Now and Again,
our paths cross Evil People,
you may often wonder
what ate their souls
the most frightening thing is;
that they look ordinary.



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Old Age? Don’t Take It Lying Down!



Once you get past a certain age, it’s very likely that you think you’re going on the scrapheap of life. You may feel yourself waning, your energy levels dipping, and you may think that it’s time to calm down and give in. In short, don’t! Instead, why don’t you try a few simple techniques to help you address the key things that may be missing in your life, so you can enjoy it more, and quite possibly feel a bit younger?

Keep The Oil Fresh

in other words get checkups on every single faculty. Go to a doctor, go to an ophthalmologist, spend time getting those regular checkups, and make sure that you are fighting fit. Also, you need to keep yourself healthy by moving! Your body is a machine, don’t forget this. It was built to be active, so use it as best as you can. On the topic of health, your body is like a car, and you wouldn’t put the wrong fuel in your car, so why should you put the wrong fuel in your body? Start to eat well, think about getting more omega-3 in your diet, more fish, and a general smorgasbord of fruit and vegetables.

Dress With Some Flair!

Look at the French fashion icons in their 70s, take some inspiration from these. Then dress with some style and finesse yourself, they don’t go to recapture their youth by dressing young, so take their lead and go for some style. Look at French and Italians; they seem to get better as they get older. Do some research, and get inspired!

Start To Feel Good!

No doubt you may have been doing things that please everybody in your early years because you had to get on with it. It’s now your time, so do what makes you happy. Yes, we look after others, and it’s not to say that it’s time for you to be selfish, but start to prioritize more time to get to know yourself. Enjoy that quiet time with a glass of wine, sit outside with a crossword and a coffee. It’s these little pleasures in life that you will remember more than anything. And who’s to say that you need to not go out on dates with your partner? There are so many great ways to stimulate the mind and body.


The main concern about the descent into old age is that you could possibly feel isolated or a bit hemmed in at home. And regardless of your age, there is always someone who is going through the same thing as you, nobody is ever alone in these things, no matter if you feel you are on your own. Start to make more time for your friends, go out for meals, and enjoy a healthy and stimulating conversation. Negativity is something that can begin to creep in, and much like a midlife crisis, we can feel that we don’t have a use anymore in life. So, start to enjoy your time, do something that makes you stimulated. Read a book, learn a language, learn an instrument. Just because you are older in years doesn’t mean that you are past your sell-by date! So enjoy yourself.

Age is viewed as a negative thing, so let’s try and reverse this trend. Age is not a negative thing; it is about experience and vitality!

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Midnight Motivation and Musings 73


At no age does the learning of the mind stop except the strictures that we place on ourselves.

Most times the term being set in our ways that we loosely use is actually a self-imposed and nice way of saying, I don’t want to be bothered to change.

For as long as we can keep our minds open to assimilate knowledge, our inner core is rejuvenated, constantly growing and the perspectives of our horizons remains broad.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Across The Bridges..

Connections can be built in split moments, while some take a good while to be established.

Every part of human life is filled with one atom of connection or the other. From the technological services that surrounds us that makes it easy for us to be in touch with each other, to the various modes of transportation all around and to the physical fellowship with fellow mankind.

So when we consider the theme of today’s photo 101, we realize that the very essence of life is all based on the singular desire to connect.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


A ball of sadness in me…Streams of Consciousness Saturday.

Linda mentions ‘ball’ as today’s prompt and I think of the different balls that I am playing with right now.SoCS badge 2015

The fleeting thought of my young sons ball comes to my mind and I pray his fever will break so that he can play happily.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and I should be preparing to have a ball, but I am just not feeling it.

A few days ago, I was excited and gearing for an awesome day and I still hope to, but when you have a child a little bit down, the last thing on your mind is a ball.

However the big ball that forms in my stomach makes me feel so sad and almost reluctant to talk about it.

As much as I can, I avoid race talks because it only stirs up strong emotions.

Last night a friend sent a video of a black girl being pushed around and insulted and insulted by some guy’s – white.

I wanted to stop watching it, but I continued. By the end of that short video, I had tears in my eyes and just felt so heavy.

I can’t even begin to articulate all the thoughts that went through my head.

My question has always been, are we not all human? Why are some people like this? What’s the benefit of such ugliness and discrimination?

We claim to be different, to be enlightened, we claim not being racists, yet at every turn it stares us in the face.

These boys who pushed a young girl about and called her ugly names, learnt it from somewhere and most likely their homes.

Racism is learnt ‘cos no child is born that way.

I have no answers just a ball of sadness that sits in me and I obviously went to bed with that thought and it’s been more so on my mind after watching the fiasco of American campaign trails in Chicago.

I strive to teach my children to work hard and rise up and above expectations.

I try to teach them that before God all men are equal.

I try to teach them to embrace life with an open mind, but sometimes society makes playing this ball so hard.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Was it Too Little, Too Late?…

There are times when people pass on and you wonder…

Was it that we didn’t pray enough?

Was it that we waited too long to pray?

Was it this and was it that?

Then it dawns on you once again!

That The Scourge of Death,

Though a most unwanted visitor,

Is the only certainty in the cycle of life.

And will call at His own time!

Like seasons come and go,

So does the life cycle of man!

Rest in peace, my lady.

Your absence will be felt.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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