Let There Be Light…

Without light, we would be engulfed in darkness,1 so it’s not a surprise that we are drawn to it, both the natural and artificial light. Light is one of the most important factors to consider when taking photos. A great shot could be marred if the lighting is not good.

Photography, artificial light, tips, image, under expose, have fun


Tip: When exposing for beams of light, it is best to under expose the entire scene. This adds some drama to the image and keeps some detail in the light beams themselves.


Photography, artificial light, tips, image, under expose, have fun


Tip: Backlighting adds details of the subject. When backlighting, it’s best to under expose the image to allow the highlights to glow. Read More…



If you want to relive your childhood for a little time, watch kids play.1 Their carefree attitude, laughter, joy and utter delight from the simple things of life reminds of so much that’s good.

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Children are beautiful subjects to photograph and if you are not attempting a studio photo shoot, take several photos at play time. However, anyone who has tried to photograph their kids will know how challenging and frustrating it can be. They never want to stand still and even when you get them to pose they’re constantly making faces!

Tips For Taking Great Photos of Children

1. Have Patience and be ready

Be ready for anything with kids! Expect the unexpected and be ready to shoot it. Sometimes they will be shy to start with, but don’t rush or force it. Just interact with them for a while and they’ll be comfortable enough to grant you those gorgeous smiles with missing teeth.

Children, Great Photo Tips, Photography, Focus on eyes, Scenic locations, burst mode

2. Get Down To The Child’s Level

When taking photos always try to get down to the same level as your subject especially small children.

If you take the photo from your normal standing height, you’ll be looking down at the child this would give a distorted view of them from above.

Taking the photo at their level creates an opportunity to capture a more interesting background as well.

Children, Great Photo Tips, Photography, Focus on eyes, Scenic locations, burst mode

3. Use Burst Mode To Capture Action Shots

Due to children’s nature of constant motion, it’s almost always a challenge to stay still and get them to do what you want them to do.

This is where the burst mode feature of your camera is useful. Read more…

Through The Glass…

Perspective is what transforms a photo that would otherwise look ordinary, to an image interesting enough to spare several looks.

Sometimes, it’s just playing around with angles and lighting that does the trick.

Photograph, Illumination, Perspective, Through The Glass

Glass of Water, Photograph, Perspective

For little tips on photography, you can check out my blog, The Art of Beautiful Expressions. 

Photo Theme – Tips For Shooting The Dogs.

Tips for taking pet photos

Shoot The Dogs

No, I didn’t shoot a dog! I meant capturing their photos 😉

Photographs for letter D was not an easy choice to make, so I went with both suggestions ‘dogs and decorations.’

I love both prompts because dogs are just beautiful, intelligent pets that bring comfort and delight to their owners.

The photo theme challenge is not only for practice but to help you build a library of your own images that could be used for your blog posts, for submission to photo sites, for sale et cetera.

You can create stunning photo websites with Smug – Mug.

Tips for taking pet photos

Taking photos of pets can sometimes be difficult because they tend not to stay still for several minutes, but with your camera settings in mind and a couple of tricks, you could capture wonderful snapshots worth thumping your chest over.

  1. Make them the center of attraction. You could make a strange sound to draw their attention to you and be ready to take the photo once you’ve got that attention.
  2. Photograph them doing their thing naturally. When you don’t have time to stage a scene, keep your camera handy and wait for your pet to express its quirky sides. You’ll find lots of moments to capture.
  3. Avoid pointing your flash directly at your subject. It gives them the creepy red-eye. If you must use a flash, use a flash diffuser that would make sure you have more natural lighting in your photos. READ More…


Photography Theme Challenge, Digital Camera, Camera Settings, Monochrome, Bare Feet, SCN Mode

Bare Feet

For the B part of the photography theme challenge, I chose to shoot bare feet.

As mundane as feet may be and possibly overlooked since we see them every second and minute of the day, they make beautiful subject to photograph because no two feet are the same and a mundane object can be made interesting with specific camera settings.

Every pair of feet tells a story about its’ owner. An excerpt of a previous post of mine below:

Feet! Normal human features that we see every day.

Yet, the feet are the beautiful piece of artwork from the Master craftsman Himself.

They take us on our lifetimes’ journey’s literally and physically

As we leave our imprints all over the sands of time in pursuance of our dreams.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Camera Settings

The image is in a monochrome setting under the SCN mode. Monochrome setting converts the image directly to black and white. Read More

Creating Abstract: A-Z Photography Theme Challenge

For the first part of the challenge, I chose to create an abstract image out of an object, in this case, lamps hanging inside a shop. I took two separate photos through the shops’ glass.

Abstract Take

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Basic histogram of the first image.

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Second Take 

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Basic histogram of the second image

Abstract Images, Digital Photography, Camera's Histogram, LCD Display, Creating Images, Creativity, Photography Theme Challenge

Comparing the two histograms, you’ll find similarities and the little adjustments made to make both shots.

Today’s world of Digital Photography has made it possible for us to check our images immediately through the back of our camera’s or the viewfinder. Read More…

A-Z Photography Theme Challenge

Photography Themes

Using photography themes is a great and fun way to develop your skills and organize your photos.

Why should you take part in a challenge? Sometimes we tend to run out of ideas. Secondly, after living in a place for a while, we develop a mental block and a taken for granted attitude that overlooks possible objects of creativity around us.

We need not look far to turn ordinariness into great images because there are ALWAYS something worth capturing. This A-Z photo challenge will get your creative juices flowing.

There are no hard and fast rules to take part. You can take photos with whatever gadget you have. Simply show your interest in the comments and add the pingback to your shoots so that others can check it out as well.

I will collate all the participants URL and share at the end of the challenge.

Looking forward to seeing your great images. Have fun.

Quick D.I.Y on Adding a Pingback

Simply right-click on the URL you want to copy and share

Click on ‘copy link address’

On your editor, click on the link icon circled in red below

Insert the copied link into the box for URL and the proper text that you want the link to read.

Be sure to click on ‘open link in a new tab’ so that the reader can reach the page without exiting your site.

A-Z List

A. Abstracts, Apple

B. Bare feet, Bicycle

C. Clouds, city scenes,

D. Decorations, Dogs

E. Eggs, Environment

F. Feline, Flowers

G. Gardens, Gold

H. Hands, History

Read More…

Please Share and Invite Others.


Watching people is totally a favourite sport, so it’s no hardship taking photos of their movement.

I can actually sit and count how many men who strolled past in a suit, or tie, or whatever catches my fancy at that point in time. It’s total fun I tell you and if your eyes are keen enough sometimes, you are rewarded with something to smile about.

I was out all day and there’s no time to simulate night movement, so between the gym, school, grabbing a bite at the mall, I think I managed to get some blurry movement shots for today’s Photo 101 theme ‘moment and motion.’

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Streets, People and Aerial Views…Photo 101

We have grey weather and forecast of three days worth of rainfall. I woke up and it wasn’t raining yet so, I quickly nipped out for my days affairs with the photo assignment for Photo 101 at the back of my mind.

I got some reward for my venture. Now it has started sprinkling a little bit.