A Thousand Deaths…


A Thousand Deaths

I died a thousand times

When you said to me

‘It’s over now’

I carved out my heart

And handed it to you

Wrapped in bows and kisses

Expecting you to know

That to drop my heart

Would cause it to shatter

Fragmented in a million places

But drop it you did.

I died a thousand times

When you died in my arms.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

The poem above came to me when I read Lily’s heart rending post I don’t know her in real time. I only read her blog now and again.

The broken pain of her heart reverberated in her words.

How do you condole a woman just bereaved of her loving husband?

Indeed, how do you condole any grieving heart that’s lost a loved one?

You cannot! You are simply there to listen, to offer a leaning support and to help as they find their way.

Every one grieves differently.

There’s no specific order or way to deal with this painful reality that life hands out.

Sometimes all we need is a quiet friend.

For this week, here are a few of the posts that I would like to share with you:

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ABC List from talking to my weight loss Counselor I must chip in here that you should watch out for her inspirations for victory over the scales.

Thank you good people.

My regards.

28 thoughts on “A Thousand Deaths…

  1. Annette had a nice post just before Valentines day on an 82 year old who had lost his wife. The wonder is that we are here at all, and the blessing that we had them for a while. The glass is half full, and of course we can never appreciate the moments when we are living them. St. Augustine, late in his City of God book, writes of the Book of Life. It is quite possible that the moments that touch the immortal soul (?) are eternal, as if written in the Book of Life, and that this is part of the wonders in store.

    Nice poem! You are brightening the days of many, and more and more!

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  2. Indeed, how do you console a grieving heart that you’ve never met? I don’t know. All you can do is try and be there in spirit and action. Thank you for sharing those posts and your poetry.


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