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Those Heebie-Jeebies…

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Don’t bother about trying to convince me with any pep talk. It simply won’t work! There are some experiences that I can live without henceforth.

There are some things that mere thoughts of them gives me sufficient heebie-jeebies and for all the curry in India or tea from China I will be glad not to encounter or repeat such experience.

I literally break out in hives at the sight of a snake and would gladly walk barefoot over hot coals than come close to one. I have been known to go to zoos and completely by-pass the reptile zone.

My kids even make fun of that fact. You will hear them whisper conspiratorially, ”if mummy sees that sign, she will start screaming” and my youngest champion will get all protective of me. He would say, ”mummy don’t look!” ”You will get frightened like a little girl.”Β 

”Well son, I shall not look, but if truth be told mummy is a little girl in a big body.” With a stiff upper lip, I go and settle myself on a bench while they go off to look at the vile creatures. Urrgh!

I am not a cat with nine lives and even if I have twenty lives as well as a parachute bigger than a house, I am never going to jump off a plane in the sky. There is no point killing myself with palpitations.

The adrenaline jolt that I get inside the pages of my books or watching National Geographic is sufficient, besides, my ifly simulated experience was all well and good. Several days after, I was cross-eyed and walked with a squint like a drunk sailor.

Those dare-devil roller coaster rides are experiences called ”ONCE is enough.” My last experience at Abu Dhabi Theme park, made me realize that one could have a cardiac arrest in one of those contraptions. I went on a crazy roller coaster ride and spoke in tongues all through the ride. I think my heart stopped beating and restarted after we came down. I had to go and Merry go round 1recuperate quietly with a large cup of ice-cream to soothe my frayed nerves.

The kind of horror movies that is peddled these days are not designed for the squeamish and they would frighten the whiskers off a cat’s face.

I find the amount of gore and unbelievable diabolical acts perpetrated so revolting, that sometimes it makes me ponder at the deranged state of some human mind. I won’t spend my time or money just to feel sick.

Β© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

In response to The Daily Post prompt Fright Night

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?


56 thoughts on “Those Heebie-Jeebies…

  1. We share many phobias sister. I have a horrifying tilt-a-whirl tale I’ll save for another time. When it comes to horror films and the other swill that passes for entertainment, I also agree. I fear those minds that created it and those that drink it up like milk. It says a lot about the state of the world today. Great post.

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  2. omg this post had me laughing so hard!!!! Everything you said I can relate to, except replace snake with mice. I do hope to get over that fear though, I hate giving a nasty rodent so much power over me LOL

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  3. I don’t like to be scared. Period. Haunted Houses, roller coasters, and horror movies are not fun for me in any way, shape or form. I won’t do them because why would I do something that doesn’t feel good to me?

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  4. I don’t “do” snakes either and I don’t care if they are harmless or not. I can’t do roller coasters, because just looking at them turns my tummy around as for horror movies, well I think the real horror is what’s going on in the world. I don’t need to see more on TV.

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  5. Oh my, had to stop by for my daily dose of reading and what a picture of your ride! I can picture you having quite the time…….medically disqualified here from riding such atrocities πŸ˜€ you be careful! some things are not worth the risk! Good wishes your way p.s. there was a snake here inside a few weeks ago, all is well (NOW start breathing!)

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    1. Wow! Sis, you are strong. I can’t even look at them, harmless or not. My sentiments about all the horror and violent movies out there and come to think of it, it seems the increase in all these violence correlates with the increase in a violent society.


  6. Oh my goodness, I see so many similarity with me based on this post. The last time I went to a Nature Reserve, I almost ruin it for my companion because of said creature (no mentioning names). No one will convince me to jump from a plane or those freaky roller coaster rides I see on tv. Horror/Scary movies/books just not my cup of sane tea. The nightmares dreaming and non dreaming are enough without them. *oh the shivers*

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  7. I so identify! Loved your humor. But I sort of like to find the snakes when they are behind the glass. They are a lesson in camouflage. Wow, that’s a scary thought! Where is it when it is not behind glass?! Near by and I don’t know it! That is about to top me out on horror; I certainly don’t need chainsaws!

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  8. Snakes are a big NO-NO for me. I tell my husband if I ever see one at our house, we are moving! He laughs, but I am prepared to leave him πŸ˜‰
    I also don’t do rollercoasters. My motto is if it goes too fast, too high and/or up-side-down, count me out 😦

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  9. So true, I’m sure everyone secretly has a list of things they simply will not do or encounter. Personally I agree on the sky-diving and roller-coasters a lot, I am quite satisfied with the adrenaline I can get from a good book no life endangerment necessary πŸ™‚

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  10. Hmmm, I don’t think your fears are irrational at all. I don’t like snakes and I have never been on a roller coaster. I have never flown in a plane and have no intention do so. I think everyone has some kind of fear about something. Nice post.

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    1. I understand perfectly πŸ˜‰ I have an aunt who falls seriously sick on a plane and her husband is in the air force flying everyday. She doesn’t bother getting on planes. We all have our niggling fears. Thank you for your candid expressions.

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  11. I don’t blame you at all for wanting to avoid those things! lol I still freak out, like the time I got stung by a hornet when I was 7…IIt traumatized me lol. Now, if I am within one mile of a hornet I lose it lol


  12. I’m with you on most of those, although I’m ok with snakes. I have never understood the point of scaring yourself witless with films or roller coasters. I have a fear of moths and butterfly’s. My wife once bought a butterfly farm for school and for some reason we had it at home for a week. I refused point blank to have it in the bedroom and even knowing it was in the flat stopped me sleeping properly. I also hate small furry creatures but especially rats why would anyone want one as a pet? I’m going to stop I have more but I’m going to make myself sound like a weirdo.

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    1. Eric, I do appreciate your candid expressions. You are a strong man to be okay with snakes. Snakes can give me a major meltdown. I have seen a child go hysterical over a butterfly when some kids were teasing her with one at the park and I tore into them like a pit-bull giving them a good piece of my mind at such bad behaviour.

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