners who are interested in renting prime advert space on my sidebar which will be at a very nominal fee and arrangements can be made for convenient durations of 6 months, 1 year…

What are the benefits?

  • It will be a growth focused team effort.
  • A mutually beneficial endeavour.
  • The blog’s logo/URL will be hosted on my sidebar under the title ‘My partners’and a click will take reader’s directly to your site.
  • Regular promoting of partners blog.
  • An interview to introduce you.
  • The possibility of more visibility.
  • As I search for more room for growth, I take you along with me.
  • It will support me to maintain my blog.

So, what do you think? You can reach me through my email: Jacquelineobyikocha@gmail.com

I look forward to working with you.


Guest Posts

Connecting With Susan

Me and My Blog


Body Renovations was born from my lifestyle transformation I underwent 9 years ago, with a focus on body, mind, and heart. It is hard to believe it has been that long already, as it seems like just yesterday I dropped the weight and have maintained it ever since.  
That’s why I know it was a lifestyle change because I changed my way of life and have no intentions of ever going back to the old habits. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days when I struggle with my diet, but I am so much more aware of what my body tells me if I make poor food choices. I define goals every year and I pick an area that I need to focus on. This year it is Nutrition. I’m trying to learn more and incorporate clean eating. 
I successfully transformed my thinking turning the negative thoughts around, to have a positive outlook on life. I began to love myself and life. Then I became more active, walking, hiking, biking, lifting and even learned how to swim at 52 years old! You are never too old, or it is never too late to do anything. If you don’t try you never know what you are missing out on. 
I have been able to throw my medications away, no more blood pressure or cholesterol meds for me. Exercise and diet have made it possible to live medication free! I am sure changing my attitude and thoughts have also made and impact. It’s so easy to allow your mind to stay focused in the negative and play the victim card. You can turn that around by focusing on the good things in life.  
One of my goals last year was to do more writing, someday I want to publish a book. The book idea has been on my goal list for several years, and I start and stop. Since I was stalling out I thought I might need to try a different approach…start smaller….write a blog. I might not post every day, and yes, life gets crazy and steals time from your time to write….but the main thing is to post when I can, don’t let it become a stressor. I don’t feel like writing comes easy for me, so I am working on developing the writer muscle so I will be able to publish a book someday. If you don’t try you never know what you are missing out on.
Sometimes we need to perform a remodel and Body Renovations covers the whole being. Body Renovations

My Motivation

Reading other blogs inspire and motivate me. If I am out on a walk, hike or bike ride I have ideas popping into my head and I think about how I could use that idea to write a blog post. Sometimes I get so excited about a topic and when I sit down to write I get a couple sentences drafted and then nothing! I will stay engage with writing for a while, but when it is evident that I have nothing else to expand on, then I leave it and come back to it another time and find that I can add to it and I have a blog post.


Challenging Moments

The most challenging thing for me with blogging is finding different ways to express myself in my writing. I’m not a natural writer…this is a stretch for me, it’s an opportunity for me to push myself to the edges. When I write, I want to be creative with my writing to draw people in, to influence and inspire small changes that readers can think about and apply in their lives.  
 The other thing is making time to write, as well as reading other blogs. They are so many inspiring writers out there, I didn’t have any idea until I started my blog. People started to follow me after my very first post, that was hard to process, I mean people that didn’t know me liked what I had to say. It started connections, with other bloggers and I have made friends with complete strangers from across the globe. It was our “thought likeness” that brought us together. It was the common bond of love where our paths crossed and we share our comments of support. It is a community where we lift each other up. It is a beautiful thing, this thing called blogging.

A Word To Others

I definitely would encourage everyone to create a blog. It’s a platform to share your passion, and let readers see the depths of your soul. I have found so much inspiration from other bloggers that I follow, and they touch my heart with their ability to draw a picture with their words like an artist painting a picture.
Writing is a way to expand your thinking, to challenge your mind to meet your heart and let your wisdom flow. It is a great way to get in touch with your inner being.
Have fun, release your inner child to guide you to your creativity!
Check out this blog post: Living on the Edge…
I would like to thank you, dear Jacqueline, for this guest interview. I am both humbled and honored for this opportunity. I appreciate your support of fellow bloggers and the love and inspiration that pours from your heart into your writing. You are a blessing to the blogging community!
Love and hugs,

A Quick Thank You


You guys’ rock and you are simply the best blog friends a girl could ask for.

Thank you for honouring my invitation to my blog party. It was absolutely wonderful and fun.

