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We Planted The Seeds of Our Dreams…

Yes, we literally planted our dreams. Grabbing handfuls of the remaining Spring’s moments, I took the children to the park armed with our post-its and coloured pens. Each of us wrote out 5 dreams/aspiration of ours, folded the papers nicely, dug little holes around the tree and planted them amongst the grass. We had a few curious squirrels as observers and I guess they aren’t surprised ‘cos they’ve seen enough queer humans.

I told the children that though the paper might decay and become one with earth, the dreams have been sown into their hearts and that each day they must till the soil of their dreams, water and nurture them till they yield bountiful returns ‘cos every seedling has its season.

I also told them that sometimes our dreams and aspirations change and our harvest becomes different but that it’s okay ‘cos that’s the way life works at times. However, for each aspiration, they must plant it into the soil of their reality and not hold on to the seeds ‘cos the seeds alone will not yield abundance. ‘All great deeds begin as seeds.’ Months and years may pass before these seeds grow into full form and we see the glimpse of our harvest, but the birthing moment is as important as the harvest.

The land is green and the Earth is ripe for planting. Amidst the pressures of our modern lives, we tend to think that the conditions have to be right in order for us to start but time and time again my experience has shown that most times the simple act of starting is what makes the conditions right.

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37 thoughts on “We Planted The Seeds of Our Dreams…

  1. What a wonderful thing to do. I have twice in my life written a list of what I want to achieve (the first list was for the next 2 years, the second list was for the rest of my life). Because of the first list, I escaped from a very bad situation, and because of the second list I wrote a book, and can now consider myself at least a part-time writer (and blogger)!
    We need to generate this sort of positive, affirmative action in our young people. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for your comment Ali. I believe that writing these intents down sets a whole lot of positive things going in our lives and I love the idea of writing a list for 2 years and the rest of one’s life. Now, you’ve planted an idea in my head πŸ˜‰


  2. This is such a great ritual. I did something similar but instead of paper, used spring flower bulbs in which to ‘set the intent’ …

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