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Raven on The Rails – Mundane Monday

Mundane Monday challenge is created to find beauty in almost everything.

The challenge is simple. Find beauty in everyday mundane things, capture the beauty and upload the photographs.

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When I see a Raven, I think of Edgar Allan Poe and his horror stories.

The raven is the largest bird of the crow family. This family is called Corvidae and the old word for a raven Corbie. In mythology, the raven is often connected with death, which is why Poe chose it for his poem.


City Bits in Monochrome – Echoes of My Neighbourhood

It’s been a calm week with the children at home for a short break and oh boy, am I enjoying the slower pace of things. My photo taking has been as random as ever with no particular focus in mind and I’ve been playing with taking photos in monochrome.

Lady Lee serves us mouthwatering dishes from The Philippines.  Do take a peek.


Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Twin Towers, Monochrome

Sheikh Zayed Road



Photography Theme Challenge, Digital Camera, Camera Settings, Monochrome, Bare Feet, SCN Mode

Bare Feet

For the B part of the photography theme challenge, I chose to shoot bare feet.

As mundane as feet may be and possibly overlooked since we see them every second and minute of the day, they make beautiful subject to photograph because no two feet are the same and a mundane object can be made interesting with specific camera settings.

Every pair of feet tells a story about its’ owner. An excerpt of a previous post of mine below:

Feet! Normal human features that we see every day.

Yet, the feet are the beautiful piece of artwork from the Master craftsman Himself.

They take us on our lifetimes’ journey’s literally and physically

As we leave our imprints all over the sands of time in pursuance of our dreams.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Camera Settings

The image is in a monochrome setting under the SCN mode. Monochrome setting converts the image directly to black and white. Read More

Bend It, Straighten It, Twist It…

I totally curbed my zeal in going photo bombing with today’s photo 101 theme ‘Architecture and Monochrome’ in  a city that is an architectural delight.

Buildings sprout like mushroom in this place and each with it’s loveliness in intricacy or even simplicity.

The sprinkling weather of today, curbed my clicky fingers delight, so, I have a mix of new and old.

Some were tweaked in black and white for comparison and in as much as I like both, I think I will naturally gravitate to the bright colours like a happy butterfly 🙂