I truly hope that it was worth your time.

For those who were unable to pop in for one reason or the other, here’s the party link.

Please feel free to dive in and find new friends. Let’s keep a date for another bash.

Love y’all.


Guest Posts

Getting To Know Beautiful Carol

Carol, you are a sweet positive minded soul that I’ve been fortunate to connect with in this place. I would like to thank you for all your support, for your beautiful posts infused with wisdom and love. It’s been a pleasure relating with you.

A Bit About Me

Blogger, Interview, Getting to know you

My name is Carol and I am the eldest of seven children. My parents came from the West Indies but I am a UK citizen. Now I’m grateful to God that I live in a democratic country with a stable economy. I appreciate the blessing of being able to worship Him freely, without fear of persecution. I do however wish I lived somewhere more exciting, somewhere exotic, with palm trees, blue skies, balmy seas, and some sunshine. Lots of sunshine! Alas, I must settle instead for the boring gray skies of London.

Now if you saw me with my family and loved ones, particularly at celebrations, you’d probably find me at my most bubbly and jocular. My default nature, however, is quite shy and introverted. I do love to play practical jokes. Many times, I’ve left a non-food item in a biscuit packet, to be discovered by my peckish husband. I smile as I write this because there was a recent incident when I went to help myself to what I thought was the last piece of cake, only to discover that the box held a small onion. Yep! He played me at my own game!

I suppose I’m really a loner and enjoy solitary pastimes such as reading, writing, gardening and brain-training. I also love to travel (sunny climes only) and have enjoyed some wonderful holidays abroad.


Looking back at my life, the achievements of which I’m most proud are:

Blogger Interview, Getting to know you

  • Attending university as a mature student and obtaining my Honours degree in English (literature).
  • Spending approximately 5-6 years as a volunteer editor for a Christian Women’s magazine and overseeing the production of some rather wonderful issues. In fact, the very first one I’d produced as lead editor was said to have been one of the very best in the magazine’s history!
  • Faithfully serving my dearly beloved mother before she passed away in September last year.

Now, this last achievement would perhaps not be meaningful to anyone else but I am proud to have been there for my mother. I loved Mum to bits and miss her so much (Father God, give her a hug for me please).

I am quite handy with a sewing machine, having been taught dressmaking (exceedingly well), by my mother.  When I became unemployed, I started making clothes to order, as well as a few bridesmaids and wedding dresses. This was fine when I lived at home but when I moved out, I couldn’t survive on the income (or lack of it!). And this reminds me of yet another achievement I’m very proud of—I made my own wedding dress.

Work Life

I work for a Human Rights charity that provides support and holistic services to victims of torture. I am an administrator within a team that produces forensic reports for lawyers. These reports assist the victims with their asylum claims.

The statements of torture survivors and the medico-legal reports our doctors prepare, documenting evidence of torture, make for distressing reading. I’ve never really had the stomach for boxing, wrestling, and gratuitously violent films but since working for this charity, I absolutely cannot bear watching these types of entertainment.

After a day at the office, I usually need a dose of comedy to end my evenings. My DVD box set of Friends (a present from my dear hubby), supplies this fix. I have to admit that I’ve become hopelessly addicted!

Why Blog?

Would you believe, I had absolutely no intention of becoming a blogger, or jumping on the social media bandwagon? Negative media coverage about trolls etc convinced me to stay away from all that jazz. Besides, the idea of making virtual friends seemed laughable to me. The only nod I’d made to this was to sign up at LinkedIn.  After all, it was a professional site, so that’s ok, right? I set up my profile but that was basically it. I didn’t join any groups. Didn’t really try to grow my network. Boy, was I foolish!

And if anyone had told me approx 15 months ago that I’d become a blogger, I’d never have believed.  And yet here I am.  The owner of not just one blog but two!

So what caused this change of heart? It was a need to do something for myself. For years and years and years, I’d cherished a dream of becoming a writer. I loved to write and felt I had a gift. And for quite some time, I’d begun to feel like the character in the Bible, who instead of using his talent had buried it.

As already mentioned, I was a part-time carer for my mother and a full-time employee.  I felt my life was slipping by, my time being largely taken up with meeting the needs or demands of others. I was desperate to do something for myself. The only slightly redeeming factor in this scenario, was that over many years I’d been working little by little on a writing project and was close to completing it.

I’d always had a desire to reach out to and encourage women, and believed God’s purpose for my life lay in this direction.  Yet I’d done practically nothing about this. A series of incidents made me realize I had to begin doing something now, or else I could find myself standing before my Maker feeling thoroughly ashamed for wasting the gift I’d been given, for failing to pursue my purpose. I couldn’t afford to waste any more time waiting for circumstances to be ideal.

