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Dating At Last!…Husband Wanted Urgently!

Black couples in love

”Hold it right there.” Tess tried to rein in her runaway trail of thoughts.

”Don’t go getting all mushy right now and seeing visions girl.” She admonished herself.

”It’s just a date.”

”Repeat slowly after me.”

”Just. A. Date.” 

The two voices in her head continued their tussling, as she pursed her lips in admiration of her new cherry, shimmery lipstick that matched the gloss of her new O.P.I nail polish.

”Yeah right! It’s just the 9th date in a line of quick successive dates. Ha!” Snickered inner Goddess

”With the same guy.” Goddesses inner cynical eyes were raised.

”Who by the way is ole fancy pants, pompous Humphrey.” 

”Who would have thought it? That he could pack such a punch in his kiss. Girl, you are so hooked and reeled in.” Goddess proclaimed.

”Hey! Cut the guy some slack.” Protested Cautious voice.

”Okay. Let’s calm down.” Tess interjected into the muddled log jam of the two rioting voices in her head.

”I admit that I was a tad too hasty to jump to conclusions and in summarizing him” She accepted her default.

”I just thought that he was always too full of himself in Church, you know.” As the son of the Vicar, he always cut across like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth and all those choir girls batting their eyelashes and singing out their hearts to him, just made me want to puke.”

”You could see the trail of their eyes and their flouncy skirts swishing flirtatiously and panting after him and I think he knew it too.”

”See, a girl has to keep herself out of such quagmire, you know.” ”I can’t be seen drooling after a fine brother and hanging onto his very last word like my life depended on it.” She concluded.

”Oh, oh! You’ve sure been paying him a lot of attention, haven’t you?” You are practically drooling right now Tess,” Goddess chimed in. You have checked your time like, what? The umpteenth time!”

”Ever since the accidental cinema date, your eyes have gone all starry, you are wearing all the girlie stuff that you have and fussing so much over your appearance. I know that smile girl.” ”Just be careful!” ”That’s all am saying.” I don’t trust all that gentlemanly courtesy and all that fineness wrapped in his sleek BM. He hasn’t even made the expected sleek fresh finger moves. No booty calls. I am kinda worried girl. That’s not the usual way these beaus move you know.” ”I wonder what tricks he is up to?” Sage Goddess queried.

”Hey! Goddess just shush.” ”Come off it!”  ”There are still a couple of good guys out there you know.” ”I have a good feeling about Humphrey.” Said Cautious voice

The little birdie doorbell chimed. ”He’s here.” ”Comport yourself.” She quickly smoothed her skirt and a quick spritz of her CK Contradiction perfume, she opened the door to let Humphrey in.

To be continued.Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, Part 5

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

It’s been a bit of a slow week, I haven’t read as much as normally do, but I still tried to dig into the neighbours yards, though a whole lot seem preoccupied. I still managed to find a bit of this and that.

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Puckered For A Kiss…

A kiss under the mistletoe



Hello he said, flustered she smiled.
I am Dave; I am Susan, she replied.
May I see you again sometime? He asked.
She came and he was glad.
Under the mistletoe, she puckered for a kiss.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

Saturday Snippets Of Fiction In Five Sentences.

Image: Pinterest

LUST at first SIGHT..


Thrumming heart beats, with butterflies in stomach pits,

Entangled in the first kiss,

It’s simply sweet bliss,

Hurtling off to the bed sheets,

A hurry to meet,

It’s a tangle of feet.

The ardour cools off and off goes the heat,

They sigh and ponder, where is the love beat?

Off to search for the next hit,

Becomes a habit,

To satisfy the hungry lust,

Seems to be a must,

Failing to realize

That lust

Is just