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The Other Dream…

As the pile of freshly felled tree trunks grew, so did Theo’s stress grow. The cycle just never seemed to stop. He truly didn’t mind the work, not in the least, but it also didn’t hold much of his interest.

Though he found the art of turning the logs into different purposes satisfying, at the same time, he felt a deep dissatisfaction with his life. After high-school graduation, he had wanted to proceed to college and pursue his dreams of becoming a Civil Engineer, but that thought had simply upset his dad.

His great-grandpa down to his dad were woodcutters and he was expected to be satisfied carrying on with the family business of logging. It’s been three years since graduation, he wanted to bring up the conversation of going back to college again, but the time never seemed right – there were bank loans to repay and dad’s health had taken a poor turn.

With each passing day, the displeasure simply weighed him down. He knew that he was called to be more than a lumberjack which was what life currently offered him.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to the FFAW photo prompt above. Thank you, Loretta, for the photo and Priceless Joy for this enchanting platform



11 thoughts on “The Other Dream…

  1. Wow such a difficult situation! You can feel in your writing, how trapped he feels. Caught btw a rock and hard place. He should be able to fulfill his own dreams but if your Dad was ill and had no one else to help him, you wouldn’t desert him either. Perhaps there’s a happy middle where he can discuss his Dad taking on a couple trusted employees that the son could oversee while working on a couple courses at a time, on line?
    It’s a possibility.

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    1. You are such an intuitive thinker Mandi. I think that’s the best way forward for all of them otherwise Theo will end up a miserable man, though I like the fact that he’s trying to do the right thing for his family.

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      1. Yes me too, but as you say some sort of balance is needed for Theo. Great write again 🙂


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