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Midnight Motivations and Musings 26…


Any life’s happiness that’s tied to the acquisition of material wealth as it’s major source, is in for a long haul of misery and disappointment.

The truth is that, in as much as the material goods and money around us can give that initial buzz of euphoric happiness, they fail to satisfy in the long run and the buzz wanes very fast, that the person in this cycle is in for the rough haul of the constant pursuit of the next buzz.

This is actually what leads to addiction. The perpetual search for the next high and kick.

Addiction comes in different forms, some more destructive than others, but the underlying factor that poses the problem is the addicted persons inability to find harmony within themselves, so they search for it through external factors.

If your happiness is dependent on others, then you are in for a roller-coaster of emotional instability.

It means that you are submitting your happiness to the ups and downs of someone else’s state of mind which can be rife with turbulence.

The true happiness that you seek to experience can only ever be found inside you and other people or things are just complements.

Dig deeper until you get to that root that transcends the state of happiness to the state of joy.

Joy is deeper. Where happiness is like a stream that might dry up when the sun gets very hot, joy runs like the deep ocean that flows from an unfailing source and that is The Lord.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha


27 thoughts on “Midnight Motivations and Musings 26…

      1. Okay – I just saw this, and have to share the that I’ve never seen “traipse” written in a sentence… of all the times I’ve heard it spoken! (Odd fact of the morning.) Thanks for traipsing by. 🙂


  1. It just so happens I agree with you whole heartedly… There are three things that run this world: Hate, greed, and control. You must always be subject to one or any combonation of these three. This is precisely why we must look within… To settle our differences with this place! Great blog Jacqualine! You have such a precise way of quickly getting to the meat of the matter!

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  2. I’ve been rich and poor. Each hold their challenges, but when Jesus is the head of your home, everything falls into perspective.

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  3. Thank you for an insightful post. I truly believe that there are two things that rule this world – love and hate. One brings happiness and joy, the other brings sorrow and misery. When we choose to love our surroundings, whatever they may be, we bring light into the world. We draw closer to the giver of light and love. I am a happy person but I love the thought of transcending to joy. I shall find ways to be joyful and share it with others!

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  4. HI Jacqueline, this is Shine. Nice to meet you. I also believe that happiness within us is true happiness and external happiness is like a roller-coaster. A perfect term you have used to describe external happiness.

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