The Sound of Silence…

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Divine is the sound of silence

actively, I seek solitude

to hear myself think.


Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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The Dreaded Phone Call…Friday fiction in five sentences.

She was on her way back to town when the call came in, her fingers slackened and the phone slipped, falling on the cobblestones with a thud, but she just couldn’t bend to pick it up as she stood rooted to the spot, her legs too heavy laden to move forward.

Staring unseeingly into the distance, tears filled Ellen’s eyes and brimmed over with a silent scream that tore through her head and her heart shattered in tiny bits.

She always knew that this day was coming, yet she wasn’t braced for it.

That single dreaded call, that she had prayed never to receive finally came.

……And the man died! Head bowed in deep grief, her knees buckled as she sank into bone-wracking wailing; like a wild animal, Ellen’s cry was not a pretty sight. She cried with all her being, but everyone who knew her understood why.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Easy-Peasy Patting Prompt…

Well WP my man,

You seem to be stealing my thoughts and this just about confirms it. The easiest prompt so far in so many days of Sundays.

I have already done some patting on backs a couple of hours ago to two blog-some blokes that have been a a gem of support in blog-land and they so deserve the pat.

There are several others that I enjoy their hospitality in this abode, *sorry ladies* but my mind is thinking only testosterone this evening.

There are two handsome furry Primates My dear Chimp and ChrisA nice bun in a paper baga dashing poet, a a loving young chapa smart writer and a wise gentleman.

Indeed there are so many of these guys and I bet that I will find more like them around.

‘They all deserve a pat on the back, for they are paw-some 😉 ‘

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The Daily Post prompt a pat of the back.

Tell someone you’re proud of just how proud you are.

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Let’s Create A Fine Chain By Sharing The Links…


‘Welcome to all my new follows and friends and Welcome to the click-a-link club.

I appreciate the choice you made in deciding to follow my blog, which I consider as a present.

If you notice, as much as I am a very individually minded person, I am also a very community minded and conscious person. In simple terms, I like people.

In here, I try to have a warm atmosphere that is welcoming for all and I cook in large quantities, because I never know who is coming to tea or dinner.

So, do make yourself comfortable and feel free to say hey anytime.

Are you comfortable now? Good. Now put up your feet on that plump purple cushy foot-rest in the corner and let’s have a quick chat while you get your feet massaged.

My bit of experience of blogging has shown me how grueling it can be, from thinking of content, to content production, to tagging etc, etc and when new bloggers start, it almost seems a daunting task for them.

Nevertheless, this task can be halved and lightened by working smart.

By hanging out in crowds. Don’t be a loner. Get involved in activities happening around you and not only will your blog flourish, but your mind as well.

Going forward, I will be hosting TEA/BRUNCH get together’s once a month and I must tell you, I throw awesome parties.

The last one we had on Valentine’s weekend was fabulous and one should be coming up in March. I want to keep it to once a month so that it doe’s not get too tedious to party hard over a weekend.

However, in between that time, each evening, last thing before I put up my own two feet on my inviting bed, I will feature 5 blogs on my blog.

So here’s the deal, if you have a post that you would like to shed more light on, you can send it this way and I will take it in turns.

For the newbies, don’t be shy, even if it’s just an introduction of yourself, that will do. We all started from somewhere, but then you also have to follow the link and discover the person behind the scene.

That’s my thought. So what’s yours?…

If you are searching for challenges to join you can check this out.

Add your link in your comments if you so choose to do.

Blessed love and warm regards,

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

P.S. In the UAE, the time is at least 9 to 12 hours ahead of the US. So, I am turning in just a bit after you turn up.

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Dear Andrew…

Sybil’s fingers trembles and as she sends the text message to Andy. It’s better this way, because she couldn’t stand to look him in the face and break the news to him.

Hopefully, he would be so mad that he won’t want to see her when he gets into town.

For weeks he talked of how they would get married, so she would return to Pennsylvania with him and she had been joyful.

Now, those dreams are never going to be. It all seems so surreal as she stares into the distance.

She’s loved Andy forever and everyone thought that they would end up together.

How she had ended sleeping with Jason still puzzles her. All she remembers was cuddling up to him as he helped her to the truck. A night out in town, several drinks and she was out like light.

Jason was a good friend to both of them and now this.

She wonders how he would take the news that he is to become a father. There will be ripples in town.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you TJ for the photo and Priceless Joy for this enchanting platform

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We’ve Got Your Back…



All the hullabaloo about Technology will only impress me, when I can download those delicious platters served up online 😉

After turning the house upside down over the weekend, I found a ton of stuff. You will never know what you have, until you spring clean your house. Then you will find all sorts of things that you can’t even recall. Sometimes, in pairs 😉

It’s always lovely to start the week and each day as much as we can with a smile and positive outlook. I find Leannenz Monday memes interesting.

