In A Nutshell…3

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If we could get back all the time lost worrying about things beyond our control we would be so rich in time. 


In A Nutshell…2

Your present circumstances don’t dictate your destination. They only serve as your departure point. Keep walking through them.

Get OUT of My Bed! You’re Such A Poor Lover!

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Depression wants to sleep with me tonight
but I ain’t having none of that!

I told him that I don’t cheat on Peace
‘cos he brings me Joy, Harmony, Balance
and lots of untold goodies.

I told him that he’s such a poor lover
who leaves me all wound up,
empty and downcast.

That our tumultuous relationship
has me faking orgasmic satisfaction
and that has simply been a lie.

I kicked him out into the cold night
and wedged the door tight with a chair under the lock.

He sulked and begged and cajoled to be let back in
he even promised to be more gentle in his loving
but I ain’t having none of that.

I have listened to his sleek lies in the past
when he used me and put up his feet by the fireplace
having a good smoke while I cried my eye’s raw and my heart bled.

I told him that he’s a Baboon
and he’s not going to get more handsome soon.

His spots are embedded in his thick skin and
can’t be washed off with soap.

I quickly called Peace on speed dial though it was late,
even the birds had gone to roost
but I had to so as not to cave into Depressions whiny voice.

Knowing Peace, he’s such a good guy
he answered once he saw my repeated calls.

He called his companions
Joy, Harmony, Love, Hope, Faith, Music, Laughter…
and they all came along.

They played and danced in my living room all night long whilst
I had a goodnight’s rest in the desired arms of Peace.

©  Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

This is What my Easter Egg Had To Say About Me

You are truly optimistic, open, and hopeful.
And your optimism gives you the courage to live life adventurously.
You love new experiences, ideas, and challenges.
You see life as a fluid, growing process.

Interestingly, this is totally my outlook towards life, except it left out the part about me being a friendly person. I saw a post on Vanessa’s blog and got curious enough to click on it and it’s fun.

The Egg Personality Test 

There’s a blog party going on right now through this link. Join The Fun. 

This Season…My Thinking Corner


This is my favourite season of the year and yes it’s because it’s Christmas. It is not just a season of joy, a time to be with our loved ones’, to give and possibly receive, but also a time that we should not forget the reason for the season.

We shouldn’t forget that not everyone around us is blessed with a circle of family and friends to share and spend the season with, therefore, let us reach out to those who are less unfortunate in our midst and spread the cheer and joy with them. Let us be messengers of love and bear the true fruits of brotherhood.

It’s a blessing to bless others and not just to sit on the sidelines watching others give of themselves. There’s always a little way to be a blessing to others.

Sometimes, I feel that the over commercialized aspect of the season has desensitized many people to the fact the Christmas is not just a time to make merry and be jolly. In the midst of making merry, may we not forget the Christ in Christmas.

May the abiding Grace and Peace of God be with you and yours.

Here’s a little tune I played on my keyboard for you.

Whatsoever you do

To the least of my brothers

that you do unto me

When I was hungry you gave me to eat

when I was thirsty you gave me to drink

now enter in to the home of my father.

Today I Struggle…personal

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Today I struggle to find joy because I feel sick to the pit of my stomach.

There are days that one wakes up and your faith in humanity is shaken to the core, but in the raging storm lies a quiet voice that whispers to my soul.

The arm of flesh will surely fail you if you look to things that are transient. Keep your eye’s on the things that satisfy that no man can take away. It’s normal to want everything to go as we would like in our lives and around us and a lot of times it fails to go that way.

May we find the strength to hold on to things far more tangible that our souls may remain in a state of gratitude. For even in trying times, the goodness of the Lord will prevail.

Today, I struggle to shake off the foreboding of the dark clouds that paint the horizon…

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Controversy…Just so you know.

Yesterday, I published a post on Ramadan Kareem and to my surprise, I received a couple of comments asking me why I should be celebrating Islam?

In the past 1450 years since Muhammad, over 180,000 people have been killed in the name of Islam per year. Thats 250 million people killed to advance Islam. How can you celebrate Islam?

Sometimes, I am totally befuddled by the whole religious brouhaha. I can’t lay claims to being the best Christian out there and as a matter of fact, I don’t believe in practising religion for those who wish to know.

This is my response to this comment below:

I’m doubtful if there’s any teaching of Christ that requires me as a Christian to segregate myself from others due to their religious beliefs. I’m no better than any other misguided person out there and I think the biggest problem that the World has is that the sons of men have turned the word of God into a weapon for judgement and battery of each other. I don’t celebrate Islam because I am not Muslim, I however, recognise the fact that I live in the Middle East where most of my neighbours are Muslims and they are decent folks whom I respect, irrespective of their choice of belief. I am not interested in practising religion but my question to myself would always be ‘what would Jesus do?’ We preach love.

I believe in practising what the teachings of Jesus Christ tells me in my Bible and his greatest teaching is LOVE and to be at peace with all men. God is Almighty in Himself and he doesn’t need me to wage wars for him. He is All-sufficient. My part of the deal is to tarry with him, to walk in his ways, to be a vessel of honour and to lead others to Christ through gentle ministration.

Sometimes, I think that we lose sight of the important things while dwelling on things that leave questions to be asked.

I’m sorry that I have to throw light on this issue, but sometimes, we just have to speak.

My sincere thoughts.