Taking Care Of Your Footsies: Advice To Live By

If there is one area of the body that a large number of people make the mistake of failing to give enough TLC too, it’s the feet. For one reason or another, often our feet don’t get the care that they require to remain healthy, which can lead to a range of problems, from dry, sore feet to cracked heels and ingrowing toenails.

The issue is that a lot of women don’t know how to look after their feet properly, which can lead to a lack of proper foot care. The good news is that foot care isn’t something that it’s hard to do, it’s just a case of knowing what steps to take when it comes to giving your footsies the best care possible.

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Bearing that in mind, below are some foot care tips that foot models swear by. To keep your feet in better condition have a read of this and implement the below tips in your daily beauty and healthcare regimes. (Your feet will look and feel better for it, and they will be healthier too!)

Buy quality footwear

One of the most important things that you can do to keep your feet healthy is to buy quality footwear. The more you are on your feet each day, the more essential high-quality footwear becomes. What you want to do is research the best quality footwear and use resources like to learn more about foot health and what it takes to make smart footwear choices. If you can’t afford to spend a large sum of money on footwear or you have footwear that isn’t comfortable, the best thing to do is buy quality insoles or gel pads for your shoes. This way your feet are still getting quality support but without you having to buy new shoes.

Wash your feet properly

Feet that aren’t washed properly are prone to all kinds of problems, including athlete’s foot and other forms of food fungus. To prevent your feet from developing these kinds of conditions, ensure that you wash your feet once a day with hot water and soap and follow by drying them entirely with a clean towel. Don’t wear your trainers when damp and ensure that you always air them out after use – this helps to prevent the risk of athlete’s foot. Never wear your trainers without socks, always put on a pair of clean, cotton socks before wearing them.

Exfoliate twice a week

If you want to avoid painful cracked heels and dry feet, it’s essential that you exfoliate your feet at least twice a week. There are various foot scrubs that you can choose from, but normally a pumice stone tends to work better as these provide a more coarse surface to exfoliate with, removing more dead and dry skin than a foot scrub could do. The electronic dry skin removal machines are also great, but these are far more expensive.

Moisturise every day

Your feet are no different to the rest of your body, they require just as much moisturisation as any other body part, if not more. That’s why it’s important that you moisturise your feet once a day with a rich foot cream – the best creams to use are shea butter or argan oil-based foot creams as these provide an exceedingly high level of hydration.

There you have it, a guide to giving your feet all of the TLC that they need to remain healthy.

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The Real Meaning Behind Working Hard

People all over the world will tell you that “working hard” is a piece of advice to take with a grain of salt. It’s not exactly clear why they think that (and sometimes they fail to understand it themselves) so let’s take a dive into the meaning of working hard and why everyone should do it – at least to a certain extent.

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Having Endurance

Hard work doesn’t just mean putting in a little effort to reach your goals. Hard work means enduring a journey of effort, pain and occasionally misfortune. It’s all about having that endurance to keep working hard throughout your life and never giving up.

It’s one of the most desirable qualities in people. Having that endurance to keep on working longer than others will put you at an advantage and ultimately make you more successful than others. If success is measured in the amount of time you put into something, then those with more endurance can ultimately last longer.

However, it doesn’t mean pushing yourself to a point where you physically collapse. There are some people that are perfectly capable of working long hours and putting in more effort, and it’s ultimately down to how much pleasure you get from putting in an extra effort and going the extra mile to see better results than people who are lazy and have put less time into their dreams.

You Define Hard Work

You’ll occasionally see hypocrites telling you that hard work is X or Y, and they’ll say that their definition of hard work is the be-all-end-all. However, you’ll find that they rarely ever meet their requirements of “hard work” and they’re just blowing steam.

Don’t listen to these types of people. You will define hard work by your own measurements. Some people consider it working themselves until they’re physically tired, while others consider it completing a task with plenty of time left to spare. Entrepreneurs might consider hard work to be making more profit than their projected numbers, and artists might consider hard work as being able to stay consistent.

Define hard work yourself–don’t let someone do it for you.

The Problem with Overworking

One of the reasons why people say that hard work is bad is due to overworking. If you find that you’re never given a break and that your employer is constantly pushing you, then this lawyer here can help you get a break before you injure yourself. The idea is to constantly try and push your limits so you can discover what you’re really capable of, but you should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t overwork yourself to the point you’re hurting your body and mind.