Do have a fruitful and blessed week awesome people.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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A Thousand Deaths…


A Thousand Deaths

I died a thousand times

When you said to me

‘It’s over now’

I carved out my heart

And handed it to you

Wrapped in bows and kisses

Expecting you to know

That to drop my heart

Would cause it to shatter

Fragmented in a million places

But drop it you did.

I died a thousand times

When you died in my arms.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The poem above came to me when I read Lily’s heart rending post I don’t know her in real time. I only read her blog now and again.

The broken pain of her heart reverberated in her words.

How do you condole a woman just bereaved of her loving husband?

Indeed, how do you condole any grieving heart that’s lost a loved one?

You cannot! You are simply there to listen, to offer a leaning support and to help as they find their way.

Every one grieves differently.

There’s no specific order or way to deal with this painful reality that life hands out.

Sometimes all we need is a quiet friend.

For this week, here are a few of the posts that I would like to share with you:

Lily’s Better Half

Hold On from Ronovan Writes.

To television or to tell a vision from Tunisia Jolyn.

Flaws can be adjusted from Joe Cosme.

Personally recommended author services and promotion sites from Smorgasbord.

ABC List from talking to my weight loss Counselor I must chip in here that you should watch out for her inspirations for victory over the scales.

Thank you good people.

My regards.

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Sweet Painful Contractions…Streams of Consciousness Saturday

Contraction! I am doubled over in visceral pain, trying to catch my breath. Now what happened to those breathing exercises, when you need them. I am huffing and puffing, though I don’t resemble the big bad Wolf in any way. SoCS badge 2015

All I feel is the pain that knife’s through me as if my insides would be turned out and I would be rendered to pieces.

It hits again. Another big contraction. In waves, without stopping. I feel battered and almost out of my mind.

This is the labour room and a true definition of the word labour. This is hard work in all it’s beauty, pain and glory. This is nature in one of it’s finest moments. Arrgh!

I want to rise from this infernal bed and run away as fast as I can. As though running away would leave the pain behind.

Nope! This is the real deal. No longer any imitation in the name of Braxton Hicks. He is ready to say ‘Hello Mama‘ and I can’t wait to see him as well, that is if these contractions don’t kill me first.

I try not to swear as a bear down. I wouldn’t like the first words my baby gets to hear from me to be; ‘Damn Contractions!’

Well that was fun to write. Linda thank you for taking me down memory lane with your prompt. I couldn’t think of anything else once I saw the word ‘contraction.’

Have a lovely weekend good people.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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The Last Confessions…Friday fiction in five sentences.

Odette’s body shook uncontrollably as she blindly read and re-read the note; a dying man’s last confessions and her tears brimmed over.

She had always known and believed that Joshua was innocent, but no one else believed him and justice jailed him on circumstantial evidence.

They had been too poor to hire a good lawyer and had to rely on the States miserable representation, which had been a pitiful fulfillment of obligation.

Now this! A note exonerating her husband after so many years of misery and when it was too late, since Joshua died in prison, a broken man.

In a desperate need to take a long walk, she left the note on the old wooden table, picked up her shawl and stepped out into the bitter-cold.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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We ARE 1,000 and Counting…

1000 follows

I received this badge several days ago and after doing a jig and a wiggle of the waist dancing, I made myself a homemade cup of Caramel Macchiato to drink to my health and yours, then I filed it away to mull over it for a little bit.

I didn’t get here all by myself, but I got here through all of you and it’s to all of you that I raised my mug.

A MILESTONE! Yup! That’s what it is and it’s been a jolly good ride.

When I started blogging 9 months ago, I started without expectations and now I feel like I am pregnant with so many expectations.

Each day, the building blocks of my mind gets firmer and my aspirations more refined that I am able to see many doorways opening up.

When I started blogging I thought I would just write my mind and maybe occasionally, some person will stop by and say hello, but to my amazement and I still stand amazed each day, I see so many faces stopping by to say hello.

I had told myself at the very onset that I am doing this first for me and to never lose focus of that by running after things that are simply peripheral.

However, if truth be told, I also told myself that there will come a time, when a labourer should have some just reward for his/her efforts.

I am actively searching for ways for my labour to earn something and as a way of marking this milestone, I am going to apply for WordPress to add WordAds to my site and I will also explore the affiliate marketing programs to find what would suit me.

I will definitely keep you informed on what my learning lessons are and the benefits as well.

I have always believed that when we share resources, we only get better and when you lift others, you equally rise along with them.

To Our Sustained Growth. Thank you for helping me to grow.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha