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Do step in and show some love.

Gravity When we were young we defied gravity, now when I think of falling down my heartbeat halts to a stop. Like an Igbo adage says, when broken bones are mentioned the old woman sighs in pain 🙂

One body, many souls Interesting read.

I have come to recognize that I am a multi-layered human with a million facets of me used for different occasions. We are one body and many souls.

Mental break in progress This post touches me on so many levels. I am just HAPPY to read this. Here’s are snippets from Cavelle’s post.

About eight months ago now, I went through some serious life changes and in the process I felt it necessary to delete my blog entirely. In hindsight, I wish I had given it some more thought before hitting the delete button. Two years of written work gone. Just like that!

PLEASE, I urge you to read.

Small, little tiny shacks Painstaking piece of art that evokes inspiration of all manners of stories in my mind. I see folklore, I see ghostly haunting, I see little people and so much more.

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