Hard work is important and it carries a different meaning from person to person. However, you need to remember to always take breaks and let yourself relax both physically and mentally. Hard work and success are long-term marathons that take endurance, not sprints that are over in a few seconds!

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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 24

I am ready to prosper beyond my expectations. I am worthy of a positive cash flow and I break the chains of every mental, spiritual, physical, emotional resistance to attracting financial growth. Jacqueline

A lot of artists/writers/bloggers feel uncomfortable and embarassed about addressing the money issue and their material needs. They think that wanting to earn more than a pittance makes them less authentic. Well, the truth is that whether you are authentic or not, we all have bills to pay and if you don’t take care of the financial side of your existence, these bills will surely give you a rude awakening.

Of course, most of us do what we do for the love of doing it, but it’s certainly okay for your passion to grow from just being a hobby to an incredible pipeline of sustainable income. Be fruitful and multiply.

Quote Bob Proctor

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I love this quote from yesterday:

DancingPalmTrees: Speaking of being fruitful today on a somewhat cloudy Caturday Saturday I spent time at the local neighborhood community garden. The Phoenix Community Garden is a lovely way to spend an hour or so. The Senior Citizens and Retirees who maintain the garden do an excellent job of growing food and flowers.
I took lots of photos which are posted on My Photography Blog Roaming Urban Gypsy. It became a 7 part series! Of course I also spent time enjoying the garden in my own backyard.
Time spent in gardens and nature is time well spent!

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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 21

I am on the cusp of my breakthroughs. I stand strong and unwavering in my self-belief ‘cos I know that even when there are a 1,000 no’s, The Waymaker will create a path to ‘yes’ for me. Jacqueline

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I love this awesome testimony:

DancingPalmTrees: God is slowly but surely enlarging my Coast/Territory by opening up the doors of opportunity to exhibit my paintings and Mixed Media Photo Picture Collages. Gradually I’m making inroads. Hallelujah!

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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 20

My coast enlarges day by day. I am making the world around me a better place by doing the things that I choose to do every day with joy, calmness, patience and love. Jacqueline

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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 18

I am a miracle of life. I am born for a purpose. I am purpose-driven. My days will be long and satisfying.

As commonplace as human life may seem because we are 7 billion and counting – other living things excluded – every single one of us is a miracle of life. Every single one of us is chosen.

I love these quotes from yesterday:

DancingPalmTrees: Perfect Love drives out fear based hate. If we were truly perfected in Love immigrants and refugees families would not be ripped apart and the children placed in detention camps. Bible scriptures should never be used to justify hate, racism, bigotry or discrimination.

ChattyKerry: I am an astonishingly strong woman who persists in the face of chronic illness. I am kind, loving, thoughtful and work well in a team.

Bernadette: Creativity is a wondrous gift and one that has no expiration date. Annika Perry

Ageofaquariusweb: When I count all that I have, I have more than I have not. MAYA ANGELOU

Thoughtsnlifeblog: I am a strong powerful soul. I am fearless and capable. I am peace and in peace I am strong.

JanMalique: The very centre of your heart is where life begins – the most beautiful place in Earth. Rumi

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What About You? Affirmation Challenge Day 17

I am much more than I give myself credit for. I am a masterpiece of a fabulous whole. I’m a chosen treasure. Jacqueline

Many people struggle with appreciating who they are because they feel that ‘they are not good enough.’ Many find it difficult to make open affirmative declarations about themselves and as a matter of observation, a whole lot of people feel embarrassed to do so because it would be classified as being immodest and vanity. Self-love is the first form of love and keeping your sanity.

The truth is that you are short-changing yourself by not accepting in totally all that you are and meant to be. You are doing no one anyone favours by belittling yourself, but actually doing yourself a whole lot of disservice.

I love these quotes from yesterday:

Bernadette: ‘A daughter needs a dad to be the standard against which she will judge all men.’

Mandibelle16: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
― Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

You can’t beat this quote with many, the quintessential speech of with the hope of a modern multicultural America, by Dr. King, encouraging people to rid the U.S of racism against African-Americans. Also, I think he speaks to us no w other cultlural divides and moments of discrimination and prejudice in any society or culture. Darkness and hate will only amplify these evils but love and light is a way forward through benevolence. He speaks to everyone in the twentieth and in the Twenty-first century, to overcoming racial inequality and the judgement of others. To love despite certain predispositions to spout hate.

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