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What Will You Accomplish This Year?…

I took a second look at this blog that I started at the beginning of the year before COVID came to town, and I realized that some of the things I had wanted to achieve almost bordered on ‘being vain.’

I rewrite my list and wish as below…

  1. Staying Alive… that will be top of my list.
  2. Loving and showing more love to those around me.
  3. Being thankful and grateful for each day and the opportunities that I have.
  4. Staying in touch with loved ones near and far.
  5. Giving more of me – ‘cos there’s an ample lot of me to give 😉
  6. Quitting the complaining and worrying less.
  7. Staying hopeful that ‘all things will work out for my good’
  8. Focusing on the absolutely necessary
  9. Laughing a lot more than I am at present.
  10. Dancing a little each day.
  11. Applying the 2-minute rule in trying to get things done. (I will expand this further in another post).
  12. Eat healthier meals and savour every bite.
  13. Taking back charge of my blogging and writing.
  14. Keeping the right momentum with my studies and getting my homework done on time.
  15. Approach change and challenges with a positive mind.
  16. Stop letting the thoughts of financial struggle dominate every breath that I take.

I refuse to continue to mount pressure on myself and guilt trip myself over the failure to achieve all the high-achieving goals that I had on my previous list. It doesn’t mean that I am settling for less, rather I am pressing the ‘REFRESH’ button and allowing myself to exhale in order to inhale better.

See you around.

© Jacqueline

By the way, what was on your list?

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6 thoughts on “What Will You Accomplish This Year?…

  1. Very good points.
    1, I have stopped letting my financial situation overwhelm me and I am in control knowing everything will be all right I can manage.
    2. Stepped out of the virus paranoia
    3. Keeping occupied daily working on myself and writing to help others.
    4. Keeping away from the locals as much as possible as they look to me as a bringer of virus.
    5. Staying up to date with reading other blogs.
    6. Praying and sending healing to those who are in real need.

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  2. We’re retired and stay at home most of the time anyway. We live in a gated community and able to take walks. etc. We take on projects to keep ourselves busy and thank goodness for WordPress. Some businesses are reopening in my area but I’m not too keen on getting out and around except for grocery shopping. I’m glad to see your blogging again. 😉


  3. #16 – Keep the focus here. What I have come to learn is that I am always alright-I’m alive, my bills get paid one way or another, I eat better than a whole lot of people, and even if I have gotten close to homelessness-I haven’t been on the street, yet. And if I were I bet I could survive on the street like that man I see who pushes a shopping cart-he has a radio, a bunch of blankets, he shops at “Strouds”, parking his cart in the parking lot. I love it. We will get through anything, one day at a time. Keep your head to the sky!!


  4. What an inspirational post, Jacqueline. I needed a list like this in mid-April when it seemed that things were spiralling downhill. Its good to see that you’re not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by negative thoughts. Best wishes.


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