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To my child of promise…


Your legs are stretching longer

each day extra inches are added

as you gallop out of cradle-hood

into the years of boyhood.

I marvel at the speed of time

so fast, you’ve already turned nine

tears prick my eyes in wistful thoughts

as I go back through the years.

Through the years of your babyhood

holding on to mama’s hands

you are always close

hugging and dogging her footsteps.

You, my greatest cheerleader

my fiercely protective one

my loving support

my son and my friend.

You are always quick to notice my looks

never failing to pay heartwarming compliments

“you look beautiful mama, the bestest mother ever,                                                                                      

 I love you to the moon and back always,” and indeed you do.

My Chiemerigo – The Lord has won                                                                                                                

you are a beautiful child through and through

a generous, kind soul and considerate one

your earnest eyes are eager to help me

and quick to forgive and apologize

My child of promise

you’ve promised me everything under the Sun

your words “I’ll always take care of you, mama,” which are older than your days, never fails to

make my heart expand in love and                                                                                                                  

makes me wonder at the wisdom bestowed to such a young one

May the arching rainbows of your life remain vivid and bright

may the Lord’s lamp remain at your feet and direct your steps.

His Grace and Mercy shall never depart from you

as you journey through life, the Lord will uphold you.

He will surround you and will remain your right hand.

To my Child of Promise,

your days are blessed.                                                                                                                                        

Today as you turn nine, I give God all the glory.

Happy birthday my boy.

I love you to the moon and back, if not further.

Love, Mama



37 thoughts on “To my child of promise…

      1. You’re welcome! And I think we all question at times. You are certainly not alone in feeling that way. I have more tough times than good, to be honest, since mine are both teenagers. I just manage by taking things one day at a time. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, my dear. It’s really surprising how quickly time runs past. Sometimes it’s almost as if I just blinked and that’s it. We are blessed. My appreciations and kind regards 🙂


  1. When mine turned 10 on Halloween, I couldn’t help but think where a whole decade went!! Your son sounds as wonderful as mine! They do bring joy to a mama’s heart!


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