Dear Husband Of Mine… personal

Sometimes, I keep quiet
Searching for the words
To say that I love you.

Sometimes, my heart combusts
With the fullness
Of knowing you.

Sometimes, I doubt if word’s
Can really say
What I feel for you.

These times,
I utter words of thanks
To God who brought you to me.

Sometimes, I love you
Seems to be so small
A word for what you mean to me.

You mean the World
And so much beyond
My husband. You are a good man.

This time
I can’t keep quiet
But shout it from the rooftops.

Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

49 thoughts on “Dear Husband Of Mine… personal

  1. Yes, shout it from the roof top and let everyone hear. Good things should not be kept hidden. And one good thing with reassuring one’s partner of the love one feels is that it strengthens their togetherness more. I wish you both more bliss.

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  2. Oh Jaqueline! You have just said what so many may fail to say… There are good men out there! Personally, I can vouch for the whole crumby lot of us! LOL! And it’s not easy to be a good man in a world so filled with trouble. I always say: ‘Play the part of a King, and people will see you as one!’

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  3. When I get time, I want to like all the comments! I hope he knows how lucky he is to have a great poet to write him ornaments! I was telling the old mum here haw beautiful were you Easter pictures! Yeah! Seriously, we beyond like your poetry! Ooh!

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