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Echos Of My Neighbourhood

A Promenade, A little Show and Some Fake Snow…Echoes of My Neighbourhood

  • I thought that I would have a quieter week this week with the children being on a mini-vacation from school. I lied!

There were lots of pending activities to fit into our busy days – church matters and meetings, school projects, getting my daughters hair fixed (a major project) etc, etc.

Phew! I didn’t know when we hit Thursday but we did manage to squeeze in fun along the way. That’s what living is, isn’t it? Balancing all the nuts on your fire 🙂

City walk Dubai is a beautiful location to visit anytime. There’s so much that aesthetically pleases the eyes’ and there are loads of people to watch. I took lots of photos that I don’t even know which one’s to use.

Lady Lee shares some leche flan with us. Do you know how to make one?

Echos Of My Neighbourhood

City Bits in Monochrome – Echoes of My Neighbourhood

It’s been a calm week with the children at home for a short break and oh boy, am I enjoying the slower pace of things. My photo taking has been as random as ever with no particular focus in mind and I’ve been playing with taking photos in monochrome.

Lady Lee serves us mouthwatering dishes from The Philippines.  Do take a peek.


Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, Twin Towers, Monochrome

Sheikh Zayed Road


Echos Of My Neighbourhood

Hello There… Echoes of my neighbourhood

It feels so strange to get back to my blog after four days of been away from it. The longest ever that I’ve been missing in action.

I’ve been on the move around the Middle East, Bahrain-Qatar, and connecting was giving me so much stress that I decided to chill and let it be. I’ve missed the banter and you guys, that it felt like aeons to me.

I love this community of friends and as I catch my connecting flight back to DXB, I will quickly add some snips and snaps of my walkabout.

Stay blessed and talk to you tomorrow.


Echos Of My Neighbourhood

Bits and Pieces of my week – Echoes of my neighbourhood.

Sorry for the late posting of my echoes, I’m between trips and connecting on the move can be challenging.

My week has zoomed past in a whizz and a blur. I’ve had many low moments bordering on despair and a number of even moments but I’m getting to an even keel.

Here are bits and pieces of photos taken during the week.

Have you been to Girona, Spain? Lady Lee takes us on a lovely outing. Take a peek 🙂

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Echos Of My Neighbourhood

The Rabbit, The Pigeon and The Park – Echoes of my neighbourhood

Thankfully, I went off to unwind with the family before everything went wonky election wise. Now I need to unwind even some more.

Nothing beats relaxing in nature to work out the kinks.

So, take up your mats and collapsible camp chairs and just go and relax. After all said and done, your well-being counts for everything.

Lady Manila shares her breathtaking NaNoPloBano post with us. Have a look see 🙂

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Chaos – Organized and Disorganized

The word chaos automatically connotes messy and disorganized in our minds, but sometimes, things appearance can be deceptive.