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Old Age? Don’t Take It Lying Down!



Once you get past a certain age, it’s very likely that you think you’re going on the scrapheap of life. You may feel yourself waning, your energy levels dipping, and you may think that it’s time to calm down and give in. In short, don’t! Instead, why don’t you try a few simple techniques to help you address the key things that may be missing in your life, so you can enjoy it more, and quite possibly feel a bit younger?

Keep The Oil Fresh

in other words get checkups on every single faculty. Go to a doctor, go to an ophthalmologist, spend time getting those regular checkups, and make sure that you are fighting fit. Also, you need to keep yourself healthy by moving! Your body is a machine, don’t forget this. It was built to be active, so use it as best as you can. On the topic of health, your body is like a car, and you wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in your car, so why should you put the wrong fuel in your body? Start to eat well, think about getting more omega-3 in your diet, more fish, and a general smorgasbord of fruit and vegetables.

Dress With Some Flair!

Look at the French fashion icons in their 70s, take some inspiration from these. Then dress with some style and finesse yourself, they don’t go to recapture their youth by dressing young, so take their lead and go for some style. Look at French and Italians; they seem to get better as they get older. Do some research, and get inspired!

Start To Feel Good!

No doubt you may have been doing things that please everybody in your early years because you had to get on with it. It’s now your time, so do what makes you happy. Yes, we look after others, and it’s not to say that it’s time for you to be selfish, but start to prioritize more time to get to know yourself. Enjoy that quiet time with a glass of wine, sit outside with a crossword and a coffee. It’s these little pleasures in life that you will remember more than anything. And who’s to say that you need to not go out on dates with your partner? There are so many great ways to stimulate the mind and body.


The main concern about the descent into old age is that you could possibly feel isolated or a bit hemmed in at home. And regardless of your age, there is always someone who is going through the same thing as you, nobody is ever alone in these things, no matter if you feel you are on your own. Start to make more time for your friends, go out for meals, and enjoy a healthy and stimulating conversation. Negativity is something that can begin to creep in, and much like a midlife crisis, we can feel that we don’t have a use anymore in life. So, start to enjoy your time, do something that makes you stimulated. Read a book, learn a language, learn an instrument. Just because you are older in years doesn’t mean that you are past your sell-by date! So enjoy yourself.

Age is viewed as a negative thing, so let’s try and reverse this trend. Age is not a negative thing; it is about experience and vitality!


12 thoughts on “Old Age? Don’t Take It Lying Down!

  1. Wonderful post, Jackie. I always thought retirement would be scary, but it’s not. It’s my time to renew my friendship with myself, more time to be creative and explore possibilities. 🙂


  2. True. The first paragraph had me laughing. Sometimes I do feel like an old car that needs new parts but it is better to get older, age gracefully and live your best life. Over the years I’ve been to many wakes and funerals. Some of my friends and co-workers died early and never made it to 60 others not even to 50. Life is precious. I’m looking forward to Retirement because then my time will be my own and I can go according to my schedule not the workplace one. Retirement = Freedom.


  3. Those of you who are not old yet need to get a running jump on these practical suggestions. Old age is a hard place to start! And most folks do not start once they get the “I’m getting too old” attitude.


  4. I made it a priority to get my eyes checked because of the retina surgery I had several years ago and my vision situation. I did try to make an appointment for a physical however I tell the receptionist I’m off Friday/Saturday and they give me appointments for Wednesday/Thursday. I ask for afternoon appts and they tell me to come in the morning even though I explain to them I work nights and it is impossible for me to make a 10:00 am appt as I’m still asleep. After all I get home at 2:00 am. Doctors offer no flexibility for working people. Because of the type of job I have I cannot come early or leave late nor do I have the option just to take off for a doctor’s appt. Since the doctor refused to conform to my schedule I did not have a physical for 2017. So maybe next year I will go but I’ve about given up on European Western medicine and made the decision to follow the holistic route. The Holistic Healers always have time for their patients. They explain everything to you and they don’t rush you out of the office like medical doctors. Natural healers actually care what happens to you and are willing to work around your schedule. There is respect. You don’t get that from hospitals or clinics.


  5. Great suggestions, Jacqueline. I also added to do something that scares or intimidates me every day. The first time I heard that I wondered how one would come up with something every day. Now that I’m watching for them, I’m amazed at how much there actually is. I refuse let mortality bully me!!!


  6. Hi Jacqueline,

    I believe that the most important thing is to start to feel better.People when come in some ages they start to feel old. I know some old people who feel very young, and I also know some young people who feel very old !


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