So, having finally completed my draft manuscript and researched how to self-publish, I discovered that I needed a market. The horror of horrors, experts advised blogging and social media—the very things at which I’d turned up my nose!

I began thinking. How many times have I agonized over the fact that I wasn’t writing regularly? And how many times was I beating myself up for not moving in the direction of my purpose? Instead of waiting for opportunities to come to me, why not make my own opportunities?  Why not start blogging and use this medium as a way to address my two issues of concern? Why not sow this small seed and see how the Lord uses it and watch where it takes me? So here I am!

Now if you are interested in reading how I came to choose the names for my two blogs, you may do so here: https://apurposedrivenachiever.wordpress.com/2016/12/21/whats-in-a-name/.

Blogging – takes hard work and commitment!

What motivates me to continue with blogging? Several things. A desire to improve as a writer. Not wanting to let down my followers and visitors. My need to build a platform.  Then of course, there are my reasons for starting to blog in the first place.

Would I recommend blogging? Absolutely! However, make sure your motive for starting one is not just about numbers and popularity, else you may not last. Make sure you have a passion that drives you otherwise you will not only run out of ideas but also out of steam. And pace yourself. Work out what schedule you can comfortably maintain and don’t feel you need to copy the posting frequency of others. Try to strike a balance between your blogging duties and your personal life.  Blogging is addictive and if you let it, can take over your entire life.

Because of my perfectionist leanings and because life sometimes gets in the way, I don’t post as regularly, as I would like. That’s why I appreciate all readers who honour me with their visits. I particularly appreciate those who leave their comments and likes, since I do work hard and spend a lot of time preparing my posts and these are the only form of feedback I receive.

As previously mentioned, I have two blogs: A Purpose-driven achiever and Women of Warfare! It’s difficult to pick out my favourite posts. The two which I feel will appeal most to creative writers/readers of Jacqueline’s blog are: https://apurposedrivenachiever.wordpress.com/2016/08/25/quit-comparing/

and https://womenofwarfare.wordpress.com/2016/08/01/did-you/.

 For encouragement during difficult times try reading this inspirational post: https://womenofwarfare.wordpress.com/2015/10/11/im-still-standing/.

Or, if you are looking for motivation to pursue your dreams then the following post may be of interest: https://apurposedrivenachiever.wordpress.com/2015/10/29/unlock-your-potential/

I hope you have enjoyed reading this interview and trust the above posts will whet your appetite to explore my blogs further.

Thank you for honouring me with your precious time and thank you dear Jacqueline, for including me amongst your blogger associates and for granting me the opportunity of this guest interview. My first one! Yay!



Blog-hopping · Online Blog Party

Thank You and Your Invitation

Blog Party, Online Networking

To all my new friends (follows) and interactors, thank you for joining me in this space. You are most welcome.

As much as this blog is mine to share my thoughts and what not, I primarily see this place as a community of like-minded friends supporting each other.

This is a friendly zone and once a month we have a shindig to brighten things up a bit.

We meet, greet, mingle, grow our network and shake a leg.

This would be the first meet and greet for this year and you are all invited.

The oldies in the house already know the drill; music, zero calorie online food and drink, chit-chat et cetera.

PARTY TIME – Saturday  28th January – Till Sunday 29th January



Looking forward to seeing you.


Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Cracking the Code – Streams of Consciousness Saturday.

Establishing anything worthwhile can sometimes be a painstaking and frustrating journey.

Having estimated that I would have my self-hosted second blog up and running – and possibly earning extra bucks by now, I still find myself tinkering and blistering the ears of endless widgets and my laptop late into the nights and waking up bleary eyed.socsbadge2016-17

Having a busy daily schedule trying to be an esteemed mother, wife, entrepreneur/worker, serial blogger, writer et al is a demanding routine, that to add the building of a new site on your own where you’ve got to fit in your plug-ins, write the shortcodes, figure out endless links and stuff is enough to deplete Estrogens and give one a sprout full of gray hairs, but the glaring truth is that since I want to eat omelets I’ve got to crack these eggs – no pun intended 😉

Anyhow, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel – it’s doable, so let me get on with my toolbox and cracking the codes 🙂

I wondered where I was going to fit in the prompt ‘est’ in today’s SoCS, but it seems that my struggle over the past few weeks has become useful in a funny way.

Have a great weekend.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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