Watching people is totally a favourite sport, so it’s no hardship taking photos of their movement.

I can actually sit and count how many men who strolled past in a suit, or tie, or whatever catches my fancy at that point in time. It’s total fun I tell you and if your eyes are keen enough sometimes, you are rewarded with something to smile about.

I was out all day and there’s no time to simulate night movement, so between the gym, school, grabbing a bite at the mall, I think I managed to get some blurry movement shots for today’s Photo 101 theme ‘moment and motion.’

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

21 thoughts on “Locomotion’s…

  1. What a great post and nice pictures. What city is this? I loved the street shot! Friday I am going on a trip and have a long layover in a major airport. I will plant myself and try to people watch. If I use my camera, they might give me the stink eye for taking pictures. I don’t know….I love writing g little short stories about my trips. They usually are funny and absolutely my thoughts. I usually post them to another social network that I have. Hope I get some good material on this trip.

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  2. I like it when people are caught unaware on the camera… You have got some great shots! I like watching people too from my window. Yes, it is fun! You can be a great street photographerπŸ˜€

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