To My Recent Follows…

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I would like to appreciate all my recent follows of the past few weeks. Forgive my tardiness for failing to do this earlier and for not stopping by to visit and say hello.

I am not that ill-mannered and can only offer the excuse of the deluge of emails, blog posts and duties that besiege me each day. That’s one hazard of blogging and running two blogs, but I am loving it nonetheless.

Now, a proper thank you to you and you and you. In this space, my vision is to keep things positive and warm, to engage and inspire others whenever possible and to build an interactive positive-minded community that hopefully transcends the online blogging community into our various lives.

This community is such a supportive one and in my own little way, I seek ways to create more cohesion in our midst and appreciate those around me. Asides from my regular posts, I have a series ‘featured posts’ where I share weekly posts of others and ‘author zone’ where I spotlight the published work of others.

I also offer guest posts, bloggers interview and partnership opportunities, as well as a recurrent monthly blog party for the purpose of networking and growing. I’ll also mention that I offer a few services that might interest you and you can always shoot me an email through the contact page.

Once again, you are welcome to my house in bloglandia. I look forward to furthering interactions with you and extending an early invitation to the month’s end blog party coming up on Sat/Sun 29/30th of July.

My regards,




8 thoughts on “To My Recent Follows…

  1. is someone thinking of it? Jacque is already doing it. Busy lady. I vouch that you are a lady who strives to be a help to others. Thanks for the ways you have helped me


  2. I knew her when she got going here lol and she is a great cheerleader! Yay Jackie party, maybe just maybe I can pop round saturday…………..


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