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Today’s featured blogs posts are:

Do step in and show some love.

Do you want more eyes on your words?’

Experience Simple experiences bring out who we are and the true colour of those around us. I enjoyed reading this post.

Racists are stupid – spoiler alerts You’ve been warned! I didn’t think I would read this post word for word, but I read the entire thing, laughed out loud severally and shook my head in the obvious lack of common sense displayed by people who lay claims to high  IQ. Enjoy reading.

There are none so blind A calm, wise post, to say the least, in face of the way we live today with political rage, paranoia, conspiracy theories and what not.

Familiar stranger This is set to be a scintillating, steamy romance. Read on.

Love Lost Kind of a sad poem, however, as an old married lady (almost 17 years) there are days we feel out of sorts and just not feeling the lovey-dovey stuff. A bar of chocolate or glass of wine, a good read, and a goodnight’s sleep helps 😉

Dealing with your fear. I hope you know that fear that dogs your life can be dealt with? Follow me through the series of getting a grip on those fears and living your life as fully as you can.

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