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To my child of promise…


Your legs are stretching longer

each day extra inches are added

as you gallop out of cradle-hood

into the years of boyhood.

I marvel at the speed of time

so fast, you’ve already turned nine

tears prick my eyes in wistful thoughts

as I go back through the years.

Through the years of your babyhood

holding on to mama’s hands

you are always close

hugging and dogging her footsteps.

You, my greatest cheerleader

my fiercely protective one

my loving support

my son and my friend.

You are always quick to notice my looks

never failing to pay heartwarming compliments

“you look beautiful mama, the bestest mother ever,                                                                                      

 I love you to the moon and back always,” and indeed you do.

My Chiemerigo – The Lord has won                                                                                                                

you are a beautiful child through and through

a generous, kind soul and considerate one

your earnest eyes are eager to help me

and quick to forgive and apologize

My child of promise

you’ve promised me everything under the Sun

your words “I’ll always take care of you, mama,” which are older than your days, never fails to

make my heart expand in love and                                                                                                                  

makes me wonder at the wisdom bestowed to such a young one

May the arching rainbows of your life remain vivid and bright

may the Lord’s lamp remain at your feet and direct your steps.

His Grace and Mercy shall never depart from you

as you journey through life, the Lord will uphold you.

He will surround you and will remain your right hand.

To my Child of Promise,

your days are blessed.                                                                                                                                        

Today as you turn nine, I give God all the glory.

Happy birthday my boy.

I love you to the moon and back, if not further.

Love, Mama


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To The Daughter Of My Heart… personal

Wearing a crown painstakingly made by my younger brother :)
Wearing a crown painstakingly made by my younger brother 🙂

My dearest darling daughter,

I watch in awe as you edge on the cusp of teenage-hood, so fast, so soon, since it seems just like yesterday that your cute, squiggly and warm self was handed into my arms and you truly became mine.

I still relive your valiant struggle to surmount all the challenges faced by a tiny preemie and as I look at you today, my tall elegant child, it is in amazement of God’s goodness and grace over your life.

Daughter mine, my gentle unassuming child, in my minds eyes, I remember your tiny arms outstretched to me so many times as you uttered, ”carry mama” always a toddling step behind my feet.

Now, look at you! My beautiful budding young child, full of her own dreams and aspirations and bright as the morning star.1449293617280[1]

The love that I have for you cannot be expressed fully with words and my heart burgeons with so much delight with The Heavens for allowing you to be mine.

I say this so that you may always know, that even if you look back tomorrow and I am no where to be found, that I love you to the ends of time.

That I love you unconditionally and irrevocably.

Know that as your wings grow and are stretching to fly, that I pray for you today and always.

I pray that your star will always shine as bright as The Heavens created it to be.

I pray that you will soar like an Eagle and that wisdom will always follow you.

I pray that deep peace that flows like the oceans of time will always be your portion and the flow of your joy shall be like a river.

I pray that the generosity and compassion of your heart will continually expand.

I pray that abundant Grace will be your daily cloak, that favour will be your portion and that the Mercy of God will never depart from you.

I pray that your courage will be boundless as you grow into a confident, strong lady, filled with faith, hope and love.

I pray deeply that life will treat you well.  Be blessed. Be happy. Be well.

Happy 12th my precious girl Nnenna, Adaobi, Christine, Mmesomachukwu.

You truly decorate my life and my heart.1449293417812[1]

I love you loads and loads.


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To my dear young man…


It’s 5:30 am and I step into your room. I take a peek at your nice shaven scalp and peaceful face. You are still asleep. A gentle snore emits from your nostrils as you snuffle and adjust your duvet for more purchase of cosiness, my heart is full.

I rest on the door jamb for a while, staring at your silhouette that is cast by the bluish little night light on your beside stand; you have never liked to sleep in the dark, even as a baby.

Where did time go? I wonder in amazement as I look at my yet to awaken son. You will rouse from sleep, shedding the age 13 and rightfully 14 years today.

In awe, I drift just a little bit down memory lane, even as I ponder at the essence of time and wishing I could catch it and trap it in a capped bottle.

My high scholar son, since the moment that your wriggly, squalling, head full of hair and beautiful (dare I say so) tiny self was placed in my arms, till this moment, I have never ceased to gaze at you; never quite sure how I got so lucky 🙂 I have cherished the priceless moments of watching you grow, and will remember these memories as long as I live.

You have always been a bouncy, charming and happy child, even as a baby, you were just so peaceful.

Now, look at you! My strapping Six footer, towering over Mama, yet, just yesterday, you were stretching out your little arms to be carried. I watch as you learn independence, eager to assert yourself, no longer clinging to the tails of my skirt for everything, even though I catch myself dismayed at times with such speedy growth process, I remain a proud mama.

My Cordon Bleu chef, who whips up a la carte breakfasts to the delight of family and visitors; how did I get so lucky?

My Mr. Fix it, ready to help mum with any technical stuff that stumps my imagination (and this happens quite often).

I admire your caring, protective and helping hands towards your siblings especially your younger brother who adores you so much. You are a blessing to our family.

I watch in amusement when you shy away from a mummy’s hug in front of your mates and I do enjoy your chuckles when you watch mummy do her dancing antics.

Today, I promised not to give you a lecture 😉

I thank the Lord for your life and pray each day that you will be safe and free from harm.

I pray as you turn into a full-fledged teen, that your mind is guarded by God’s peace.

That you would chose right from wrong, standing tall, proud and strong.

May the right spirit be renewed within you everyday, with wisdom, with integrity of heart and uprightness.

May the hand of the Lord continue to guide you as you gradually inch your way to manhood.

May your days be long and rich in faith, love, joy and kindness.

You teach me things that I did not know before, such as parenting, and that does not come with a manual and you make me glad to declare that you are my son. It is a declaration of love, pride, joy, fierce protectiveness and sometimes anger and despair.

To you, my dear young man, with a heart overflowing with love, I wish a very marvelous and happy 14th birthday.