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Take a moment and breath: The fisherman’s village I could barely find words to express how good I felt reading Chanty’s post. You should read it

At times I’m left speechless at the curve-balls that we’re faced with so unexpectedly in our lives. As I’m reflecting on my life I am experiencing how God led me gently towards every emotional growth path possible that He knew was best for me. I’m exiting this phase with intensity in my soul that only God could orchestrate.

A very caring little bird What a sweet, sweet story. I know that I am going to have my sturdy rocking chair to watch the birds and bees go by 🙂

It begins with you A well thought out post. If only we checked what proceeds from our mouth we’ll be more at peace.

You never know that your words could be like a burden to them that they carry on their shoulders for forever and that would be so distressing.You never can tell if a person is dealing with anxiety.The nights are always disturbed. It’s crucial to be kind with each and everyone. 

The Cross You’ll find something suitable to any situation that you might be passing through. Take a peek at this passage.

Styling and Profiling I call this ‘when you are loving your beautiful awesomeness‘ 😉

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